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Saw it this afternoon. Was unexpectedly spoiled yesterday on tumblr with a pic of Tom Hiddleston's spoiler tweet (DAMN LOKI). Still think its crazy the buzz for this movie. I wonder how much of this has more to do with Robert Downey Jr who seems to be box office gold since the first Iron Man.

Trailers wise. Frankenweenie looks cute. Brave looks awesome. Prometheus looks interesting. Some Shia Labeauf/Tom Hardy movie looks curious. Battleship I have no interest in and I don't know. No TDKR or TASM. SAD.

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 I'm two months behind on my reading so I haven't experienced yet the events currently going on but I still had some thoughts to share.

I read FF #1 and while I don't mind the idea of Spider-Man joining the team because I think he fits well in the dynamic (how many damn costumes is he going to have? He's lapping Batman in the amount of versions he has.) but what kills me is the leftovers of the OMD effect.  Having Sue Storm greet Peter by calling him "Young man," and asking about his Aunt May like he is some neighbor boy coming over to play with her kids ... KILLS ME.

Is the honeymoon over with Invincible?  The Viltrumite war felt much too long (the delays didn't help) and honestly the book started to feel like a bad Hulk book with all the pages full of just brutal smashing. It feels drastically different from the early issues of the series and I wonder if Kirkman is feeling the pressure of his books popularity and is trying to appease that audience with big, shiny events.

The DC line reboot is just starting to hit the news and I'm interested to see what the DCU looks like in September.  There have been a lot of characters created in the last 25 years that I've become fans of, so I really hope that they still exist in some form if this change from DC is as drastic as it seems.  Hopefully whatever move this is, it is a permanent one and not something that gets tweaked/changed after a few months/year - the one thing I hate is indecisiveness (something I see all the time in TV shows, looking at you Criminal Minds). If you make a change, stick with it and deal with the repercussions.

Bringing in new readers and a younger audience has to become a priority - it should have already been for years - but now with the digital age increasing the opportunities to access comics it is important to jump on these new avenues.  It might be an unpopular suggestion but I wonder if the books should even lighten their tone and start creating more one and done stories to help attract new, younger readers.
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So I finally saw Thor this morning and wow! I'll write a lengthy review later but I will say now that it was really fun and much better than I expected.

Does anyone use Sidereel? They seem to have a programmable calendar to follow your TV shows that makes me think of the pogdesign calendar that I use for this purpose but it also has a phone app (iphone only right now so I haven't jumped on and tried it yet) that seems like a handy thing to have on the go.

I thought this was a pretty neat site for those looking for a way to archive your tweets and have them displayed in a neat timeline. I give you Memolane (short for Memory lane I imagine) where besides twitter or facebook you can even connect photo sites, video sites, social check-in sites and rss feeds to have displayed for your visual needs. The only downside on the twitter part is that it seems to have the same problem all of these sites has is the limit twitter puts to the last 3,000 tweets you've done from the moment you first connect your account.

I don't know if I've asked this before on here but has anyone tried purchasing refurbished technology? I've always steered away from it and preferred to just go new but lately I've been having thoughts that anything that was wrong with the tech would be fixed before they sell it and most of the time they come with a warranty/guarantee of some kind.
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 Maybe it's my natural reflex when something gets pushed on me with too much excess but I am having trouble staying positive about the upcoming Thor movie.  I'm a fan of Chris Hemsworth and I think he looks the part, but I can't help but think he doesn't sound right especially without some "thou" and "art" speech that were once classic trademarks of the character.  And some of the fight sequences in the trailers don't feel Thor-like to me.  There are also apparently some aspects of the character that aren't being used.  I love Kat Dennings but her role looks really annoying in the trailers .. I guess I'll just have to see it next weekend and see for myself.

I finally saw Inception this weekend for the first time this weekend.  Now I understand why it did gangbusters in the box office, and I don't know if i expected it not to be great because Christopher Nolan is an AMAZING director.  How he continues to create such unique masterpieces is so astounding.  I remember being wowed by Memento, then getting wowed by Dark Knight, and now Inception, all in different ways.  The complex dream in a dream in a dream into limbo maze might take some people out of the story and was a little confusing at the moment but once you get a chance to examine it, it all fits.  And then the ending that leaves it to the viewer's interpretation .. just brilliant.  Now the fact that Nolan didn't get a director's nom and the movie didn't win best picture really supports my decision to stop caring about the Oscars.

Saw the movie thanks to Netflix, and now I want to buy the Blu-Ray and watch it in glorious HD along with the special features.  Sent the disc back today and hoping to get the next one, Yogi Bear on Wed.
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After a great start to the arc, the Paul Levitz written Adventure Comics has fallen on hard times leading to the latest issue #520 where it's a scattered story with strange characterizations and it's never explained why Supergirl is there in the background while young Superboy is there.

Best thing about Generation Hope?  The art has Hope drawn like a young teen girl instead of an adult woman and Rogue is in the book.  The less positive things? I don't really care about any of the new Mutants or Hope's touch to activate their powers ability and there isn't enough of Rogue.

I'm not a big reader of all-smash//pure action books (thus I don't read Hulk but prefer Incredible Hulk/s) but it's a necessary evil when reading Invincible where I love the characters but often, like right now it becomes just a fighting book.  That said, the most disappointing thing about #75 was that the fight wasn't wrapped up during it.

And I think the first issue of Superboy was a terrible start for the character and paled in comparison to the opening arc of Adventure Comics that Geoff Johns wrote and Francis Manapul drew featuring Superboy.  The art looked subpar, and they immediately did the new current cliché storyline writers like to do a lot these days in Superboy's identity being figured out by a friend under him. i hate that and miss the times when identities stayed secret.
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Since I've started ranting weekly about specific comic book issues this monthly wrap-up has become more commentary than outright reviews about the issues. Less spoilery.

September's Best - 5 DC, the Rest 0 - DC Fanaticism Going Strong )
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Not something I'm reading but wanted to comment on ComicBookResources continued shilling for Quesada, in particular his current "explanation" for the horrid OMIT. It's been what 3 years since One More Day? Outside of an issue or two around the time of Anti-Venom and American Son storylines I have not touched main Spider-Man comics since and I continue to not probably for the rest of the time this status quo exists (or I do not care anymore). It has not been hard to hear what has been going on in that universe though and I still argue that nothing that has been done in the book since OMD would have been much different had Peter continued to be married.

Does anyone even listen to Quesada with his inane reasoning and explanations behind why it needed to be done? If a marriage makes the character impossible to write, I think that's the writer's fault more than the character's. STOP RETREADING STORIES OF YOUR CHILDHOOD. Have people seen what Marvel has done to Angelica Jones and deyoungifying her as well so much that she's now able to be part of the "Young Allies" a group of late teen superheroes? All her peers are now older than her. >_<

The only reason I'm still reading Wonder Woman is to support the character. JMS could not be writing a less interesting story and I'm already tired of Diana's new outfit. These writers forget that Diana is a SUPERHERO, and should be fighting villains and interacting with the DC Universe in every issue instead they try to write these sprawling epics that take several issues to come together and it's not fun because in the end you still don't care about whoever is in conflict with Diana. YOU'RE NOT WRITING A BOOK, THIS IS A COMIC BOOK.

Every Star Wars fan should be reading Star Wars: Blood Ties. That book is fantastic, the art is great and the story continues to be revealed as this interweaving tale between Jango Fett, Boba Fett and the mysterious (to Boba) man with a bounty on him.

Is it a coincidence that my favorite issue of Gotham City Sirens was this week and it wasn't written by Paul Dini? I don't think so. It's never felt like he's truly been into the series (as evident by the exciting quality of his Zatanna work), and the art was better in this issue than in most of the Sirens issues. Best thing was how the book involved other women from the Bat Universe in this issue having Zatanna and Talia turn up to complicate things as they all do not get along at all.
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SO MANY great comic books this week.  Can't remember the last time that happened.

A comic that starred Dick Grayson, Kara Zor-El, Jennie-Lynn Hayden (Jade) and Donna Troy?!  That is like a dream title for me.  James Robinson is quickly winning me over with his run on Justice League America.  Only thing that kept it from being my favorite book of the week was that I wish there was more of the Dick/Kara storyline instead of just a few pages bookending the Jade/Donna story.

For a book about the fastest man, the Flash is mired in the slowest developing plot line and I'm really close to dropping this title.  I get that the Rogues are an important part of the Flash Universe but way too many Rogues on the pages and it feels like the story hasn't moved at least 5 issues worth and I'm not fond of wife/family in danger plots.

If Portacio is going to be Uncanny X-men's new regular artist, I'll be dropping this book.  I was already leaning that way with how Fraction writes the X-men but the art style is not something I'm fond of.  They keep making Hope look older than she is/should be and there's just a lot about the X-men I haven't enjoyed in YEARS.

The art is pretty but the stories in Power Girl since Winick took over have been not as fun and entertaining as the previous creative team.  I'm also not fond of having Power Girl's identity get figured out.  Did like seeing some Dick/Karen interaction but I'm honestly only reading this book lately for the art.  Might be dropping it soon and that's just sad because I like the character but not the direction the book is heading.

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Kord Tower? Seriously? I give up, I'm dropping Birds of Prey.  This book should at least have great art and it doesn't even have that.

Is there a worse mentor/guardian-like figure than Wolverine? I never understand why the writers mess with X-23 so much.  She could be a fun character to write, but instead they always go for the tortured, born to kill, isolated from/ostracized by everyone route. Sigh.

Can we just forget about Magog? He wasn't interesting even when Geoff Johns wrote JSA. And the art in the annual was subpar at best, made it hard to even try to read through the entire issue.

Just realized I was pretty much all negative here. I guess it's just one of those weeks. Tiny Titans was my favorite issue this week.

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Been awhile since I've written one of these multiple topic comic posts. It's also hot as hell so I'd rather use most of my willing brain power towards writing so here we go:

Talking About Dropping Action Comics, Tim Drake Name Confusion, Liberty Belle's New Outfit & Book Delays. )
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Iron Man 2

Finally had an opportunity to see Iron Man 2 yesterday morning and I have to say, for a movie 5 or so weeks into its' release the theatre was fairly filled for the first showing of the day. I don't know if I can say I was eagerly anticipating this movie but I was expecting a solid 2 hours of entertainment and boy did it deliver. It's been awhile since I saw the first Iron Man movie, but until I see it again I am leaning towards the sequel being my favorite of the two I enjoyed it so much and I can't remember the last time I LOL'ed several times in the theatre for a movie which I did for Iron Man 2 and it isn't even technically a comedy!

This is the key to the future. I'm limited by the technology of my time, but one day you'll figure this out. And when you do, you will change the world. What is, and always will be, my greatest creation... is you. )

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