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So a week ago I got an email on my fandom account from photobucket telling me that I was nearing my bandwidth limit and I was like, that's a little weird but I guess that would happen now and then since I did use the account to make tons of graphics for my community when I was active in that and just went eh, the month is almost over and moved on.

And then came today where I got the email stating I had exceeded the limit and my images were now blocked for the rest of the period.  Now this made no sense since I honestly have only used it for my monthly wallpaper post and the images for my new redesigned lj layout/mood theme.

It led me to investigate the tools tab that I've always ignored and on that page was a stats button that I pressed. What do i find out?  Apparently on the 22nd (the day I got my email, there was like a gigantic percentage spike on two of my Smallville top 10 moments collage that combined were over 10k views on that day.  It tapered off over the next few days but the heavy traffic of those two images killed my account.

And how did this happen?   .. Well on the handy total views from these sites box the perpetrator was some idiot on comicbookmovie.com  Of course I scoured the site for posts on the 22nd that was the cause but came up dry. But this doesn't change how frustrating this situation is.  I blame my organizing habits for titling my images on photobucket - something I will stop doing now.

But the most annoying part is apparently your month window is determined by when you registered AND WHEN DID I REGISTER? ON THE 22ND of some month 6 years ago.. so i'm basically unable to link things from that account for another 3+ weeks. So the hotlinker literally screwed me on the 1st day of the new month bandwidth window.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRG. (Thank you for tolerating that rage ramble lol. Rant aside - can freebies use LJ's scrapbook thingy? Does DW have an image thing?)
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On my PC for May in honor of The Avengers release was Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow in Iron Man 2.

Over on my MAC was art of The Rocketeer, one of my favorite characters growing up because of the 1991 movie.
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Why do so many sites make it so difficult to make web pages look good?

More places should look at tumblr because of its wide selection of themes and then letting users make their own and have it offered. I hadn't even realized there were so many options before this weekend, I usually just pick one of the featured templates but so much more there.

And now that I have a much more refined knowledge on html/css I can tweak things to my liking.  Anyway, this all came about because I decided to do a much needed overhaul of my lj design, and I was just disappointed by the lack of resources for customization, especially compared to Tumblr.

Of course this probably has more to do with LJ & DW being older designs but I spent way too much time just searching for flexible templates to alter for my liking. Thankfully I found one that gives me the ability to have a two column design and a header without much fuss. Probably the last design I'll use here on LJ unless they have some vast system improvement because it will be easy for me to customize the colors and change the header for whatever theme I want.  Which at the moment is Glee-ified because that show owns me right now.

I found myself going over so many lines of html that after fixing my LJ I only halfheartedly started on my DW page. I'll probably save that for the next weekend. It just kills me that changing my tumblr theme took .. maybe 10 mins... while all this takes hours upon hours.

Which reminds me, did LJ get rid of the automatic uploading of mood themes? The link I had bookmarked has since been deleted so I had to put all that in manually which took forever.
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One of my desktops from April:

This was a kick-ass Stephanie Brown Batgirl cosplay done by one of the dangerousladies girls( I believe Jenn who also does a great Supergirl) who do some awesome cosplay.

I didn't do it this month but as I was changing wallpapers for May I got to thinking about uploading a folder that would just contain all the wallpapers I use (or their original images aka before i resize/crop for my dimensions) for anyone to dl if they are interested.
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New month means my monthly ritual of randomly selecting images I've saved on my hard drive to spruce up the desktops of my computer. Here's what I had on my screen in March:

On my PC main screen was a Po/Tigress hug from Kung Fu Panda 2. An OTP that blindsided me.

On my MBP screen was a Chloe/Clark aftermath moment from Season 3 'Magnetic' where they kiss to distract the doctor from the real reason they were in the office.
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A) It does look like Dreamwidth has increased with content since I last searched through it. Might be a great companion to LJ, just need to go spelunking for communities.

B) In desperate need to change my icons on here. Almost makes a person want to make their own again. ALMOST.

C) I'm all set for Mass Effect 3 coming out next month:

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Since it's nearly the end of the month I just realized since moving back over to a PC as my everyday computer after Christmas I had not continued to share my desktop wallpapers over the months. Which I shall do now. Since I use two monitors regularly, I go with the theme of a group shot on the bigger TV and a solo shot on the main monitor. I'll interchange every month to highlight my favorite of the two. If you want the wallpaper let me know. :)

December was Clark/Chloe from Smallville Season 1.

January was Yoko from Gurren Lagann.

And this month's is Morgana Pendragon from Merlin.
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Here's my November desktop, it's a drawing of Princess Leia in her Jabba's Palace days in Return of the Jedi. If I remember correctly this was done by Darwyn Cooke, who if you don't know is a really great comic artist and worked on BTAS & STAS back in the day.

P.S. How the hell did I only make one post in November? I feel like there's never enough time to write, even though I visit LJ daily to see what's new. A post every day will be my mantra, hopefully I will stick to it. I do wish there was a way to like posts on LJ like you can on Tumblr, that way people would know I'm interested in what they're writing even if I don't comment every time.

P.P.S. Those interested in my writing ... I will be ramping back up this month. Expect an HGF update by Christmas (worst case scenario).
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Here's my wallpaper last month. It's from S10 of Smallville, "Harvest", which I thought was pretty appropriate for October.
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It's been forever since posted my desktop and I wanted to get back to that. Chloe from Season 4 ("Pariah" to be exact) of Smallville was my September wallpaper and I thought it was worth sharing since through my picking literally every screen I have for this month is covered in Smallville/Lois Lane.

Speaking of Smallville, the show is actually on syndication for the first time in years! It was on ABCFamily briefly in 2009 i think and then nothing till this month where it started on TNT weekdays at 12 EST. Of course they are starting with S8 so it feels like they'll probably only be showcasing the latter 3 seasons, the post M/G years.

I also went to get back into being active here on LJ and maybe using it as a personal blog again because while I have been drawn away by the quick and easy of twitter & tumblr and posting on my review blog that i've felt like this has gotten reduced to what i'm watching and my writing, which is probably a reflection of myself but some of my friends I'm only connected to on here and i want to interact more with them. I tried the email route a few years back and that didn't go over well lol so i'll be here definitely.

Might do some videos too, I already have my Sorcerer's Stone comment video from July but it still needs to be edited thus why I never got to it. (I talked for like 15+ min and cleaning it up to under 5 if i can lol).

And that leaves my writing. I'm learning that the older I get the more I have to organize my time and compartmentalize my goals to fit with the hustle and bustle of life. I've set aside a planned amount of time to put towards His Girl Friday and any other fic ideas and hopefully that will make for a more productive release schedule. During the week I tend to be too busy/tired to commit myself fully but I did come up with an idea that will hopefully keep my creative side from becoming stagnant and that is "Drabble Dice". Basically I've set up my fandoms and some options and I'll roll some dice and come up with different ideas/prompts so that I can write a short drabble every day. That's the plan anyway. Either way this should be a much busier journal starting this month.
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 Today happens to be the birthday of one of my dearest friends (♥) and I promised I would spam her internets with birthday wishes, so I thought it would be only appropriate to mark the occasion with this:

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The month is almost over and I hadn't done a new month post yet! Inconceivable! Above was my desktop for June to go with the release of the new Green Lantern movie (which I still haven't seen) but anyway this one person I think on DeviantArt made a bunch of these lantern wallpapers with all of the colors and their mottos on it and they all are pretty cool.

On the writing front (and the main reason I actually made this post) is that it's that time of year again, PORN BATTLE XII is in progress! This week (through Friday) is prompt submission time and then the entries start getting posted on Sunday July 31 - Sunday Aug 7. I've been writing sporadically over the last two months (mostly whenever [livejournal.com profile] htbthomas needs a writing buddy) but I do try to participate in PB every time it comes around so I hope especially with a lighter month of work ahead of me that PB kicks off a very productive few weeks of writing for me. Several stories are crying for updates and I hear them!
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That Power Girl art was my desktop wallpaper in May! It's been awhile since I last had something comic related on my main desktop and this PG art I found either on DA originally or through Tumblr first but it's a great piece and my wall is only a bit of it. PG is one of my favorite underused comic book characters and I absolutely loved Palmiotti, Gray and Amanda Conner's run of her solo title. I can't stand Winick's alterations despite the pretty art and have stayed on only for the Basri art.

I promise May is my last dry writing month for awhile. This summer I'm going to be doubling down and that includes writing some fic. This summer's porn battle is a little later than usual coming in early August, so that gives me two good months to concentrate on some of my current ideas before I write some purely smut pieces for that gathering. WRITING TOTAL: 0 words

It's June and that means ... IT'S MY BIRTHDAY MONTH. WOO. I honestly don't know how this came so quickly. Using TV as a time reference since it's a solid part of my daily life, I can practically remember early episodes from this last season airing in October that feel like they were on just a few weeks or so ago instead of 8 months ago. But I do not remember much if anything about my birthday last year and what surrounded it so maybe it has been a year already. Anyway, I am not alone in having a birthday this month and I share it with: [livejournal.com profile] boywonder_iii (2nd), [livejournal.com profile] athena606 (6th) & [livejournal.com profile] copper_season (16th). Hope you all have as fantastic time celebrating your birthday as I hope to do. ♥

One of the reasons I love twitter is how many different directions my interest can take in a given month and my FollowFriday tweet for this month is a perfect example of this because about 80% of the people I was most active with are different from last month and that happens more often than not and something I've noticed since I started posting this on here.
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The last Smallville picspam post for the foreseeable future. It's been fun throwing together these images to capture scenes. Here's my favorite Smallville Kiss Moments.

My 10 Favorite Smallville Kisses )
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On a roll with these picspam posts. Here's my favorite Clark saves from Smallville.

My 10 Most Memorable Clark Saves in Smallville )
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Next Smallville picspam post. Here's 10 memorable superpower moments from the show.

My 10 Most Memorable Superpower Moments in Smallville )
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To celebrate the series finale I thought up a series of top 10 lists. Last week's Blogger downtime kept me from getting to this until now and my lack of making animated gifs turned this into a picspam that I had a lot more fun doing anyway (thanks for the idea [livejournal.com profile] indefiance!). Here's my top 10 best episodes of Smallville. Enjoy!

My 10 Favorite Episodes of Smallville )
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Prepping for the end of Smallville and I almost forgot to make a new month post for May. Above was my Mac's wallpaper for April, I usually try to stay away from close up shots because it almost feels like the person is staring back at you but I had not had a Superman related background since September and over a year since the last Smallville related image. Saying all that it would probably have worked for this month to celebrate the finale but I can't believe I forgot to think about that I've been so content this year with using randomization for my many desktops. Anyway, this was Erica back at the Batman Begins movie premiere nearly 6 years ago. How time flies.

April was another dry writing month which is depressing but I'll admit that my work load is starting to lighten now in May and with the Smallville finale buzz still going strong in my head I am feeling very creative-oriented of late. I hope to make up for the last two months with a solid second half of May. WRITING TOTAL: 0 words

May's sole birthday baby is my fellow gem friend, [livejournal.com profile] emerald_night (12th), who's birthday was last week. I hope you had a good time and made some worthwhile memories on your birthday! :)

And what I started last month because I just find it so fascinating and I love twitter: my twitter plug for May with an informational screencap of my #FollowFriday tweet.

PS: Expect a busier week from me on here as I catch up on things. TTFN. Tah Tah For Now!
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Above was my PC's wallpaper for February, a crossover I'm sure many comic fans would like to see given the similarities of the two. From my recollection it was drawn by Terry Dodson (looks like his style anyway).

February was much busier than January and as a result I did not get much writing done the latter half of the month. I have outlined the next 3 chapters of His Girl Friday, and started dusting off Great Power, Great Responsibility & Great Love. WRITING TOTAL: 5,281 words (2,784 in H/HR PB XI Submission "Not According to Plan"; 2,497 in CHLARK PB XI Submission "Left Behind")

Shout out to the March birthday babes: [livejournal.com profile] calamityjamie (15th) & [livejournal.com profile] axolotl_lan (25th). Have awesome birthdays this year! ♥

PS: Just posted last night a wallpaper post for the members of my community, [livejournal.com profile] capes_and_cowls.

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