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When the show went on its mid-season hiatus last year, I stopped watching. Despite the stellar, heartwrenching twist of a cliffhanger involving Sophia, I was aware of so much complaining about the pace and direction of the show that I just didn't have it in me to keep watching. I didn't have the same enthusiasm so I took a break.

Quicker than I realized S3 came around and of course being a Dish Network subscriber, that was during the time of the AMC kerfuffle and without the ease of access to the show I really didn't see a reason to catch back up. But seeing friends continue to watch and enjoy the show for the most part kept coming back to me and when S3 went on its mid-season break, I decided to start watching again to try to catch up. Now I know I'm not going fast enough to make it before the end of the season but I did finally finish S2 a few weekends ago and had some thoughts to share.

Nebraska - It's funny seeing this episode now a year later and realizing that one of the dudes that Rick takes care of in the bar apparently has/had a role in Once Upon a Time (another show I'm way behind on) recently. I keep seeing gif sets of the actor on OUAT on tumblr and in my head I keep saying "Hey the guy Rick shot!"

Triggerfinger - I can sort of see why Andrea gets pulled into Shane's orbit a bit by that lil part of good still in him that's slowly getting buried by the madness/jealousy. He sometimes does things that are right (making the group face the zombies in the barn) but in the wrong way (rampaging and busting the doors open to let the zombies loose). Also the ending was crazy and I took it as Lori trying to convince Rick to kill Shane.

18 Miles Out - This episode was the one that sparked in my head a story idea involving the Rick/Shane/Lori triangle. The conversation between Rick and Shane while they were driving out with Randall. Their friendship is something that we never really got to see the good times of outside of that flashback bit in the pilot when Rick got shot. Ever since waking up in this walker-filled world, their relationship has been tense and strained, and I almost wish there had been a short time where things were good between them. But maybe I'm alone in that. Also again, Andrea seems suited for Shane with her handling of Beth. Maybe the right idea to have the girl realize she wants to live but not the best way.

Judge, Jury, Executioner - You know, with this episode I started siding with Shane in regards to Randall, seems like a real slimy character, much like the other guys they've encountered despite what he might say against that. This episode also renewed my why wasn't Carl the kid that was killed instead with his less than smart actions with both Carol and the walker. This episode also had me start to lose my faith in Rick as a leader, going back on his decisions/waffling, it was easy to see why someone who is so close to the edge like Shane was losing his patience. And of course by the end of the episode I was ready to mock Dale for his naive look on life in this new world and the show has to go about and take him out in that crazy fashion with the same walker Carl was messing around with earlier. Touché Kirkman.

Better Angels - The conversation between Lori and Shane also spurred on my earlier fic thoughts. It would be a short story and I still might write it. Especially since Shane seemed to make an effort what with telling Rick about Carl and the gun. And Rick's reaction/preference really didn't help his case with me in regards to his leadership/parenting. Seems to be struggling as the show goes on. And then seeing Rick have to kill his best friend, torturous. Helps me understand some of what I hear Rick is going through in the latest season, with everything he is dealing with. Still don't get how Shane turned into a walker without being touched by one. Apparently that is part of the mythos, and apparently something the CDC guy said in the first season that I don't remember too well. (At least that's what Rick says next episode)

Beside the Dying Fire - Poor Patricia and Jimmy. You can't say the show doesn't keep up the realism on how fragile life is in a world with walkers and always being vulnerable. Beth screaming hysterically while they munched on Patricia who had a grip on her was crazy. It was full circle and a bit sad to have the remaining group meet back up at the highway. All i could think about was the walker herd that had walked through there at the beginning of the season and run off poor Sophia. Her death is still the most cruel/impactful to me as a viewer even if it happened offscreen. When she came out of that barn as a walker, that pit in your stomach.. UGH. And I will say that Rick at the end, Badass Rick, was a wonderful sight to see after a season of waffling and indecision. Having to kill his best friend, having his wife flinch away from him after finding out seems to have finally pushed him into that not taking shit from anyone anymore mode. I'm really interested to see how they take him into S3, now that this isn't a democracy anymore. Great line. And a great ending. This show has cliffhanger/hiatuses down like a science. Midseason it was walker!Sophia, and Rick taking her out, and now it was badass Rick laying down the law with sneak peeks at Michonne and the prison.

Really hope to start watching S3 this week and catch up by the show's finale. Excited about the show again.
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