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Since it's nearly the end of the month I just realized since moving back over to a PC as my everyday computer after Christmas I had not continued to share my desktop wallpapers over the months. Which I shall do now. Since I use two monitors regularly, I go with the theme of a group shot on the bigger TV and a solo shot on the main monitor. I'll interchange every month to highlight my favorite of the two. If you want the wallpaper let me know. :)

December was Clark/Chloe from Smallville Season 1.

January was Yoko from Gurren Lagann.

And this month's is Morgana Pendragon from Merlin.
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(Well I did it. Sure I'll get the hang of it as I go on. It is challenging talking to yourself with the intent for others to listen.)

P.S. Unfortunately it seems that I can't embed the audio player here on DW/LJ so I will just have to leave a link to the MWC tumblr post that has an embed for the episode. I am currently in the process of submitting to iTunes.


Every journey has a first step ... and for the initial voyage of the MerlinWatch podcast, Adrian covers award shows, DVD releases, along with a look back at Merlin's first episode "The Dragon's Call".

RT: 33:41
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I'm planning on recording this weekend and while I was prepping this week I started thinking ..  where should I start in regards to episodes?

I had been focused on the BBC series and going from the beginning since S4 had finished and not expecting the US airings to start so soon (a few weeks ago) and now I'm wondering if I should instead follow the US episodes until they finish and then in the time between go over the next episodes..

But then I would be stuck waiting for the SyFy airings to keep things not confusing unless they would be more the other way.

I don't know, just wondering if people thought one way was better than the other. I'm leaning towards starting from the beginning and just following the BBC airings, hopefully in time for S5.


Feb. 3rd, 2012 03:16 pm
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I LOVE this show.  I just finished series 4, and I've started a rewatch of the beginning and it is funny how the first time around I had liked the first season but it was much like (White Collar) in that every episode got better than the last and I would rank each successive season/series ahead of the one it preceeded.  But now going through it again, it's like I love everything even more now.

I even like some things of the early first series, the tension between Arthur and Morgana, where he is very much a self-absorbed prat and she gives as good as she gets but underneath she cares for him.  And something I had forgotten, there was a little Gwen/Merlin going on, with everyone thinking Merlin liked her and I think there was something Gwen saw in him - though they seemed to veer away from this direction after the episode where Merlin and Gwen kissed after he was thought to be dead and came back to life.

Also it's something I just noticed literally when I started rewatching series 1 while finishing S4 was that there was another parallel to Smallville on the show with Merlin's scarf/shirt interchanging between red/blue like Clark's shirt/jacket. Small but mindblowing for me lol.

I'll keep my thoughts on S4 short since there are probably those who haven't seen it but I just wanted to say that I really liked how much the Arthur/Merlin relationship carried the finale and I wonder if what Merlin did at the end will carry weight on him in S5. Also if Emrys can show up even more in S5 that would be awesome.  Thinking about it, I guess this is Merlin's 'Blur' persona. I would like to see more Merlin/Morgana interaction, maybe him thinking he can turn her away from the darkness or something.

Oh, and btw did anyone else think Legend of the Seeker at the start of S4 with the result of Morgana's actions? I miss that show.

PS. I've been itching for years to do a podcast and this is the first show/property I really love that doesn't already have an obviously crowded space of fanstuff for it, so I want to do one on the show. If any other friend of mine that is a Merlin fan would be interested in talking Merlin with me please let me know I think it would be fun. It doesn't have to be a regular thing having a co-host but I would like to have someone that could bring a different take on things, etc. I basically want to start from the beginning so the first episode would be the first show.  I'm taking the next week to plan out how it would go and would like to record something that weekend. Think about it! :)
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See how quickly my plans dissolve? I'll try harder. Settling for some thoughts on what I'm watching lately.

I'm glad I tried out Last Man Standing, a new comedy on ABC Tuesdays with Tim Allen. I've only seen the pilot so far, but the parallels to his old show from the 90's Home Improvement were very apparent in the pilot.  3 girls instead of 3 boys, working at a man-friendly environment, having talks with the wife when his meddling isn't going right, and having tangents at work where he starts talking about life's problems.  I loved Home Improvement and if this show stays that way I will love this one. 

I'm all caught up on Merlin, and while I love the show and think it's been getting better with every new series/season and is at its very best, the one thing that annoys me about the show is how they seem to speed through story points.  Something they've done since the beginning, turning Morgana evil way too quickly (thought she never really developed a connection with Merlin or any of the cast really outside of what existed before the show), pushing Arthur/Gwen together before they could really explore any other avenues (pretty much killed the Lancelot possibilities) and now the situation with Uther.  Throw in the fact that while the show is "modeled" after Smallville, I got more satisfaction out of Clark saving the day before he was Superman than Merlin saving the day before he is revealed/outed.  I'm tired of Merlin barely doing anything while Morgana seems to be light years more powerful despite being newer to magic than he.  Also I really want some Merlin/Morgana interaction, one of the reasons I wish she hadn't been turned bad so quickly and why I hated during S2 when he and Gaius basically ignored her pain and need for help and let her turn to dark influences.

I love Psych and would like to marry it.  This is by far my favorite show to watch and it has only gotten better in S6. This show never isn't funny. The last one with Shawn, Gus, Lassiter and the Coroner having to figure out what they did the night before was hilarious.

I've only seen the latest season/series of Doctor Who (seen the first 3 with the ninth doctor) but I am such a big fan of Amy and the Doctor. My favorite episode is still "The Doctor's Wife" written by Neil Gaiman and while I tired of River Song over the length of the season all the complexities her character created in the show was a lot of fun to unweave, especially in "A Good Man Goes to War".  I would have been fine for the season to end there but the rest of the episodes had some moments. I especially liked the raving blue head in the finale. Perfect ending for a so-so episode.

Two of my favorite new shows have been Charlie's Angels & The Playboy Club, so of course both have since been cancelled.  I was disappointed more in TPC's cancellation than CA but both were enjoyable shows. I think the networks forgot that while Mad Men is critically acclaimed it is not exactly a ratings beast, and expecting new period dramas to do well immediately is shortsighted and they should have let them build an audience (ABC's Pan Am also seems to be in trouble - it is a good show but I've enjoyed CA & TPC more).  CA on the other hand I was more cautious after seeing the pilot, but the characters have grown on me and I really like how Bosley has a more active role in the missions and last week's episode with Erica Durance as Samantha Masters was a lot of fun despite not as much of a focus on the Angels.
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I'd fallen behind on Merlin and hadn't been commenting on individual episodes as I had been doing but I just watched the series 3 finale and wanted to post some final comments. It's going to be a LONG wait until 2012 (and only 10 episodes?!).

Tomorrow when you fight, you can stand proud knowing you are members of the most noble army the world has ever known. )
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The Walking Dead is AMAZING. And already halfway done with season 1.  This feels like the BBC shows Merlin or Sherlock where they are here and gone just as quickly.  I almost don't want to read the comic so that I can keep enjoying the show so much.

On that note, I haven't said much of Merlin lately since I fell behind, but i am catching up and S3 so far outside of the Morgana being evil storyline has been FANTASTIC.  I'm a little sad now that Morgana's evil has gone from just wanting Uther dead to putting her friends in harms way. =[ I do admit that this hate tension between Morgana and Merlin, I need to have it either climax in hatesex between the two or an epic magic confrontation where Merlin reveals his powers. I think we all know which one is more likely. XD

Nikita is such a fun, exciting show and is easily the favorite to replace Smallville next season as my top CW show to watch. The main characters were perfectly casted and it's good to see Shane West again - always liked his role in that sad movie 'A Walk to Remember'.

I just love Blue Bloods on CBS Friday Nights. The cast: Donnie Wahlberg, Tom Selleck, Bridget Moynahan is great on the screen. And I actually enjoy it more than the other new CBS show I'm watching Hawaii Five-O. I hope it sticks around past this season, unfortunately the shows it is paired with on that night (Medium, CSI: NY) seem to be nearing the end of their runs.

P.S: Psych is back and STILL AMAZING. Cary Elwes was a great guest star for the winter premiere.

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With no more new Legend of the Seeker episodes on the horizon, Merlin is left standing as my sole source of fantasy television.

It is your fate to be the greatest king Camelot has ever known. And your victory today will be remembered. By every age, until the end of time. Just trust in yourself. )
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I've been hitting myself for not being very active on LJ this month outside of Chuck reviews (LOL) and it's very simple - January has been a pretty non-interesting month for my free time which has limited what I have to talk about that isn't about my struggles with cutting specific angles with a circular saw (and the frustration in finding the spare battery for the cordless drill to be not charged) or the unrelenting misery of filing/organizing papers. Yadda, yadda, yadda ... Instead, how about a meme that I borrowed from [livejournal.com profile] beautygirl777 & [livejournal.com profile] awesomemmerz?

15 Q&As on Smallville, Chuck, Seeker & Merlin )
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Merlin will return ... in what? 9 months? Grr, that is the most frustrating thing to hear (although I am glad another season is being made) after a season that stepped up the level of excitement and entertainment from the very rough first season that I struggled through this summer. So that made watching this season finale a bittersweet moment.

The man you are going to look for ... is your father. )
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Everything about Merlin seems to be hitting a crescendo, especially with "The Fires of Idirsholas" that I was pleasantly surprised to find out that there was a thirteenth episode to season 2! For some reason I had it in my head that it was a twelve episode season, and that Season 1 was like that and now I'm looking and S1 had 13 too. lol. I don't know what I was thinking. Was Chuck S1 maybe twelve episodes? I feel confused, but excited that there is another episode to go.

I ... Swear on my mother's life! )
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The last few episodes have been of a more serious tone, focusing on the drama of the series, and I think it was a good time for a more fun episode - the first since the Beauty and the Beast two-parter over a month ago.

Arthur. There, I've said it. My heart belongs to Arthur! )
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It's been a consensus with those that I watch/talk Merlin with that this new season has been head and shoulders above the first season with the quality of stories. A consistent level of excitement that keeps me anticipating each subsequent episode, and really not looking forward to the fact that there's only 3 episodes left in the season before we have to wait another year for Merlin S3.

Death cannot stop true love. All it can do is delay it for a while. )
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After last week's suspense-laden episode with very little Arthur or Morgana in it (Their moment of the season together by far has to be from Beauty and the Beast Part Two), I was happy to see that next up was rooted in the Pendragon family and the truth of the circumstances surrounding Arthur's birth.

Uther & Ygraine Sitting in a Tree ... )
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Wow! There sure are a lot of birthdays in November among my friends! That would be Scorpio right? I'm terrible with the astrology dates, and I think there are a few that have like differing days - it seems very confusing for the casual everyday man. Anyway, that was a long rambling that got nowhere near the point that I wanted to say:

Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] amberwood17!!! Tuesday is a little rough to celebrate a birthday on with the week barely have started, but I hope you are able to find the time and energy to make your birthday a memorable one! A drabble is on the way (eventually) so keep a look out in the near to late future. lol. XD

On to other celebratory news, hot water has returned! Came out none of the repair work I'd done on the thing had made a difference, and a repairman finally came out this morning to fix it. I had only done a little piece, and the whole part had to be replaced, so my work was like fixing a window on the Titanic, room might be closed but that's not going to stop water from getting everywhere else. (Terrible analogy I know). -_-

I also wanted to ask my friends that are also fans of Merlin or Legend of the Seeker if there are any specific users that make great icons of either of those series that you like to use yourself? I wish I had the time to make some myself but I simply don't, and while I've been following icon communities for both series recently, I don't want to have to dig through the archives for icons from older episodes if I don't have to. Any help would be appreciated. ♥

Lastly a little comic talk. The February solicitations came out this week and OMG I really like the new Batgirl outfit! They have an advanced peek at the figure coming out in July and dang do i want to buy it (and I rarely am wow'd by figures). I'd link but CBR has been not working for me tonight. (Scratch that. Newsarama has a pic too.)

And a little on the Supergirl book, I know I'm not the popular opinion when I say I think Jamal Igle's art on the book has been average at best, but I notice there's a fill-in artist for the upcoming issue (I assume Igle's working hard on issue 50) and it looks better to me. And also while she seemed like a mean bitch at first, I've really come to like Kara's mom, Alura and hoping that she continues to be a character in the Superman books once this New Krypton storyline wraps up for better or worse.
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I was interested in seeing this episode from the moment I saw the little preview at the end of last week's and while it's still a fairly new show I'm intrigued by the accusations thrown against Merlin whenever the villain seems to find out there is something peculiar about the boy - like the last two week's troll trying to get Merlin out of the way by accusing him of something to get him out of the way.

Camelot has a Magic Infestation. Time to Call the Exterminator! )
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I was so looking forward to the second part of this story and I certainly wasn't disappointed when it was all said and done. As much as "Katrina" and her actions at times disgusted me, there were just as many moments that had me laughing up a storm. Especially when it came to Uther's interactions with "Katrina". You could really feel how close the cast has become in the 18 episodes they've created for Merlin so far.

So Your Step-Mom is a Troll )
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It feels strange to be all caught up on a show and not have the opportunity to watch the episodes doubled-up and really get entranced into the show for a short time. It reminds me of when NBC was showing S1 of Merlin this past summer and the week to week anticipation that builds with only one episode, especially one like this week where it is a two-part story arc.

Uther's New Groove )

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