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 Hope those that celebrated had a fun 4th of July!

Fretting that I'm being lax about updating on here. The lack of writing to publish is a big part of that, which I hope with my recent purchase of an iPad(!!!!) giving me back computing portability in a size bigger than a phone I'll be more able to find time to write away from my desk.

I'm also hoping this ipad is going to give me opportunity to draw a bit too. There's some transformation i'm going through at the moment where digital technology just seems so much more convenient. Like I'll look at my bookshelf and see a few unread books (ASoIaF) and just think, man I wish I had the digital versions so I'd read them on my iPad/phone instead of having to lug that heavy hardcover around and need the light still on. LOL.

I mentioned this on twitter/tumblr and got a few suggestions but just in case there's anyone here that doesn't follow me there, I'm new to the iOS world so if you have favorite apps that you can't live without and would like to recommend I'm always looking for new apps and I'd rather not waste money on bad ones you know? :)

I'll try to do better to at least forward any original posts that i put on my tumblrs over here like I promised I would. Most of my fanfic tumblr lately has been posts on shipping after having seen Man of Steel and OZ. I'm behind on my reading but I'd like to rec more than I do, but lately all I've been reading is either Glee/Mass Effect fic with a dash of Star Trek. And my main tumblr is full of reblogs with a dash of instagrams and an occasional life blog post so I definitely can do a better job of that. I think a lot has to do with my dissatisfaction with the mobile interfaces of dreamwidth/livejournal, now with a bigger ipad screen I'll feel more comfortable.
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 I've been slowly wading my way through my creative sludge in my spare time but I as of yet have nothing to show for it. As a result this journal has suffered in the wake of quicker less thought needed avenues like twitter/tumblr. Mostly twitter. That said, there is a lot of fan stuff that I don't share there that I would here but it's that extra step of having to come over to DW/LJ to post where honestly I haven't cultivated new friends on for awhile. There are a few holdouts but even those post infrequently. It's mostly become a comm place for me of late, and I enjoy that still but I do miss some of the friendships here that is hard to get some of the same interaction on the more distracting platforms of twitter/tumblr.

Anyway, as a way to restart the activity on this journal I wanted to mention that besides my main tumblr account (that is more reblogs than blog posts that I put here too) I've begun a more fanfic focused tumblr which will be what I'm reading, what I'm thinking, what I'm writing, fic recs, etc on the fandoms I follow (mostly Comics, Glee, Harry Potter, Mass Effect, Merlin, Smallville but I sometimes talk about other ones that I probably won't ever write for or older ones like Star Wars. Just depends. I never thought I'd find something to challenge HP/Smallville and then I found Glee last year.) With that outlet, it will increase what I write here and hopefully energize me enough to start writing again.

Sometimes I think too much, and that keeps my creativity from coming out. More writey, less thinking.

That business out of the way, I regret not producing anything for Porn Battle. I had about 500 words down but it was the last night, hours left on the deadline, I was dead tired and it was my first real attempt at writing fic for public consumption in over a year and I just wasn't feeling it. I came to the realization that really I should have the ideas ready before PB starts, it just creeps up on me every damn year. Especially now that it's only once a year.

Also I'm probably reading way too much, cuts into my writing time badly. I was able to shut it down during Nanowrimo but now not so much.  That brings me to a frustrating moment I had this weekend while reading a fic. That moment when you are reading a great fic that you are enjoying for being original and unique but then the latest chapter out comes all the tropes/cliches that the fandom is filled with.

In this case, Harry Potter. A soul bond resulting in mind speak, instant marriage, married rooms at Hogwarts, instant adulthood and the arrival of a huge inheritance/lordship for Harry via Gringotts.  All in one chapter. Sigh.
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Why do so many sites make it so difficult to make web pages look good?

More places should look at tumblr because of its wide selection of themes and then letting users make their own and have it offered. I hadn't even realized there were so many options before this weekend, I usually just pick one of the featured templates but so much more there.

And now that I have a much more refined knowledge on html/css I can tweak things to my liking.  Anyway, this all came about because I decided to do a much needed overhaul of my lj design, and I was just disappointed by the lack of resources for customization, especially compared to Tumblr.

Of course this probably has more to do with LJ & DW being older designs but I spent way too much time just searching for flexible templates to alter for my liking. Thankfully I found one that gives me the ability to have a two column design and a header without much fuss. Probably the last design I'll use here on LJ unless they have some vast system improvement because it will be easy for me to customize the colors and change the header for whatever theme I want.  Which at the moment is Glee-ified because that show owns me right now.

I found myself going over so many lines of html that after fixing my LJ I only halfheartedly started on my DW page. I'll probably save that for the next weekend. It just kills me that changing my tumblr theme took .. maybe 10 mins... while all this takes hours upon hours.

Which reminds me, did LJ get rid of the automatic uploading of mood themes? The link I had bookmarked has since been deleted so I had to put all that in manually which took forever.
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I started noticing over the last week that I think my honeymoon period with Tumblr is about over.  I'm just not getting enough interaction to want me to keep working at it.  Maybe I don't know how to tumble right, maybe I'm a boring person as displayed by my posts here, maybe I don't have the energy to properly participate on there.  I still lurk and enjoy liking posts but there's not much else to do.  And when most of my original posts, especially on my blog's tumblr is just finding art on DeviantArt and posting it there, I don't know it feels ... unsatisfying.  I feel like reducing my time there to just liking and occasionally posting and focusing more on posting here more regularly, my blog & writing.

Got the Tangled Blu-Ray and I just love that movie so much.  When a movie like that can't even get a best animated oscar nod, that is why I really don't care about award shows.  The neat thing is that it's the 50th Disney animated feature film and the special feature that has a countdown of all 50 films.  All I can think is how much I enjoyed this movie compared to How to Train Your Dragon or Toy Story 3, both that I loved as well but Tangled is just on a whole other level of fun for me.  How Tangled couldn't even win best original song against a Toy Story 3 song that I argue was not as good as songs from the first two Toy Story films.

If you follow me on Twitter you will know that I went to the Disney store last week.  I bought some mugs that were on clearance (love mugs, wish that Superman mug Chloe had on Smallville last season existed) but my best find at the store was this gigantic Bolt plush that was 60% off. He's so huggably soft. 
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... And I will most likely be attending on Sunday.  That is the day pass I have and with having to make the two hour plus drive down to San Diego, I'll probably be leaving around 4am to get in line ASAP.  This will be my first time in SDCC and I am ready to be overwhelmed, haven't been to a con in over two years (thanks to WWLA being cancelled) but should everything go well and I make it down there I'll be sure to take my camera and hopefully make my one goal of attending the Smallville panel which will be insane as always.  Then I'll be searching the con floor for deals and famous faces.

Over on Tumblr, I've been doing the overdue task of going through all the favorites I've made over the months and saving the ones that I think are brilliant because there are some great art/images/comic pages that are shared on there.  It's an agonizing process because I have around 1,400 faves and for some reason my Mac doesn't always save files at their right sizes so I tend to have to re-save some files multiple times until it shows the right file size. (BTW besides my personal tumblr that I use to post videos & images I want to share on Twitter, I've created a new tumblr full of picspam goodness connected to my new blog project).

And while going through my Tumblr faves I stumbled upon some pages of Spider-man: Blue (which I really need a copy to own) and it got me thinking, what happened to Captain America: White? Does anyone remember that?  It was announced back at WWLA 2008 (I was in the audience) and issue #0 came out around SDCC that Summer and since then nothing. At first there was thought they wanted to bring Steve Rogers back (which they have now) and then it was they wanted it out around the movie (and that's approaching) but still nothing.  I know Loeb continues to write Hulk (which I won't touch with a ten foot pole) and was just put in charge of Marvel's direction to TV but I have not heard anything coming from Tim Sale.  It's strange.

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