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Wonder Woman #1 - I love the art (Cliff Chiang) but I will say the first half or so was a bit confusing with the lack of dialogue. I liked the action and the last bit with Diana, Hermes and Zola made up for the confusion earlier. An interesting start.

Supergirl #1 - I loved this issue. Don't know how I feel about the metor containing Supergirl going through the Earth's mantle but whatever. I liked her confusion, thinking it was a dream until the sun came up and she knew something was wrong. And then the ending page, perfect first issue.

Red Hood and the Outlaws #1 - I don't like the changes made to Kori that she can barely tell the difference between humans and has no care about the "group" she was with before. It's an understandable conceit and probably done so to help buffer any dislike of Kori's sexual proclivities but ugh, Kori/Dick was one of my favorite pairings and for her to be frolicking with Roy and Jason, its like a nightmare in that aspect lol.

Nightwing #1 -
It'll take a bit to get used to Nightwing being red colored but I liked this first issue. The whole I have to be different than Bruce gotta be in some loft in the bad part of the city is getting a bit old, I feel like Dick is moved to a new place with every writer that takes over. Especially when having access to the Cave and the mansion is so handy, or even the penthouse with the bunker underneath it, it seems a waste to shelve all that. I do like the return of Haly's Circus and the continuing of Dick's tendency for redheads, and even the hired merc with claws is interesting.

Catwoman #1 -
Not bad. I'm not a fan of Guillem March's art, disliked it on Gotham City Sirens so the fact that it has followed Selina to her own book I'm a little disappointed. I also am less thrilled by the fact that Winick is the writer and that he just had Selina brutally kill a guy. I don't mind bringing back the thief, grey aspect of Catwoman but that seemed a bit much. Hot and Heavy with the Bat, at least they kept one thing consistent lol.

Birds of Prey #1 - Interesting first issue. Again like the Batman & Robin book with Bruce/Damian, I'm a little confused and disheartened by the coldness between Dinah/Babs. Outside of that, I'm all for the book, and I'm glad that reporter wasn't going to be a continual presence because his perspective just wasn't needed. This could be Dinah's solo book in the way that Green Arrow/Black Canary never was.

Batman #1 - By far the main Batman books seem to be hitting all cylinders. Snyder just does the Bat Family so well and I love seeing the Bruce Wayne side of things along with Batman, sometimes Bruce is forgotten by other writers and all that you get is Batman. The last page twist didn't do much for me but I am sure it's going to be a great mystery to be revealed. Also love Vicki Vale. Also Capullo's art is a nice change of pace, love it!

Flash #1 - One of the first comics I read of the new DC52 and I have to say one of the things I love about the reboot is freeing up the locked in relationships (I like Patty Spivot and seeing Iris West in a more Lois Lane type role). The art by Manapul is amazing (and I have to say the seams that have been added to a lot of the heroes costumes I like a lot) and the story seems interesting with so many clones? of Barry's friend.

Teen Titans #1 - Solid first issue. I really don't get some organization getting the jump on Tim unless he meant to let them so he could find out who he's dealing with, and I'm intrigued to see how Cassie is different. Kid Flash ... it depends on who he is, there's much confusion there but I do wish they'd build the team first before sending  Superboy after them but I guess .. if he is going to be part of the team it makes sense.

Batman: The Dark Knight #1 - Not as great as the other two Batman books but pretty good. I like Finch's art, and Jaina Hudson seems like an interesting new character. That internal affairs guy I could care less about and I am intrigued by what happened to Two-Face.

Aquaman #1 - Masterful first issue, you can tell that Geoff Johns just gets it. I like how they confront the misconceptions/stereotypes built up about the character and his frustration/anger about it. And monsters from the sea, I am excited about the series.

Superman #1 -
Probably the downside of freeing up relationships, it just feels weird for Lois to be with someone else. As long as they don't turn Clark into a morose voyeur like Superman Returns I can live with it for awhile. A lot happened in the book, maybe too much but I can understand wanting to try to set up the world and get going as fast as possible. One positive note, not one mention of Luthor.

And that was it! All through the pile of books I've had sitting on my coffee table for a good six months at least. Apologies for filling up so much commentary on 8 month old stories.

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Here is where I will talk about comics that came out uh .. 8 months ago? Yeesh. I am so behind. Once I get through this pile I'm skipping ahead to January releases. Busy Busy Busy.

Detective Comics #881 -
I really wish there had been more time to explore the Dick as Batman story. I think Snyder is one of the few writers who wrote Dick well and didn't just try to turn him into Bruce-lite. I also would have liked to have seen more between Dick!Bat and Barbara/Jim Gordon, which was some with this story. It's a great dynamic.

Batgirl #24 - It's a shame that the story was rushed to a quick end but I love Steph so it was a nice wrap up. I also liked the glimpses of what she saw under the influence and I loved the Nightwing-esque outfit in one and the one where it looks like she is a mom with I will pretend is Tim's kid since I loved those two together.

Batman #713 -
A great story telling the balance between first Bruce!Bat and Dick!Robin to then Dick!Bat and Damian!Robin.  I love the parallels between the two and how Waynes seem to grow best working with a Grayson.  Not a better duo than a balanced Batman & Robin.

Justice League of America #60 - Now this is a depressing issue. I was always a fan of this incarnation of the group given that it had the next generation Dick, Donna, Jade, Kara, Jesse, etc. leading but Robinson wrote some way out there stories and honestly Bagley's art really set the book back. He just did not fit with the characters. One of the things I enjoyed greatly was seeing Dick and Kara interact, the crush aspect and all it entails.

Action Comics #904 - Okay, I'll be honest I remember very little about the Reign of the Doomsdays but I did think a previous issue had resolved everything with Luthor failing so this was a little weird to see them all fighting again. Everything was just okay, nothing special. A nice little speech by Lois at the end but I feel like that is something that is too often repeated in Superman stories this days, reminding him that his goodness is why people do what they do for him.

Teen Titans #100 -
Extra-sized issue, nice sprawling battle.  Also enjoyed the appearance of the Source Wall, using it to trap Superboy-Prime. And one of the things I've always liked about a teen team book is the possibility for ever changing relationships, like this one had a little tease of Conner/Rose but of course Conner screws up by not seeing it at all and going in a complete different direction. Love the art at the end, reminds me how much I enjoyed the future Titans arc that happened so many years ago.

Wonder Woman #614 - Outside of that weird Witchblade-esque moment in the beginning with the sword, it was nice to see Diana finish her odyssey and return to the life she remembered.  Touching end with Hippolyta remarking the end of this era.

Looking forward to starting the pile of #1 issues I have left. Will save for another post. NEXT STOP THE DCNU.

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Not something I'm reading but wanted to comment on ComicBookResources continued shilling for Quesada, in particular his current "explanation" for the horrid OMIT. It's been what 3 years since One More Day? Outside of an issue or two around the time of Anti-Venom and American Son storylines I have not touched main Spider-Man comics since and I continue to not probably for the rest of the time this status quo exists (or I do not care anymore). It has not been hard to hear what has been going on in that universe though and I still argue that nothing that has been done in the book since OMD would have been much different had Peter continued to be married.

Does anyone even listen to Quesada with his inane reasoning and explanations behind why it needed to be done? If a marriage makes the character impossible to write, I think that's the writer's fault more than the character's. STOP RETREADING STORIES OF YOUR CHILDHOOD. Have people seen what Marvel has done to Angelica Jones and deyoungifying her as well so much that she's now able to be part of the "Young Allies" a group of late teen superheroes? All her peers are now older than her. >_<

The only reason I'm still reading Wonder Woman is to support the character. JMS could not be writing a less interesting story and I'm already tired of Diana's new outfit. These writers forget that Diana is a SUPERHERO, and should be fighting villains and interacting with the DC Universe in every issue instead they try to write these sprawling epics that take several issues to come together and it's not fun because in the end you still don't care about whoever is in conflict with Diana. YOU'RE NOT WRITING A BOOK, THIS IS A COMIC BOOK.

Every Star Wars fan should be reading Star Wars: Blood Ties. That book is fantastic, the art is great and the story continues to be revealed as this interweaving tale between Jango Fett, Boba Fett and the mysterious (to Boba) man with a bounty on him.

Is it a coincidence that my favorite issue of Gotham City Sirens was this week and it wasn't written by Paul Dini? I don't think so. It's never felt like he's truly been into the series (as evident by the exciting quality of his Zatanna work), and the art was better in this issue than in most of the Sirens issues. Best thing was how the book involved other women from the Bat Universe in this issue having Zatanna and Talia turn up to complicate things as they all do not get along at all.
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Last Friday I had the opportunity to watch the fairly new animated Wonder Woman DVD for the first time, even having a real time discussion about it on Twitter with [livejournal.com profile] autumnrae89 which was so fun that I thought I'd make a review post now that I've seen most of the special features on the two-disc version too.

I'm an Amazon, Steve. We're prepared from birth to give our lives in battle. )

I think the DVD definitely warrants a watch by any DC, Wonder Woman or superheroine fan in general. It certainly follows in the line of quality DC has maintained with these direct-to-DVD hits (Superman/Doomsday, New Frontier) and I can't wait to get my hands on the recently released Green Lantern: First Flight or the upcoming Superman/Batman: Public Enemies. If DC can't get their live-action films together, at least they have a steady pulse on the animation side. So go watch, or comment. :)

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