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 This month I'm trying to take advantage of my free time by assigning myself some fun entertainment challenges to accomplish on a daily basis so I don't just waste away that time with just watching reruns or zoning out on tumblr/fanfic. Two challenges in my head, both created from the fact that I feel like I've fallen behind in both of these areas and I miss doing them. Pushing myself to meet goals is usually when I'm at my most productive, so I'll be interested to see if that works for funsies stuff too.

The first is a reading challenge. You see, I feel like my book reading time has suffered in recent years in favor of online material with the ease of access from my phone. Between articles, fan works & social media updates I probably read more words now on a daily basis than ever before. Yet books are not really a part of it.
But it would be nice to add more published work to my reading list that isn’t limited to comic panels. So starting this month I am challenging myself to reading at least one chapter a day from one of the many unread books I own in the hopes that like many of the other lifestyle changes I’ve made over the last year it will eventually become a habit. I also feel like because of my fanfic reading tendencies, I've been reading a lot of badly written stuff that it might be good to mix in some at least smartly edited material to remind me of good writing habits as well lol.

And the other challenge I’m giving myself this month is to jump back into anime after a really long time being out of it for the most part. I was a pretty enthusiastic budding otaku right out of high school and made some poor buying decisions during that time (stupid vol 1 + art box deals) but that’s neither here or there.
Anyway being on tumblr has kept anime on my periphery for awhile now, reminding me that I once was more familiar with the properties and i finally decided to go ahead and subject myself to the deluge once again starting with the last year i remember watching shows from. That is probably crazy to start with such a backlog but I’m weird like that sometimes when it comes to being a completist.
So the plan is to try one show a day time permitting, at least 3 episodes which is about 1 hour and make my way through the long list and see what i missed and what is worth watching. I’ll either blog on my tumblr or tweet my thoughts. Probably at the end of the week or month I'll throw up an overview here on DW/LJ. Hopefully this will be fun and something I can keep up on.
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 Yes, I am still alive. And I decided when it hit July that I'd go ahead and reread the entire Harry Potter series for the rest of the summer. Seems only appropriate with the final movie releasing this month, and it being four years since I read Deathly Hallows and the last time I had reread the entire series.

It's taking me a little longer to read than I used to, but that's because I've found it more entertaining for myself to read aloud and do voices for the characters and that's plenty slower than silently reading.  I'm almost done with Sorcerer's Stone and hope to be at least done with Prisoner of Azkaban by the time Deathly Hallows 2 comes out next week.

I'm really excited with all the Potterness this summer feels so expect more ahead. I have even been toying with doing short videos after I finish each book to talk about what parts I had forgot about that were unique to the book and something like that.
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I've noticed lately that it has becoming more difficult for me to find fanfics that I'm interested in reading.  It's most likely because I'm pretty slow to jump fullboard onto fandoms these days since I'm already so invested in several and those all have been around for awhile and don't have the same excited activity that new fandoms have where fic and other creations are made on a frequent basis.

The good news with this is that it only encourages me to write more to create stories I'm interested in, and the newer good part is now I'm starting to open back up to reading actual published fiction that isn't just Harry Potter or Star Wars themed (the only books I've read for fun these past few years).

I have the first few volumes of the Sword of Truth series that I'd like to get into now that Legend of the Seeker is gone, and I have the other volumes of the His Dark Materials series since the movie adaptations were stupidly stopped after Golden Compass.  And that's not even mentioning the A Song of Ice and Fire series that I'd like to start before the HBO series starts up next year.

Basically, more time to read books and more time to write. Yay.
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I forget where I read it, but some fantastic author had made the days of the week into a different form, with Moonday, Sunday, Starday, amongst others. That explains most of the title. Going to Disneyland on Friday and needing the weekend to recover explains my lack of presence here. I still need at least another day to get a post together for Disneyland. I've put some photos on my twitter today but different ones will be here and facebook eventually.

I wanted to talk about Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief after seeing it last night on Blu-Ray. It's not bad but the changes they made are drastic enough that it feels like they weren't expecting to make a franchise out of the film to parallel the book series. It reminds me a lot of the Eragon movie, the material is changed to make an entertaining film but the changes make it impossible to continue and disenchant book fans from the films which to me makes it obvious to respect the source material. But here we are. I was expecting since Chris Columbus was the director that the film would be very loyal to the book but I wonder if the negative criticism he got for being too exact with the Harry Potter films that he lashed in this direction of tweaking things here and there. I compare it to if the Harry Potter films started with Cuaron's Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban, the changes are jarring and major pieces of the lore is left out but the movie is thematic and entertaining - just a terrible adaptation of the book. And it shows that part is important because Prisoner of Azkaban is the least successful Potter movie in the box office. Had it been the first, there might not have been a complete series of films made especially in the current state of the industry.

I think this is a genuine fear that faithful adaptations are going to be rare and even adaptations in general, The Golden Compass was a great production was successful in theatres and the studios shut down productions on future films on the other books. The Chronicles of Narnia adaptations barely are getting the third film made, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader after another studio picked it up and I have big doubt there will be a fourth film.

Talking Percy Jackson, not technically spoiler-filled but cut for length )


May. 20th, 2009 12:57 pm
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I'm currently in a writing funk, and with how little time I have to put towards writing in the first place - it doesn't help that I can't take advantage of the time when it comes around.  Doesn't stop me from getting ideas though, the new Star Trek movie even made me think of a story for that fandom as well. Unfortunately writing dialogue and narration is happening at a snail's pace at the moment, I'm hoping doing a blog entry will help.

That being said. I have a dreamwidth account now that I cross-post everything to [personal profile] emeraldstag  and like most that have one, I have a dreamwidth code to give away to create a journal there if anyone doesn't have one yet. I've already given one out, but I still have one remaining if anyone is interested. Let me know! ETA: Taken!

I recently discovered that the other books of the His Dark Materials series aren't going to be made into movies in the forseeable future due to the large budgets needed.  I find this terribly sad because I loved the first movie and you'd think they'd find a way to get a loan to support the movie series after the Golden Compass did so well.  Looks like I'll have to end up reading the books on my shelf to get the whole story.  The second movie was supposed to be released this year if things had stayed on track.

Apparently Smallville is moving to Friday nights next season to make way for Vampire Diaries. I have mixed feelings, as this is the third or fourth time CW/WB has moved it a day (can they stop doing that), but now that it's not going to be against Survivor and all the other top network shows on Thursday I hope it can improve the CW's Friday ratings drastically and hopefully not lose any viewers.  I don't see it gaining since it is moving to Friday but if it can keep what it has, I think that would be a victory.

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