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Sometimes (read: all the time) I get ideas about things that I don't really have any power over but well I think they are sound. I also forget them after awhile so I'm going to start posting them here so a) that won't happen anymore and b) keep me being active on here.

American daytime soaps are a dying breed.  Shows that have been on for multiple decades are dropping left and right.  Some are trying to maybe come back through online means (another idea i have I'll share another time) but with networks going for the much cheaper talk shows & court room shows instead of drama during the day.

It got me thinking.

These shows most likely have a gigantic library of past episodes that may span several decades. And with the abundance of episodes, plus the sometimes repetitive nature of scenes, there really is not much of a use for the episodes once they are aired.  Which is a shame.

Anyway, this would be dependent on the shows/networks having kept a library of the shows but I think there is a market there if they would make themed dvd collections for the shows.  Like they could do collections of the best breakups, love triangles, near death experiences, show shockers, weddings, etc.

Not to mention all of the famed couples that these shows produce that have relationships that last decades, I can imagine the shows cut just to have the scenes with the couples interacting and have like the relationship's first year, etc. Maybe do a generational one with how two families seem to keep ending up together.

I'm sure there's probably a myriad of reasons why the shows haven't chosen this route to seek new revenues, but it's an idea.
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With little fanfare, I finished season one of Avatar last month. Now with life easing up again I have the time to talk about it!

Aang is probably the most complicated character given he's like Captain America in that he was frozen and now in a time not of his own.  I enjoyed his reunion with his old friend, Bumi - now the King of Omashu and their trips down the chute mail delivery system. It's fun whenever Aang tries to impress Katara and how clueless she is of his intentions.  I like the aspect of being able to talk to his Avatar predecessor and I hope Roku has more advice for Aang in following seasons.  Seeing how much Aang cares is also a big theme, him telling Katara about his relationship with Monk Gyatsu or when they come across Bato of the Water Tribe and Aang keeps the message away from them for awhile as he was scared to lose their companionship. His fun attitude is addictive, and I loved the episode with the two feuding Earthbending tribes and crossing the great canyon and the story Aang created about the two characters at the center of the age old feud.

Katara is just as amusing as Aang when it comes to crushing on someone and while I'm heavy Kataang fan I didn't mind when she found herself investing in the cause of Haru and the imprisoned Earthbenders or the rogue Jet and his band of fighters. I also liked showing that despite her calm, thoughtful way to life at times she'll let her impatience and do rash things like steal the water scroll from those pirates or how she attacked the Northern Water Tribe's waterbending master when he refused to teach her because she was a girl.

Sokka is easiest the most shippable character.  When they crossed paths with the Warriors of Kyoshi I loved how his and Suki's perceptions of each other changed over the episode.  I hope there is a reunion in following seasons.  And even more I loved Sokka's time with Princess Yue of the Northern Water Tribe.  I really wish there hadn't been the need for that sacrifice because I instantly became a fan of those two together.  That was probably the most emotional moment of Book One.

Zuko has fallen into the character I don't like one bit category that I have with several series to differing degrees.  I'd probably relate him to Sasuke from Naruto with the amount of distaste I have for the character.  I don't know how I feel about his escapades as the Blue Spirit, feels like a way the creators are trying to create a thread of redemption for Zuko, but watching the Blue Spirit episode I don't think it's possible for him to be the Spirit given where you first see the Blue Spirit and then where Zuko is.  I was really confused by that.

Overall, I can't wait to start on the next season of the show, and I really wish that the movie had captured the spirit of the show.  Hopefully maybe in five to ten years Nickelodeon can give it another try and create a live-action version of Avatar the Last Airbender that everyone would be happy to see.  I'm excited about the news of the sequel series that they're working on and I can't wait to see the shorts with the chibi versions of the characters that I have seen and I guess are in the last two seasons because there wasn't anything on the Book one DVDs.
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I forget where I read it, but some fantastic author had made the days of the week into a different form, with Moonday, Sunday, Starday, amongst others. That explains most of the title. Going to Disneyland on Friday and needing the weekend to recover explains my lack of presence here. I still need at least another day to get a post together for Disneyland. I've put some photos on my twitter today but different ones will be here and facebook eventually.

I wanted to talk about Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief after seeing it last night on Blu-Ray. It's not bad but the changes they made are drastic enough that it feels like they weren't expecting to make a franchise out of the film to parallel the book series. It reminds me a lot of the Eragon movie, the material is changed to make an entertaining film but the changes make it impossible to continue and disenchant book fans from the films which to me makes it obvious to respect the source material. But here we are. I was expecting since Chris Columbus was the director that the film would be very loyal to the book but I wonder if the negative criticism he got for being too exact with the Harry Potter films that he lashed in this direction of tweaking things here and there. I compare it to if the Harry Potter films started with Cuaron's Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban, the changes are jarring and major pieces of the lore is left out but the movie is thematic and entertaining - just a terrible adaptation of the book. And it shows that part is important because Prisoner of Azkaban is the least successful Potter movie in the box office. Had it been the first, there might not have been a complete series of films made especially in the current state of the industry.

I think this is a genuine fear that faithful adaptations are going to be rare and even adaptations in general, The Golden Compass was a great production was successful in theatres and the studios shut down productions on future films on the other books. The Chronicles of Narnia adaptations barely are getting the third film made, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader after another studio picked it up and I have big doubt there will be a fourth film.

Talking Percy Jackson, not technically spoiler-filled but cut for length )
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It's strange that the Olympics are over already.  The two week length has that ability of making it feel like a long event while its happening but also giving that feeling of being over too fast when it's done.  With how NBC covered the Winter Olympics this year, I definitely feel like I missed out more than saw.  I wish they'd shown more events outside of Hockey (and sometimes Curling) live without the benefit of being delayed and cut up so you only saw the top contenders and team USA because some of us would just like to watch the sport no matter who was participating.  Also, forcing us to stay watching close to midnight for unshown content from huge events like Figure Skating and others is INSANE.

DC's next direct-to-DVD animated film, Justice League Crisis on Two Earths recently just came out and because of that release the previous two DVD's (Green Lantern First Flight & Superman Batman Public Enemies) were on sale (less than $9 each) so I snapped those up.  I have yet to watch a DC DVD that I haven't enjoyed so I imagine I'll like these as well.  They were backordered so I'm just waiting them out right now. I also bought 17 Again for less than $9 too.  Don't judge, I liked the movie.

Something that has irritated to me over the years is when I notice that I'm missing content out of my control.  Every so often I'll notice several journals here on LJ that for whatever reason will not show up on my friendslist despite being mutual friends.  This has started to happen with me on Twitter too where there will be people who will tweet and I'll never see their updates but I'm a bit more lenient there because I follow so many that it's easy to fall behind on the timeline. LJ it's more of a convenience thing and I hate having to dig through all of my friends journals just to see if I missed something.

Alice in Wonderland comes out today and I can't wait to see it.  I haven't been a very good theatre watcher so far this year.  Outside of seeing Avatar, I missed The Princess and the Frog, Sherlock Holmes, and I'm still planning on seeing Percy Jackson.  But back to Alice, from what I devine from the trailers I've seen on TV, this looks like a quasi-sequel to the typical telling of Alice's original journey to Wonderland. With the proposal and going into the rabbit hole, I am thinking this movie is one of those returning to your childhood to put a close to it and be ready to move to adulthood.  Also, I think I'm developing an attraction to Helena Bonham Carter. She's a little odd, but I love it.
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I've been swamped under piles of research and books since the weekend trying to salvage a paper out of it (and struggling at it), so I haven't had a chance before now to say to a certain birthday girl:

Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] pervyficgirl! I hope you had some excitement that made your day a memorable one. I imagine it's a little odd to have a birthday so close to a holiday, but at least it's a non-gift giving holiday that would have had people try to combine gifts on you. Anyway I hope to find myself out of this paper rut eventually so expect a drabble in the not too immediate future. :)


I watched the Star Trek DVD on Friday night after the Smallville mid-season finale and that movie is still so damn good six or so months after seeing in once in the theatre. (You can always tell when it's a successful movie in its theatre run when the DVD comes out closer to 6 months later than 4 these days). I was trying to think if I could make a What's Wrong With post using it but honestly I can't. I'm not a huge Trekker, mostly casual (saw the movies, rented the original series through the library growing up & watched next generation) and more of a Star Wars fan but I have to say JJ Abrams did such a fantastical job with this movie that it's easily jumped into my top 10 favorite films to watch all time. (The beginning always gets to me. D:)

I'm so excited for Chuck S3 let me tell you! Probably the most anticipation I've had for a series since Smallville S1 I'd say. All the preview videos have been exciting to watch and while I was madly into Chuck/Sarah as S2 ended, I have to say I don't mind the inclusion of guest stars to mix things up and the interesting little twist to Chuck's new abilities looks like it will be entertaining. I'm happy for the added episodes, the early start and I'm hoping that will make it possible (if ratings are decent) to see Scott Bakula again in the latter half of S3.
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I'm trying something new with rants, a little show and tell going on with things I find annoying or have problems with. Mostly I talk about positive things so I thought maybe doing the opposite would be interesting for a change. Since I the DVD came out this week, I thought the first edition would cover the latest Transformers movie.

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Last Friday I had the opportunity to watch the fairly new animated Wonder Woman DVD for the first time, even having a real time discussion about it on Twitter with [livejournal.com profile] autumnrae89 which was so fun that I thought I'd make a review post now that I've seen most of the special features on the two-disc version too.

I'm an Amazon, Steve. We're prepared from birth to give our lives in battle. )

I think the DVD definitely warrants a watch by any DC, Wonder Woman or superheroine fan in general. It certainly follows in the line of quality DC has maintained with these direct-to-DVD hits (Superman/Doomsday, New Frontier) and I can't wait to get my hands on the recently released Green Lantern: First Flight or the upcoming Superman/Batman: Public Enemies. If DC can't get their live-action films together, at least they have a steady pulse on the animation side. So go watch, or comment. :)

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