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With my Tuesday night television schedule literally filled to the brim, I have to choose what to watch live or later and with having added Unforgettable to my list of shows I am watching all 3 CBS Tuesday shows so those were watched live and the two Fox shows are going to be watched later. That let me write up my thoughts on the first two seasons of Glee that I finished this last weekend before jumping into the new season.

Despite the show's insistence to make Finn/Rachel the main couple/characters of the show, I just can't stand Rachel. Every time I get an ounce of sympathy or think that I might care for her, she does something EViL and thinks its okay. Like sending Sunshine to a crack house instead of letting her audition for glee club, or making out with Puck on her bed to make her boyfriend Finn jealous. Santana may be a bitch but at least she's up front about it.

I really don't get Finn's continued pursuit of her even after reuniting with Quinn when their kiss had "fireworks" but it felt like the show realized they didn't want those two together because immediately after Quinn turned from a girl determined to be a better person to obsessed about being Prom Queen and her status with Finn at the top of the school (something that felt like season 1 Quinn).

I thought the first half of season 2 that Mercedes and Tina seemed to suffer from the show's focus on the Kurt/Karofsky drama. I also thought the addition of Sam was curious because while he seemed to contend with Finn for alpha male status for awhile, the last half of the season he seemed to fade into the background (much like Puck did near the end of Season 1) mired in the being poor storyline. The Justin Bieber episode was hilarious though.

I don't know what the show decided to do with Puck, he turned from a top of the world ladies man to a bottom feeder having to beg Mercedes or Lauren to even consider dating him. They sort of had him finally patch things up with Finn but I just don't see much camaraderie between the guys of Glee (outside of when they went after Karofsky early in season 2).

I really hope Sue returns to her mean, destroy the glee club ways in season 3 because I thought her character really stumbled to a whimper at the end of the season with the death of her sister, the cheerios deserting her and the wedding to herself. It made you feel sorry for Sue and that's not fun.

I think my favorite addition in season 2 was Blaine. I knew of Darren Criss faintly being heavily into the Potter fandom although I don't really get into the fandom creating stars aspect of fandom so I rarely look at fan stuff like A Very Potter Musical, etc. but I have to say I didn't expect him to be such a charismatic character. And while Kurt brings it up during the season, I didn't mind that the Warblers were pretty much Blaine's show. It seemed like the show recognized this and made sure to have at least one Blaine song an episode it seemed like.

I ended up really liking Beiste as a character and how she developed into pretty much Will's best friend. I know the football season ended but I really felt she was missed in the second half of the season.

It felt like John Stamos really fit on the show, even with his character as a dentist it was just a lot of fun. Unfortunately that he was tied to the Emma/Will romance and it really never let his character have a chance to stick around and I wish he had been able to perform in a few more numbers. On the other hand, I loved Gwenyth Paltrow's character and that she returned to the show and became a love interest to Will was great. Unfortunately since she's a big time film star it was destined not to last, but that doesn't mean I didn't wish it did.

My favorite ships for the show are two non-existent ones: Quinn/Will & Blaine/Rachel (the drinking episode where Rachel gets smitten with Blaine was so fantastic). If I ever get the urge to write fic I imagine one or both of those ships would be included. Of the show ships, I have to say season 2 brought me around to Quinn/Finn (I was so disappointed when Finn chose Rachel) and Will/Holly (Really over the whole Emma character. She's sweet but it just doesn't feel like an equal relationship possibility right now).
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