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Hope everyone had a good Friday.  Thought this was a great image to share.

Planning on seeing the Avengers this weekend before tumblr spoils me. *shakes fist at tumblr*

emeraldstag: Sailor Moon's Usagi & Luna (sci-fi)

Here's my November desktop, it's a drawing of Princess Leia in her Jabba's Palace days in Return of the Jedi. If I remember correctly this was done by Darwyn Cooke, who if you don't know is a really great comic artist and worked on BTAS & STAS back in the day.

P.S. How the hell did I only make one post in November? I feel like there's never enough time to write, even though I visit LJ daily to see what's new. A post every day will be my mantra, hopefully I will stick to it. I do wish there was a way to like posts on LJ like you can on Tumblr, that way people would know I'm interested in what they're writing even if I don't comment every time.

P.P.S. Those interested in my writing ... I will be ramping back up this month. Expect an HGF update by Christmas (worst case scenario).
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I am eagerly anticipating the release of Star Wars the Complete Saga on Blu-Ray on Friday? (What is with these releases on Friday lately? Feels like it is something that just started this year.) And well, with the news that there were some new tweaks to the series, it got me thinking about what I would like to see fixed and at the moment I can only really think of one jarring scene.

And that would be the re-included scene of Han Solo and Jabba in A New Hope. Of course when it was filmed in the 70s Jabba was not yet a slug and as a result there is that awkward moment where they have Han unevenly walking around Jabba by stepping on his tail. It's weird. I always thought they should go ahead and reshoot it from wider angles and maybe have a stand-in for Han Solo and intersplice with the closeups they had, but it wasn't practical.

Then came Tron: Legacy and Jeff Bridges playing his younger self, that came out pretty well. Not perfect and there was a little of the uncanny valley effect but I think it would be an interesting technique to use to fix my problem with the scene. Being able to bring back Harrison Ford to play the same role, and to redo the scene with this time keeping in mind Jabba's form, and making it a much smoother moment would be so cool.

P.S. Amazon has the set for $79. SO TEMPTING.

P.P.S. Have you seen this skit of Harrison Ford on Jimmy Kimmel? Loved it!

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Since I've started ranting weekly about specific comic book issues this monthly wrap-up has become more commentary than outright reviews about the issues. Less spoilery.

September's Best - 5 DC, the Rest 0 - DC Fanaticism Going Strong )
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Not something I'm reading but wanted to comment on ComicBookResources continued shilling for Quesada, in particular his current "explanation" for the horrid OMIT. It's been what 3 years since One More Day? Outside of an issue or two around the time of Anti-Venom and American Son storylines I have not touched main Spider-Man comics since and I continue to not probably for the rest of the time this status quo exists (or I do not care anymore). It has not been hard to hear what has been going on in that universe though and I still argue that nothing that has been done in the book since OMD would have been much different had Peter continued to be married.

Does anyone even listen to Quesada with his inane reasoning and explanations behind why it needed to be done? If a marriage makes the character impossible to write, I think that's the writer's fault more than the character's. STOP RETREADING STORIES OF YOUR CHILDHOOD. Have people seen what Marvel has done to Angelica Jones and deyoungifying her as well so much that she's now able to be part of the "Young Allies" a group of late teen superheroes? All her peers are now older than her. >_<

The only reason I'm still reading Wonder Woman is to support the character. JMS could not be writing a less interesting story and I'm already tired of Diana's new outfit. These writers forget that Diana is a SUPERHERO, and should be fighting villains and interacting with the DC Universe in every issue instead they try to write these sprawling epics that take several issues to come together and it's not fun because in the end you still don't care about whoever is in conflict with Diana. YOU'RE NOT WRITING A BOOK, THIS IS A COMIC BOOK.

Every Star Wars fan should be reading Star Wars: Blood Ties. That book is fantastic, the art is great and the story continues to be revealed as this interweaving tale between Jango Fett, Boba Fett and the mysterious (to Boba) man with a bounty on him.

Is it a coincidence that my favorite issue of Gotham City Sirens was this week and it wasn't written by Paul Dini? I don't think so. It's never felt like he's truly been into the series (as evident by the exciting quality of his Zatanna work), and the art was better in this issue than in most of the Sirens issues. Best thing was how the book involved other women from the Bat Universe in this issue having Zatanna and Talia turn up to complicate things as they all do not get along at all.
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A whole month of 2010 has come and gone and I can't believe it. I seem to say that at the beginning of every month, now that I pay attention to the beginning and endings of months, they seem to go by a lot faster than I'd like.

First up is something new I'm adding to the first of the month posts because I sometimes get behind in making journal entries in a timely manner, I'd like to send birthday wishes to everyone publicly celebrating birthdays in February: [livejournal.com profile] autumnrae89 (3rd), [livejournal.com profile] htbthomas (17th) & [livejournal.com profile] roguecatwoman (22nd). I hope each of you have a very Happy Birthday this month and I'm sure I'll say it again to you on that day. :)

Another new feature to this post would be my writing total update. I put a goal of 10k words written a month. I came up fairly shot, but I am proud of how much I actually did end up writing. WRITING TOTAL: 5,091 words (4,678 posted - the two Harry/Hermione Porn Battle Prompts I filled, 413 unposted - the starting of Naboo's Champion CH1 & His Girl Friday CH3)

Now for a regular, my macbook desktop wallpaper for January. It's a return to a Smallville theme for the first time since last March with Chloe (from I think S2). It helped fill that gap while Smallville was on hiatus and a constant reminder that His Girl Friday is awaiting its' next chapter.

Unfortunately my Naruto calendar's focus for February is Sasuke, one of the few characters I really dislike in the series. (I'll add in a photo of it when I have time tomorrow.)

And like last month's entry, I wanted to leave on a mention that I did in fact post a new batch of DC & Marvel icons over at [livejournal.com profile] capes_and_cowls just a few days ago. As well as the splash page wallpapers I said I'd start posting for members whenever I come across one.
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TITLE: Lasting Impression
FANDOM: Star Wars
CHARACTERS: Luke Skywalker, Mara Jade
PAIRINGS: Luke Skywalker/Mara Jade
WORDS: 970
SUMMARY: The night before the trip to the Sarlacc Pit, Luke gets a visitor with a hidden agenda. AU
STORY NOTES: Catching up for lost time aren't I? Written for the rambunctious (and fellow Star Wars fan) [livejournal.com profile] sephygirl's birthday back in August (31st). A chance to write in this fandom with my favorite pairing in it as well? How could I have not been eagerly anticipating the time when I would actually write it. Hope you enjoy the final result!

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