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When the show went on its mid-season hiatus last year, I stopped watching. Despite the stellar, heartwrenching twist of a cliffhanger involving Sophia, I was aware of so much complaining about the pace and direction of the show that I just didn't have it in me to keep watching. I didn't have the same enthusiasm so I took a break.

Quicker than I realized S3 came around and of course being a Dish Network subscriber, that was during the time of the AMC kerfuffle and without the ease of access to the show I really didn't see a reason to catch back up. But seeing friends continue to watch and enjoy the show for the most part kept coming back to me and when S3 went on its mid-season break, I decided to start watching again to try to catch up. Now I know I'm not going fast enough to make it before the end of the season but I did finally finish S2 a few weekends ago and had some thoughts to share.

S2 Second Half Spoilers )
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 First on the reading front, I was answered on Tumblr that Ao3 does have a subscription feature that is an update alert system like fanfiction.net. Setting it up was easy but did make me realize I was only following one ongoing on Ao3. Most things I've read there have been one-shots/drabbles.

It would be nice of LJ/DW to have a tag tracking feature but maybe I am old school in this thought as the majority of fics I read in my fandoms are not on either of these two platforms. Maybe i'm still living in the past in looking here for things to read.


The one annoying thing about reading is you're never guaranteed of a good story every time and sometimes when you're looking for that pleasant distraction you only get more misery for company. Two stories updated and they both ended with heavy relationship drama cliffhangers leaving things in not great situations and that was horrible to read at the time. lol.


On the writing front, there is a The Walking Dead story that is itching me to be written. I've been watching the second half of S2 that I never did see and there is just something I've always been left wanting between Rick & Shane, with Lori and the baby mess. Outside of that moment in the first season that flashed back to when Rick got shot, we never really got to see them not at odds or without tension. I never thought the show would entice me to write but here we are with me thinking about it. I have a few ideas ahead of it but I might use it as a cleanser to take breaks on between stories.

Outside of that I have a chapter for an old story written but it needs to be edited and I am holding myself to having multiple chapters written before I start publishing again so that might be in the hole for awhile. I have at least two pressing story ideas ahead of it but I do hope to pick things up in this area by the end of the month.

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The Walking Dead is AMAZING. And already halfway done with season 1.  This feels like the BBC shows Merlin or Sherlock where they are here and gone just as quickly.  I almost don't want to read the comic so that I can keep enjoying the show so much.

On that note, I haven't said much of Merlin lately since I fell behind, but i am catching up and S3 so far outside of the Morgana being evil storyline has been FANTASTIC.  I'm a little sad now that Morgana's evil has gone from just wanting Uther dead to putting her friends in harms way. =[ I do admit that this hate tension between Morgana and Merlin, I need to have it either climax in hatesex between the two or an epic magic confrontation where Merlin reveals his powers. I think we all know which one is more likely. XD

Nikita is such a fun, exciting show and is easily the favorite to replace Smallville next season as my top CW show to watch. The main characters were perfectly casted and it's good to see Shane West again - always liked his role in that sad movie 'A Walk to Remember'.

I just love Blue Bloods on CBS Friday Nights. The cast: Donnie Wahlberg, Tom Selleck, Bridget Moynahan is great on the screen. And I actually enjoy it more than the other new CBS show I'm watching Hawaii Five-O. I hope it sticks around past this season, unfortunately the shows it is paired with on that night (Medium, CSI: NY) seem to be nearing the end of their runs.

P.S: Psych is back and STILL AMAZING. Cary Elwes was a great guest star for the winter premiere.

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I know that the Walking Dead TV show is premiering next weekend (I think) and while I am looking forward to checking it out I have never read the comic it was based on.

That said, I saw some promotional photos recently and I was surprised by how graphic the scene was as I was expecting the content to be toned down for TV.

That had me wondering about AMC and whether that level of gore should be expected to continue throughout the run of the show. I know that there are several hit shows on AMC like Mad Men and Breaking Bad but I haven't had a chance to watch either and this leaves me in the dark in terms of what content gets through on these shows.

Either way I'll at least be watching the premiere like everyone else.

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