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As far as I know Chuck has reached hiatus till 2011, so time to comment on the last two episodes. Some good, but mostly underwhelming.

Call your sister, tell her you're coming to dinner and you're bringing some guests! )
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Going to limit the negativity but the last 15 minutes ruined this episode for me.

I hate to make a scene ... I'll rip your throat out if you don't tell me who you are. )
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Get ready for a gush-filled episode review. It wasn't perfect but by far my favorite episode of Chuck since 3.09 "Chuck vs the Beard". If there are more episodes like this one, I will change my mind about being against S4 getting a full episode order from NBC.

Don't you think it's sad that the only people here at Casey's funeral are the agents we've planted? )
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Unlike last week's episode, this title I could actually interpret in the show.

Is she naked? - Who? ... Yes. )
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It has been about four months since I did one of these single episode commentaries that I almost forgot I did them. XD

I will break you. )
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I had an extremely busy/hectic week but now that I've had a day or two to decompress I can finally post my delayed thoughts on last Monday's Chuck finale. Doesn't hurt that it's extremely hot today and I'd rather just stay inside under the ceiling fan. :)

It means you're special. )
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Day 02 → A show that you wish more people were watching.

I only started watching Chuck last summer and I can't stop thanking [livejournal.com profile] htbthomas and others for convincing me to give the show a shot even when NBC was having a hard time giving it one (still the same situation now a year later sadly). I still remember my first thoughts on the show before that "oh it's a nerdy guy with a hottie spy girl, seems very cliche", but once I gave it the time of day I realized it was much more than that. While the dynamic has changed a bit over the three seasons due to Chuck's evolvement but at its roots the fun, charming show still exists. Never before have I enjoyed a show/franchise so much that I can enjoy it without having the main pairing together (unlike other fans LOL). I definitely think the quality of the show deserves a larger audience than its had on NBC, but I think I'll settle for a season 4. I think that in itself is a miracle for the show that proves it can.

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