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 Continuing my summer binge watch catch up plans, I’ve seen over 2 seasons of New Girl and am now halfway through Season 3, and after a healthy break of a few months I’ve picked back up Shameless to see the latest season and am halfway through that as well.
First, New Girl.
  • I think Winston is my favorite character now. Him and the whole cat thing, every episode I find myself enjoying his scenes the most. Nick had been my favorite but since coupling with Jess, he just isn’t the same funny character.
  • And Schmidt, I really had liked the twist of hooking up with Cece during Season 1 and getting serious about her but the way they broke that up in S2 & S3 has been more sad than funny and ever since they started doing flashbacks of Schmidt in his fat years, his damn chin looks huge all the time and is distracting me.
  • And Coach. I had really liked him in the pilot but now that he’s back, it just doesn’t feel right. There’s almost too many people now. I’ve noticed less Cece as a result.
Second Shameless.
  • There’s been less, depravity this season, which I’m thankful for, but also I really didn’t like the choices they had Fiona make. Sure she’s had bad taste in men, but she has for the most part been the responsible Gallagher for the most part, and for her to squander her best situation in years/ever so easily … it just didn’t feel true to the character. More like the show making sure that things didn’t get too good for the family and to bring it all back to hell.
  • This seemed to be a recurring theme, like Ian’s return, making choices that he wouldn’t seem to make to bring him back and most likely in even worse shape. And its these odd circumstances that I’m sure are going to pull Lip back away from his escape to college.
  • I think Vee and Kevin are my favorite characters, and the hilarity that is going on with the baby situation and subletting to Mickey and his Russian girls, the confrontation with Stan’s son - they are definitely carrying the lighter side of the show.
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I've been horrible about keeping this journal up to date but I haven't really been doing any original posts on tumblr, mostly reblogging. I have been posting reviews of my first watches of films so that will probably make its way over here too but I'll try to do some more commentary in the future. Now some comments on the TV I've been catching up on this past month since the new stuff has mostly ended.
  • Marvel Agents of SHIELD - I’m still catching up on the show. I just finished 1.16 “End of the Beginning” and still liking the show but I think this is where Captain America 2 gets tied-in next and I haven’t seen that yet so might have to wait awhile to finish.
  • Hart of Dixie - Just finished Season 1. It is so funny how much this feels like old WB show. Even had an episode where a singer popped in to perform. I really liked everything about this show, helped me tolerate all the triangles going on lol. Reminded me of when I enjoyed Everwood.
  • Bob’s Burgers - Finished Season 2. Tumblr pushed me to finally watch it. This is such a good show. I think there’s only been one or two episodes that just were bad.
  • Shameless - Finished Season 3, anxious to start season 4 after hearing all the reactions from friends when it was airing. It’s hard to say how I feel about this show, I care about some of the characters but wow, horrible things happen a lot.

Also on my to-see list this summer but I’ve not started yet:
True Detective
Black Sails
Sleepy Hollow
Orphan Black
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  • NCIS - I still watch but it suffers from being unremarkable. I like to rewatch any episode from the first 6 seasons but nothing in the last 5.
  • Bones - I still can’t stand Booth/Brennan domestic scenes but everything inside the Jeffersonian is solid.
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine - The supporting cast is amazing, the episodes are funny and charming. But the main character is hit and miss. Mostly miss for me. Also the secretary, can’t stand her.
  • Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - I’m behind a few episodes but it’s about what I expected. Like Coulson, like Skye, like the pilot. Can’t stand Fitz.
  • Back in the Game - The first new show that I tried and dropped after three episodes. Just didn’t find it funny. Love Maggie Lawson and James Caan but no.
  • The Tomorrow People - Really starting to fall in love with this show. Sure it suffers from CW’s everyone is young and beautiful syndrome, but have been enjoying the episodes and the developing backstory.
  • CSI - I feel like the reinvigorating push that came from adding Danson & Shue is starting to wear off.
  • Once Upon a Time in Wonderland - I’m loving this show but you have to ignore the glaringly obvious green screen scenes when they’re walking around in Wonderland. Jafar is crazy, Alice is courageous, Knave is interesting.
  • The Crazy Ones - It’s on shaky ground of being dropped. It’s very hit and miss, maybe every other episode is good? Some episodes only one moment is good, the rest of the time it’s like a chore to get through.
  • The Michael J. Fox Show - This is a charming show. It reminds me of Modern Family, but not quite as funny. Great cast.
  • Elementary - This show is my favorite show. Every episode is great and I hope it starts getting recognized for it.
  • Hawaii Five-0 - This season has been so much better than last season, when I was ready to drop off from boredom.
  • Dracula - I don’t know how to feel about this show. The story is picking up its pace since the disjointed first episode, but I really don’t care about Grayson and his fascination with Mina Murray. I’d find it more interesting if Grayson somehow found himself falling for the enemy, Lady Jane Wetherby.
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When the show went on its mid-season hiatus last year, I stopped watching. Despite the stellar, heartwrenching twist of a cliffhanger involving Sophia, I was aware of so much complaining about the pace and direction of the show that I just didn't have it in me to keep watching. I didn't have the same enthusiasm so I took a break.

Quicker than I realized S3 came around and of course being a Dish Network subscriber, that was during the time of the AMC kerfuffle and without the ease of access to the show I really didn't see a reason to catch back up. But seeing friends continue to watch and enjoy the show for the most part kept coming back to me and when S3 went on its mid-season break, I decided to start watching again to try to catch up. Now I know I'm not going fast enough to make it before the end of the season but I did finally finish S2 a few weekends ago and had some thoughts to share.

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 I finally had the chance to see this film last Saturday and outside of an instagram I completely blanked on talking about it online, but I’m rectifying that now.
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 I usually don’t find the animated film offerings from Marvel interesting enough to take a look but I saw this available on Netflix and I LOVED the storyline (for the most part) in the comic so I immediately jumped to watch it.
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Figure I should give my thoughts before I forget them given I stopped playing it once May hit. Now trying to make my way through Batman Arkham Asylum.  I guess two  months of gameplay is pretty good for consistency, though all of April I was only playing the co-op multiplayer mode which had its fun but I think I played myself out of it.

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Saw it this afternoon. Was unexpectedly spoiled yesterday on tumblr with a pic of Tom Hiddleston's spoiler tweet (DAMN LOKI). Still think its crazy the buzz for this movie. I wonder how much of this has more to do with Robert Downey Jr who seems to be box office gold since the first Iron Man.

Trailers wise. Frankenweenie looks cute. Brave looks awesome. Prometheus looks interesting. Some Shia Labeauf/Tom Hardy movie looks curious. Battleship I have no interest in and I don't know. No TDKR or TASM. SAD.

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Wonder Woman #1 - I love the art (Cliff Chiang) but I will say the first half or so was a bit confusing with the lack of dialogue. I liked the action and the last bit with Diana, Hermes and Zola made up for the confusion earlier. An interesting start.

Supergirl #1 - I loved this issue. Don't know how I feel about the metor containing Supergirl going through the Earth's mantle but whatever. I liked her confusion, thinking it was a dream until the sun came up and she knew something was wrong. And then the ending page, perfect first issue.

Red Hood and the Outlaws #1 - I don't like the changes made to Kori that she can barely tell the difference between humans and has no care about the "group" she was with before. It's an understandable conceit and probably done so to help buffer any dislike of Kori's sexual proclivities but ugh, Kori/Dick was one of my favorite pairings and for her to be frolicking with Roy and Jason, its like a nightmare in that aspect lol.

Nightwing #1 -
It'll take a bit to get used to Nightwing being red colored but I liked this first issue. The whole I have to be different than Bruce gotta be in some loft in the bad part of the city is getting a bit old, I feel like Dick is moved to a new place with every writer that takes over. Especially when having access to the Cave and the mansion is so handy, or even the penthouse with the bunker underneath it, it seems a waste to shelve all that. I do like the return of Haly's Circus and the continuing of Dick's tendency for redheads, and even the hired merc with claws is interesting.

Catwoman #1 -
Not bad. I'm not a fan of Guillem March's art, disliked it on Gotham City Sirens so the fact that it has followed Selina to her own book I'm a little disappointed. I also am less thrilled by the fact that Winick is the writer and that he just had Selina brutally kill a guy. I don't mind bringing back the thief, grey aspect of Catwoman but that seemed a bit much. Hot and Heavy with the Bat, at least they kept one thing consistent lol.

Birds of Prey #1 - Interesting first issue. Again like the Batman & Robin book with Bruce/Damian, I'm a little confused and disheartened by the coldness between Dinah/Babs. Outside of that, I'm all for the book, and I'm glad that reporter wasn't going to be a continual presence because his perspective just wasn't needed. This could be Dinah's solo book in the way that Green Arrow/Black Canary never was.

Batman #1 - By far the main Batman books seem to be hitting all cylinders. Snyder just does the Bat Family so well and I love seeing the Bruce Wayne side of things along with Batman, sometimes Bruce is forgotten by other writers and all that you get is Batman. The last page twist didn't do much for me but I am sure it's going to be a great mystery to be revealed. Also love Vicki Vale. Also Capullo's art is a nice change of pace, love it!

Flash #1 - One of the first comics I read of the new DC52 and I have to say one of the things I love about the reboot is freeing up the locked in relationships (I like Patty Spivot and seeing Iris West in a more Lois Lane type role). The art by Manapul is amazing (and I have to say the seams that have been added to a lot of the heroes costumes I like a lot) and the story seems interesting with so many clones? of Barry's friend.

Teen Titans #1 - Solid first issue. I really don't get some organization getting the jump on Tim unless he meant to let them so he could find out who he's dealing with, and I'm intrigued to see how Cassie is different. Kid Flash ... it depends on who he is, there's much confusion there but I do wish they'd build the team first before sending  Superboy after them but I guess .. if he is going to be part of the team it makes sense.

Batman: The Dark Knight #1 - Not as great as the other two Batman books but pretty good. I like Finch's art, and Jaina Hudson seems like an interesting new character. That internal affairs guy I could care less about and I am intrigued by what happened to Two-Face.

Aquaman #1 - Masterful first issue, you can tell that Geoff Johns just gets it. I like how they confront the misconceptions/stereotypes built up about the character and his frustration/anger about it. And monsters from the sea, I am excited about the series.

Superman #1 -
Probably the downside of freeing up relationships, it just feels weird for Lois to be with someone else. As long as they don't turn Clark into a morose voyeur like Superman Returns I can live with it for awhile. A lot happened in the book, maybe too much but I can understand wanting to try to set up the world and get going as fast as possible. One positive note, not one mention of Luthor.

And that was it! All through the pile of books I've had sitting on my coffee table for a good six months at least. Apologies for filling up so much commentary on 8 month old stories.

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This is where I continue reading DCU comics that came out 8 months ago.

Flashpoint #5 -
Wow. I can't remember the last event book to have such an emotionally affecting issue like this one (maybe Identity Crisis when Tim's dad died) but as a final issue of a big event, having Barry say goodbye to his mom and then delivering Thomas Wayne's letter to Bruce. HEARTBREAKING.  A satisfying final issue to an event book, again something I can't remember the last time I felt that way.

Detective Comics #1 - I have to say as my first taste of the DC52, this was BRILLIANT. Reading this issue reminded me how much I missed the Batman vs Joker dynamic back before everyone and their mother knew that Batman and Bruce Wayne was connected.  I can't say I'm all that fond of "the man" hating on Batman but I guess it is too easy a path not to take.  That end was unexpected though. Great twist, leaving me wondering what is going to happen.

Action Comics #1 - I'm intrigued by seeing a young, unknown Superman in Metropolis but there are still a few tired aspects to the Mythology that unfortunately seems to be sticking around with this restart. The General Rossification of Sam Lane kills me, and enough with Luthor.

Batgirl #1 - I'm excited about Barbara being back as Batgirl but I'll be honest Gail Simone's stories have never really wowed me. It took me awhile to realize I was only reading Birds of Prey because I liked the idea of the characters and not the stories, and her run of Secret Six I lasted even less time on. Other than that, this issue was probably the quickest read so far and pretty much went from action scene to action scene.

Hawk & Dove #1 - I tried this out because I absolutely enjoyed Dawn in Birds of Prey and I really came to like Liefeld this past year through watching interviews and following his tweets.  That said, Liefeld's art is not that great, every other face has them clenching their teeth. I'm glad that Dawn & Deadman still are together apparently, but I would definitely probably not really enjoy the book until a different art team is on it. Still don't care about Hawk.

Superboy #1 - I like the idea of bringing Superboy back to the roots of being a lab-created clone.   I love that Rose Wilson is in the book and I am interested to see who this Red is that has some "bond" with Superboy. Also it was great how the simulator kept putting Superboy in small town Kansas and they couldn't figure out why. And then how he keeps ignoring the woman in the burning house and the comment that unless the human DNA is extremely arrogant and all that jazz .. This has the potential to be a fun book, much more than the Superboy comic that just ended.

Suicide Squad #1 - Only picked up the book because of Harley Quinn. I don't know any of the creative team and outside of King Shark I have no real interest with any of the characters outside of Harley. It's a shame if this can be my only outlet of her and getting only a glimpse of what is going on with her.

Green Lantern #1 - Now this is an interesting start to a book.  I was a little confused at first to what still existed and what had happened but Carol still has the Star Sapphire ring, Hal lost his to Sinestro and the Guardians are up to no good as usual. Now the idea that Sinestro might be realizing some of the wrongness with his Corps is an intriguing aspect and I should not be surprised that they made Hal screw things up with Carol, its rare for a superhero book to put much thought into a relationship. I'm excited.

Batwoman #1 - The art is gorgeous, of course. I'm intrigued by Kate and I love that they're keeping Bette around, although I did like the FlameBird persona so hopefully that's still in the mix. So I'm guessing Renee's frame means she's dead? I always liked Maggie Sawyer but didn't like taking her out of Metropolis but getting to be the main police presence/interaction for Batwoman works too.

Batman & Robin #1 - I was pretty disappointed with this start. While I thought Tomasi had been pretty brilliant writing Dick in the Nightwing series and then pretty good at writing Dick as Batman, He just doesn't seem to have the Bruce/Damian dynamic down at all and really Damian completely feels off. It went from a way too cold conversation between Bruce/Damian and then as Robin it was like Damian was Jason Todd all over again.

And that's all I can muster reading and commenting on in one sitting. I promise only one more of these and then I'll go back to more current topics.

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Here is where I will talk about comics that came out uh .. 8 months ago? Yeesh. I am so behind. Once I get through this pile I'm skipping ahead to January releases. Busy Busy Busy.

Detective Comics #881 -
I really wish there had been more time to explore the Dick as Batman story. I think Snyder is one of the few writers who wrote Dick well and didn't just try to turn him into Bruce-lite. I also would have liked to have seen more between Dick!Bat and Barbara/Jim Gordon, which was some with this story. It's a great dynamic.

Batgirl #24 - It's a shame that the story was rushed to a quick end but I love Steph so it was a nice wrap up. I also liked the glimpses of what she saw under the influence and I loved the Nightwing-esque outfit in one and the one where it looks like she is a mom with I will pretend is Tim's kid since I loved those two together.

Batman #713 -
A great story telling the balance between first Bruce!Bat and Dick!Robin to then Dick!Bat and Damian!Robin.  I love the parallels between the two and how Waynes seem to grow best working with a Grayson.  Not a better duo than a balanced Batman & Robin.

Justice League of America #60 - Now this is a depressing issue. I was always a fan of this incarnation of the group given that it had the next generation Dick, Donna, Jade, Kara, Jesse, etc. leading but Robinson wrote some way out there stories and honestly Bagley's art really set the book back. He just did not fit with the characters. One of the things I enjoyed greatly was seeing Dick and Kara interact, the crush aspect and all it entails.

Action Comics #904 - Okay, I'll be honest I remember very little about the Reign of the Doomsdays but I did think a previous issue had resolved everything with Luthor failing so this was a little weird to see them all fighting again. Everything was just okay, nothing special. A nice little speech by Lois at the end but I feel like that is something that is too often repeated in Superman stories this days, reminding him that his goodness is why people do what they do for him.

Teen Titans #100 -
Extra-sized issue, nice sprawling battle.  Also enjoyed the appearance of the Source Wall, using it to trap Superboy-Prime. And one of the things I've always liked about a teen team book is the possibility for ever changing relationships, like this one had a little tease of Conner/Rose but of course Conner screws up by not seeing it at all and going in a complete different direction. Love the art at the end, reminds me how much I enjoyed the future Titans arc that happened so many years ago.

Wonder Woman #614 - Outside of that weird Witchblade-esque moment in the beginning with the sword, it was nice to see Diana finish her odyssey and return to the life she remembered.  Touching end with Hippolyta remarking the end of this era.

Looking forward to starting the pile of #1 issues I have left. Will save for another post. NEXT STOP THE DCNU.


Feb. 3rd, 2012 03:16 pm
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I LOVE this show.  I just finished series 4, and I've started a rewatch of the beginning and it is funny how the first time around I had liked the first season but it was much like (White Collar) in that every episode got better than the last and I would rank each successive season/series ahead of the one it preceeded.  But now going through it again, it's like I love everything even more now.

I even like some things of the early first series, the tension between Arthur and Morgana, where he is very much a self-absorbed prat and she gives as good as she gets but underneath she cares for him.  And something I had forgotten, there was a little Gwen/Merlin going on, with everyone thinking Merlin liked her and I think there was something Gwen saw in him - though they seemed to veer away from this direction after the episode where Merlin and Gwen kissed after he was thought to be dead and came back to life.

Also it's something I just noticed literally when I started rewatching series 1 while finishing S4 was that there was another parallel to Smallville on the show with Merlin's scarf/shirt interchanging between red/blue like Clark's shirt/jacket. Small but mindblowing for me lol.

I'll keep my thoughts on S4 short since there are probably those who haven't seen it but I just wanted to say that I really liked how much the Arthur/Merlin relationship carried the finale and I wonder if what Merlin did at the end will carry weight on him in S5. Also if Emrys can show up even more in S5 that would be awesome.  Thinking about it, I guess this is Merlin's 'Blur' persona. I would like to see more Merlin/Morgana interaction, maybe him thinking he can turn her away from the darkness or something.

Oh, and btw did anyone else think Legend of the Seeker at the start of S4 with the result of Morgana's actions? I miss that show.

PS. I've been itching for years to do a podcast and this is the first show/property I really love that doesn't already have an obviously crowded space of fanstuff for it, so I want to do one on the show. If any other friend of mine that is a Merlin fan would be interested in talking Merlin with me please let me know I think it would be fun. It doesn't have to be a regular thing having a co-host but I would like to have someone that could bring a different take on things, etc. I basically want to start from the beginning so the first episode would be the first show.  I'm taking the next week to plan out how it would go and would like to record something that weekend. Think about it! :)


Feb. 2nd, 2012 09:58 am
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Over the last 10 weeks of so I've found myself literally OBSESSED with watching Friends on Nick at Nite.  Now I've always known it was a good show but I rarely watched it during its run on NBC and only started watching it a bit more once it hit syndication.  But it was nothing to the degree I do now that I discovered it on Nick at Nite.

I love the show, its characters and think it is one of the funniest I've ever watched with very few episodes that felt like clunkers.  I don't know if it's because now I'm entering the age the characters were in that I feel more connected to the show but I love it. It also doesn't hurt that Nick at Nite shows 2 hours of it every night, so I literally just about watched all 10 seasons over these weeks.

I think Ross hits his stride around season 4/5, post-Emily Wedding when he becomes emotionally unstable for a time and is libel to freak out.  That scene when he finds out about Monica/Chandler from his apartment is so hilarious, I watch it all the time on Youtube. Probably just as big was all of the Rachel related moments: "we were on a break", saying her name at his wedding to Emily, marrying her in Vegas when they were drunk, and something if you pay close attention to throughout the seasons when it seems like Ross or Rachel decide to give it another chance only to open the door and see the other seemingly moving on right as the episode ends.

It was funny last night watching the first episodes again and seeing that Ross/Rachel really was set up from the very beginning (and how actually the show almost seemed like based off them with the others being supporting characters).  Probably the funniest moment that sticks out with Rachel would be when she was dating that one guy (played at the time by her then offscreen boyfriend) who took her back home and she changed into her lingerie only for his parents to come back home and to play off the awkwardness she said that was her dress and ended up having to go to dinner with the parents in her lingerie.

They pretty much had Joey down since the beginning.  His "How you doin'?", the delayed reaction after everyone else had already figured it out, and his role as Dr. Drake Ramoray on Days of Our Lives.  Though some of the playboy side of his character really got dimmed down in the last few seasons as he got hung up on Rachel.  Hugsy was good, the duck and chick, when they got robbed and Joey let himself get locked in the entertainment center.

Chandler started out as the punchline (sometimes self-inflicted) but when he got together with Monica he became a much funnier character. I think that time when they were hiding their relationship had some of the best moments, like the girls kept walking in on him and Monica kissing so he ended up kissing them all as his new way of saying goodbye.

The great thing about Monica was how much her past that wasn't on the show was a part of her character.. Growing up a big girl that loved to eat created things like Ross' nightmare as a kid was that she would eat him, and their parents always seeming to favor Ross over her leading to Ross revealing his wife was a lesbian and pregnant with Ben and their mother turning to Monica and asking "You knew this?"  I always liked when she was dating Richard but once she got with Chandler it let her be a little more crazy, almost matching her brother like when she and Ross tried to get on TV dancing at the New Year's Eve party.

Phoebe was always the wacky one, seeing her grandmother's spirit in a cat, and dating her twin's ex who then had sex with her twin while thinking it was Phoebe.  I loved the episode where she was collection Christmas donations and soon wages war on the public after a guy made change with the money in her bucket and another threw a cigarette inside.  She made having her brother's babies seem like a normal part of the show's run.

I hate that I missed out on a Black Friday sale for some of the seasons back in November, but since its on all the time I can wait to have it in my hands (though I wish Netflix had it on instant streaming).
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See how quickly my plans dissolve? I'll try harder. Settling for some thoughts on what I'm watching lately.

I'm glad I tried out Last Man Standing, a new comedy on ABC Tuesdays with Tim Allen. I've only seen the pilot so far, but the parallels to his old show from the 90's Home Improvement were very apparent in the pilot.  3 girls instead of 3 boys, working at a man-friendly environment, having talks with the wife when his meddling isn't going right, and having tangents at work where he starts talking about life's problems.  I loved Home Improvement and if this show stays that way I will love this one. 

I'm all caught up on Merlin, and while I love the show and think it's been getting better with every new series/season and is at its very best, the one thing that annoys me about the show is how they seem to speed through story points.  Something they've done since the beginning, turning Morgana evil way too quickly (thought she never really developed a connection with Merlin or any of the cast really outside of what existed before the show), pushing Arthur/Gwen together before they could really explore any other avenues (pretty much killed the Lancelot possibilities) and now the situation with Uther.  Throw in the fact that while the show is "modeled" after Smallville, I got more satisfaction out of Clark saving the day before he was Superman than Merlin saving the day before he is revealed/outed.  I'm tired of Merlin barely doing anything while Morgana seems to be light years more powerful despite being newer to magic than he.  Also I really want some Merlin/Morgana interaction, one of the reasons I wish she hadn't been turned bad so quickly and why I hated during S2 when he and Gaius basically ignored her pain and need for help and let her turn to dark influences.

I love Psych and would like to marry it.  This is by far my favorite show to watch and it has only gotten better in S6. This show never isn't funny. The last one with Shawn, Gus, Lassiter and the Coroner having to figure out what they did the night before was hilarious.

I've only seen the latest season/series of Doctor Who (seen the first 3 with the ninth doctor) but I am such a big fan of Amy and the Doctor. My favorite episode is still "The Doctor's Wife" written by Neil Gaiman and while I tired of River Song over the length of the season all the complexities her character created in the show was a lot of fun to unweave, especially in "A Good Man Goes to War".  I would have been fine for the season to end there but the rest of the episodes had some moments. I especially liked the raving blue head in the finale. Perfect ending for a so-so episode.

Two of my favorite new shows have been Charlie's Angels & The Playboy Club, so of course both have since been cancelled.  I was disappointed more in TPC's cancellation than CA but both were enjoyable shows. I think the networks forgot that while Mad Men is critically acclaimed it is not exactly a ratings beast, and expecting new period dramas to do well immediately is shortsighted and they should have let them build an audience (ABC's Pan Am also seems to be in trouble - it is a good show but I've enjoyed CA & TPC more).  CA on the other hand I was more cautious after seeing the pilot, but the characters have grown on me and I really like how Bosley has a more active role in the missions and last week's episode with Erica Durance as Samantha Masters was a lot of fun despite not as much of a focus on the Angels.
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I missed all of tonight's shows, so I figured I'd comment on the last week before the new week gets in my head.

Hawaii Five-0, I know they had to figure out a reason for Danno to stay in Hawaii and probably find a way for his cute daughter to be on the show still but one of the things I disliked about the first season was the guy the ex-wife was involved with. I'm scared about where they're going with Jenna but outside of that another fun episode. I remember being ready to drop this show about halfway through the first season and then inexplicably the show found its fun legs.

The Playboy Club, I only watched the premiere this morning but wow, do I really hope this show makes it. I'll admit to being an Eddie Cibrian fan, since the Third Watch days and it still kills me that CSI Miami blamed him for the poor ratings two seasons ago and killed off his new character after one year.  I like the atmosphere, and the cast is great (there's that guy from Numbers and 10 Things I Hate About You).  The Hef voiceovers to start and end the shows is a nice touch and I hope that continues past the pilot.

NCIS, I'll keep this quick but the premiere was more exciting/thrilling than the whole Port to Port Killer plot that dominated the last part of last season.

Glee, I wanted to make a bigger review but just no time. I'm a little worried that new assertive Mr. Schue is going to just come off as a jerk, and if he's going to kick Santana out for being part of the piano fire then he better not let Quinn back since it was her cigarette.  So I'm guessing the Sam actor was the one that I heard declined coming back to the show since he's gone? Can't blame him with how his character faded in the last half of season 2.  I really liked "We Got the Beat!"

Unforgettable, I wasn't expecting to watch this show but since I was already watching the previous 2 hours of CBS shows on Tuesday I was talked into it and I was glad I was.  The premise is a woman who is a former cop - but looks like she eventually returns - can remember everything and will use this skill to help solve crimes. What makes the show is Poppy Montgomery who I loved on Without a Trace, and she can definitely carry a show as a lead.

CSI, Ted Danson, enough said.  I stopped watching this show when Grissom left and I didn't care for Ray Langston (Laurence Fishburne's character).  Now with Danson playing a quirky boss that is a bit unorthodox, it just reminds me so much of what Grissom added to the show especially early on in the show's run when the others didn't know what to make of him .. I'm excited.

Charlie's Angels, I don't know what to make of the show. I'm watching it because Gough/Millar are behind it but right now the three girls feel very one-dimensional and not believable.  I like the idea of Bosley being a more on hands part of the team and involved with the missions.  Guess I'll just look forward to the Erica Durance episode and hope the characters win me over by then.

The Secret Circle, I definitely will be sticking with this show throughout the season but so far I find every male character to be annoying (or creepy) outside of the drunk dad (one of these days I'll learn the character names).  I also can't stand Faye at all, her bad girl schtick dominates the show.

CSI NY, Just throwing this in there because Cassidy Freeman was on it as part of the episode's crime.  Which unfortunately was overshadowed because the episode was mostly a 9/11 remembrance episode where the characters remembered where they were and Mac remembering his wife was so sad.  Back to Cassidy, maybe it was because her wardrobe was much different from what she usually had on Smallville but she seemed a bit more busty than before.  Still looking forward to her stint on The  Playboy Club next.

Still have to watch Pan Am, too many shows are opposite each other and I hate having to pick and choose. D:
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With my Tuesday night television schedule literally filled to the brim, I have to choose what to watch live or later and with having added Unforgettable to my list of shows I am watching all 3 CBS Tuesday shows so those were watched live and the two Fox shows are going to be watched later. That let me write up my thoughts on the first two seasons of Glee that I finished this last weekend before jumping into the new season.

Thoughts on Glee before S3 )
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Six months she hadn't seen me, it's like I'm a Frankie First Year. I'm only her brother... - She's got lots of them, but there's only one Harry. )

ETA: I had half of this post written Saturday night with everything divided between the things i liked, the things I was disappointed with and moments I thought was funny and then the stupid browser went back a page when i pressed backspace (even though I was in the friggin text box) and i lost the draft.. Never composing in a web entry box again.

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