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 Forgot to post this over here yesterday.. some thoughts on comics currently:

I'm reaching the end of my rope with DC books lately. DC 52 Future’s End is really pointless. Too many characters. And just so many books that are already struggling storywise are forced to put in some weird story “from the future” for an issue? And half of them were mad depressing as hell. It’s crazy how they've sucked the life out of their universe. Linewide outside of a very few books I enjoy, everything else I can’t stand. And even the ones I like (Superman/Wonder Woman for example) I can understand why others wouldn't. It's all hilarious in a sad way. (Yet i'm super excited for their TV/Movie/Animation ventures so it's a weird state for the DCU).
Now books I like and look forward to every month and think you should read:
Lazarus - Find this dystopian future situation quite interesting with families ruling the world and I’m fond of Forever Carlyle. Love the mystery unfolding for her about who she is and her place in the family.
Solar Man of the Atom - Father/Daughter space adventure! Of course it’s more complicated than that as the dad has basically laid a heavy burden on his daughter with what he’s done and he’s along for the ride as her ghost/power spirit annoyance. Love reading this. Might be my favorite monthly book right now.
The Wicked + The Divine - I’m still not completely clear on what’s going on in this book but gods reborn and being big popular sensations up to no good seems to be the gist of it. I love the art though oh so much and the main? storyline with Lucifer and Laura.
emeraldstag: Sailor Moon's Usagi & Luna (dc)
After a great start to the arc, the Paul Levitz written Adventure Comics has fallen on hard times leading to the latest issue #520 where it's a scattered story with strange characterizations and it's never explained why Supergirl is there in the background while young Superboy is there.

Best thing about Generation Hope?  The art has Hope drawn like a young teen girl instead of an adult woman and Rogue is in the book.  The less positive things? I don't really care about any of the new Mutants or Hope's touch to activate their powers ability and there isn't enough of Rogue.

I'm not a big reader of all-smash//pure action books (thus I don't read Hulk but prefer Incredible Hulk/s) but it's a necessary evil when reading Invincible where I love the characters but often, like right now it becomes just a fighting book.  That said, the most disappointing thing about #75 was that the fight wasn't wrapped up during it.

And I think the first issue of Superboy was a terrible start for the character and paled in comparison to the opening arc of Adventure Comics that Geoff Johns wrote and Francis Manapul drew featuring Superboy.  The art looked subpar, and they immediately did the new current cliché storyline writers like to do a lot these days in Superboy's identity being figured out by a friend under him. i hate that and miss the times when identities stayed secret.

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