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That Power Girl art was my desktop wallpaper in May! It's been awhile since I last had something comic related on my main desktop and this PG art I found either on DA originally or through Tumblr first but it's a great piece and my wall is only a bit of it. PG is one of my favorite underused comic book characters and I absolutely loved Palmiotti, Gray and Amanda Conner's run of her solo title. I can't stand Winick's alterations despite the pretty art and have stayed on only for the Basri art.

I promise May is my last dry writing month for awhile. This summer I'm going to be doubling down and that includes writing some fic. This summer's porn battle is a little later than usual coming in early August, so that gives me two good months to concentrate on some of my current ideas before I write some purely smut pieces for that gathering. WRITING TOTAL: 0 words

It's June and that means ... IT'S MY BIRTHDAY MONTH. WOO. I honestly don't know how this came so quickly. Using TV as a time reference since it's a solid part of my daily life, I can practically remember early episodes from this last season airing in October that feel like they were on just a few weeks or so ago instead of 8 months ago. But I do not remember much if anything about my birthday last year and what surrounded it so maybe it has been a year already. Anyway, I am not alone in having a birthday this month and I share it with: [livejournal.com profile] boywonder_iii (2nd), [livejournal.com profile] athena606 (6th) & [livejournal.com profile] copper_season (16th). Hope you all have as fantastic time celebrating your birthday as I hope to do. ♥

One of the reasons I love twitter is how many different directions my interest can take in a given month and my FollowFriday tweet for this month is a perfect example of this because about 80% of the people I was most active with are different from last month and that happens more often than not and something I've noticed since I started posting this on here.
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So I finally saw Thor this morning and wow! I'll write a lengthy review later but I will say now that it was really fun and much better than I expected.

Does anyone use Sidereel? They seem to have a programmable calendar to follow your TV shows that makes me think of the pogdesign calendar that I use for this purpose but it also has a phone app (iphone only right now so I haven't jumped on and tried it yet) that seems like a handy thing to have on the go.

I thought this was a pretty neat site for those looking for a way to archive your tweets and have them displayed in a neat timeline. I give you Memolane (short for Memory lane I imagine) where besides twitter or facebook you can even connect photo sites, video sites, social check-in sites and rss feeds to have displayed for your visual needs. The only downside on the twitter part is that it seems to have the same problem all of these sites has is the limit twitter puts to the last 3,000 tweets you've done from the moment you first connect your account.

I don't know if I've asked this before on here but has anyone tried purchasing refurbished technology? I've always steered away from it and preferred to just go new but lately I've been having thoughts that anything that was wrong with the tech would be fixed before they sell it and most of the time they come with a warranty/guarantee of some kind.
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Prepping for the end of Smallville and I almost forgot to make a new month post for May. Above was my Mac's wallpaper for April, I usually try to stay away from close up shots because it almost feels like the person is staring back at you but I had not had a Superman related background since September and over a year since the last Smallville related image. Saying all that it would probably have worked for this month to celebrate the finale but I can't believe I forgot to think about that I've been so content this year with using randomization for my many desktops. Anyway, this was Erica back at the Batman Begins movie premiere nearly 6 years ago. How time flies.

April was another dry writing month which is depressing but I'll admit that my work load is starting to lighten now in May and with the Smallville finale buzz still going strong in my head I am feeling very creative-oriented of late. I hope to make up for the last two months with a solid second half of May. WRITING TOTAL: 0 words

May's sole birthday baby is my fellow gem friend, [livejournal.com profile] emerald_night (12th), who's birthday was last week. I hope you had a good time and made some worthwhile memories on your birthday! :)

And what I started last month because I just find it so fascinating and I love twitter: my twitter plug for May with an informational screencap of my #FollowFriday tweet.

PS: Expect a busier week from me on here as I catch up on things. TTFN. Tah Tah For Now!
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I started noticing over the last week that I think my honeymoon period with Tumblr is about over.  I'm just not getting enough interaction to want me to keep working at it.  Maybe I don't know how to tumble right, maybe I'm a boring person as displayed by my posts here, maybe I don't have the energy to properly participate on there.  I still lurk and enjoy liking posts but there's not much else to do.  And when most of my original posts, especially on my blog's tumblr is just finding art on DeviantArt and posting it there, I don't know it feels ... unsatisfying.  I feel like reducing my time there to just liking and occasionally posting and focusing more on posting here more regularly, my blog & writing.

Got the Tangled Blu-Ray and I just love that movie so much.  When a movie like that can't even get a best animated oscar nod, that is why I really don't care about award shows.  The neat thing is that it's the 50th Disney animated feature film and the special feature that has a countdown of all 50 films.  All I can think is how much I enjoyed this movie compared to How to Train Your Dragon or Toy Story 3, both that I loved as well but Tangled is just on a whole other level of fun for me.  How Tangled couldn't even win best original song against a Toy Story 3 song that I argue was not as good as songs from the first two Toy Story films.

If you follow me on Twitter you will know that I went to the Disney store last week.  I bought some mugs that were on clearance (love mugs, wish that Superman mug Chloe had on Smallville last season existed) but my best find at the store was this gigantic Bolt plush that was 60% off. He's so huggably soft. 

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