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We're quickly stepping into the fall season of TV so I thought I'd leave some quick thoughts on my summer TV shows that have already or are coming to an end sometime this month.

White Collar, Covert Affairs, Rizzoli and Isles, Sherlock, The Glades, Psych, Warehouse 13 )
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All of these new shows/summer shows are flooding my TV watching time.  I've even tried to resist some of these shows and it's impossible for me not to watch.  Like Covert Affairs, I wasn't planning on watching but the preview was awfully tempting, the music they tied with it is catchy, and then watching the pilot I couldn't help but have fun.  It's definitely show that you have to let go of reality a bit, but I think a critic labeled it correctly as "Escapist Fun".

I've also been following Allison Scagliotti on Twitter ever since she showed up on Smallville as part of the Wonder Twins and as a result learned that she was on a Syfy show called Warehouse 13.  Since then i'd been meaning to watch the show and when the S2 premiere arrived two weeks ago I decided that was a great jump on point.  So far it's been an interesting show and I don't feel like I've lost much by not seeing the first season.  The problem comes with the fact that it's on a Tuesday (just like Covert Affairs) and now I find myself with a night filled with 4 hour long (dramas?) to watch: Warehouse 13, Covert Affairs, NCIS & White Collar.

The other show that's sucking me in is Rizzoli & Isles on TNT which is pretty much like the other hour long detective/criminal investigation/procedural shows but focusing around one detective & one medical examiner and their friendship.  At this point I'm watching so many damn shows like this type that I try to stay away but one way or another a show ends up in the background distracting me from doing anything productive.

And I still haven't had a chance to catch up on anything ------ WAIT NOT TRUE!!!   I've been watching Season 1 of Avatar the Last Airbender.  I only have two episodes left until it's done and I absolutely adore the show like I knew I would.  I'll have to keep a lookout for deals on the next two season sets and I'll write up some thoughts on the show like how surprised I am with the shippyness of the show so early on its life.
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Day 03 → Your favourite new show (aired this tv season).

A show that pulled me in due to the casting of Matthew Bomer (Chuck's Bryce Larken) in the lead role of Neal Caffrey. Then the procedural aspects of the show pulled me in, followed by the overall plot of Neal trying to reunite with Kate, the involvement of Garrett Fowler and Peter's unique position of balancing between both sides to keep Neal in check. I'm eagerly awaiting it's return this summer after the explosive cliffhanger finale the show left on. I always say that a good show needs a charismatic lead and I think Matthew Bomer fills that role well. I wish he was free to show back up on Chuck, but if he can't, I'm glad the role he has now is just as entertaining.

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