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Hope everyone had a good Easter. I would have liked more chocolate as it is one of the few holidays where its somewhat expected to partake in sweets, and I only had a little bit this year. Skipped a family dinner this year because of all the sadness surrounding the extended family since April started so it was less of a standout day.

I still think my best piece of photography came on an Easter a few years back when I took a picture of my niece and nephew on an Easter Egg hunt. So much so that I actually have framed that photo and it is sitting on my dresser. Now that Instagram is on Android I'm hoping to take more pictures while I'm out and about. Been wanting that app for ages.

Speaking of, I just changed the rom I was using on my android phone and have now joined the few with the 4.0 OS and I LOVE IT. It totally reaffirms my confidence in the android ecosystem, the widgets that I love on my homescreens have improved and honestly rarely are there apps that are only on iOS, frustratingly usually the android version takes awhile to come if at all (like Instagram) and right now there is only one app that I'd like to try (Viggle) but that's more for curiosity than need.
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So whether we like it or not the end is coming and on Wednesday and Thursday, were the London photocall and premiere for Deathly Hallows Part 2. And it's just so interesting to see the pictures and how time has passed. 10 years. It's strange but Smallville just ended in May and now comes Harry Potter and both started in late 2001 and ending in Summer 2011. Strange how two of my fandoms line up so perfectly like that.

This was the photocall and OMG its crazy to see the kids now. If they were American actors I'm sure they'd have been snatched up for a CW show they look so great. XD

And from the premiere that was shown live on Youtube which was AMAZING. And the speeches were so emotional, I was so happy to catch that part live.

Also there were some great moments caught on video:

Here are the speeches from the end of the premiere.

And after the photocall there was also a press conference where this great question was asked for the cast to give their character's favorite line. Only wish Dan had been there to find out what his was.
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I started noticing over the last week that I think my honeymoon period with Tumblr is about over.  I'm just not getting enough interaction to want me to keep working at it.  Maybe I don't know how to tumble right, maybe I'm a boring person as displayed by my posts here, maybe I don't have the energy to properly participate on there.  I still lurk and enjoy liking posts but there's not much else to do.  And when most of my original posts, especially on my blog's tumblr is just finding art on DeviantArt and posting it there, I don't know it feels ... unsatisfying.  I feel like reducing my time there to just liking and occasionally posting and focusing more on posting here more regularly, my blog & writing.

Got the Tangled Blu-Ray and I just love that movie so much.  When a movie like that can't even get a best animated oscar nod, that is why I really don't care about award shows.  The neat thing is that it's the 50th Disney animated feature film and the special feature that has a countdown of all 50 films.  All I can think is how much I enjoyed this movie compared to How to Train Your Dragon or Toy Story 3, both that I loved as well but Tangled is just on a whole other level of fun for me.  How Tangled couldn't even win best original song against a Toy Story 3 song that I argue was not as good as songs from the first two Toy Story films.

If you follow me on Twitter you will know that I went to the Disney store last week.  I bought some mugs that were on clearance (love mugs, wish that Superman mug Chloe had on Smallville last season existed) but my best find at the store was this gigantic Bolt plush that was 60% off. He's so huggably soft. 
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 I don't think it's been properly portrayed here outside of my lack of updating lately but I've been dealing with more technology problems than I've needed in the last two weeks that were topped by a period of 4 days (Friday - Mon afternoon) where there was only a period of 4 hours (Sunday afternoon) that I was able to access my DSL internet connection.  Finally I had a breakthrough yesterday, and while the connection is fragile/shaky ... it is a connection and I think that deserves SNOOPY DANCE!


Oct. 9th, 2010 08:56 pm
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I figure if I add an S to the month I can still pretend it's September. Feels like just the other day 2010 was starting and now it's almost over. Halloween is at the end of the month and I am hoping that my costume will come together in time. D:

My September wallpaper for my macbook pro is one of my own, Clark Kent revealing his costume underneath that I made awhile back for my [livejournal.com profile] capes_and_cowls graphics community. Chose that one because Smallville's final season premiere was also in September. Something I started last month since I got a new cell phone was sharing my phone backgrounds. Figuring out the dimensions took a few tries but I did and I turned a shot from an Emma Watson photoshoot into my September background.

September was a mess for me and I didn't find any time to sit down and write. Hate that I have had so many months like that. WRITING TOTAL: 0 words

Lastly the Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose statue I ordered back in June finally arrived this week. My first collectible since last year and I wanted to share with you all. Not bad for $39.99.

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That's right, our favorite Smallville lifer is breaking out of the TV realm and finally being introduced to the original DC Universe (not counting the Smallville comics). Normally this would be the time where I would be jumping with glee and rambling on endlessly here, but I already did that on my geek blog (which I invite you to read if you want my Chloe thoughts).

I will add that since writing that I've read the first Jimmy/Chloe Action Comics backup story (which is available for free online over at Comixology). And I think while it's exciting for Chloe to be a complete part of the Superman mythos, my optimism is guarded with how the setup of comics is. Rounding out a main character is hard enough since most big two (DC/Marvel) creators feel that the pages have to billed with action more than character development and when they do develop characters most of the time it is with cliché ideas.

From the first preview it looks like Chloe is mainly playing the part of Jimmy's foil/counterpart for the most part, and with this being more about Jimmy than her I don't expect that to change. Either way, this is Chloe's foot through the door of comics and I'll take what I can get. Although I will comment on how the art has Chloe's hair looking more white than even platinum blond.
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I've started my third go-around with Mass Effect. First time on hardcore difficulty and with a Female Shepard. Also I like the original N7 armor so much I'm going to try to go as far as I can with it on Shepard. Looking to get achievements I haven't gotten and get me back into the game in preparation for this Christmas when I'll probably treat myself to Mass Effect 2. I also recently got the last DLC for ME, Pinnacle Station, which I've never played before. Here's my Fem!Shepard, I have to say it's hard to create a good looking original character but I tried my best.

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I think I talked about my plan to try to get through every video game I own from this generation and the last of consoles before I continue purchasing games only to have them sit on the shelf for a long time.  Anyway, first on my list (alphabetically) was Batman Vengeance for the PS2.  It came out in 2001 and is based off the 90's Batman the Animated Series with voices from the series like Batman, Batgirl, Harley Quinn and Joker (Mark Hamil!).  The cutscenes brought back memories of the old series and the game was separated into several episodes each with their own title page like the series.

The game was a total of 19 levels and some were extremely short, some were confusing in what you had to get done and others were just plain out right frustrating in the simplest maneuvers would take me close to an hour to get through.  I don't know how much was the control scheme and how much was the fact that my controller is not the newest and doesn't have the sharpest response as a result.  I think any fan of the BTAS series that likes video games should definitely give it a try but be ready for frustration. I'll put it this way, it's a great game that I hope never to play again.  I finished it last month. Next game on the list is Bloodrayne 2 for the PS2, I've played about an hour or two of it and damn it is VERY BLOODY.  Totally warranting the MA-17 rating.

I can't remember a time when I'm actively watching so many new seasons of TV shows.  The return of White Collar led to me trying out Covert Affairs which caused me to then catch Burn Notice and Psych AND NOW I'M WATCHING NEARLY EVERY SHOW ON THE USA NETWORK!  But clearly Psych is my new favorite show. I can't believe it took five seasons for me to give the show the chance, but I think I've changed in that time and maybe I wouldn't have enjoyed Psych back then.  I'm making sure never to watch an episode of Royal Pains just so that I don't get hooked on another show, and as for Burn Notice I have to say it seems much more like a 'on in the background' type of show for me.  I like the action and the narrating storytelling device but I've seen a handful of episodes in the last week and more often than not I'm not exactly wanting more afterward.

I've also started watching the new BBC Sherlock series.  I've only seen the first part and plan to watch last Sunday's episode shortly but it is doing just enough to keep me interested.  I did think the 'Pink' episode had some pacing problems, and at times it seemed like Holmes' keen observation skills were dulled in order to help the viewer figure out the clues at the same time of him (I'm thinking of the scene where the police are in Holmes' place and he's telling everyone to be quiet over and over).  Also has anyone noticed that they've certainly modeled the music after the Robert Downey Jr. Holmes movie, I wasn't the only person to notice that similarity when I was watching the episode and I think it's a brilliant thing to do considering the success of the film and how it gives the show a touch of the Old Holmes feel while being modern.

That did get me thinking though - does anyone remember hearing about another Holmes movie being made?  I'm not talking about the Guy Ritchie directed, RDJ starring sequel that I'm sure is on the horizon, but when the RDJ movie was being made I had heard that there was another Holmes movie in the works by a different company and there was question as to which would do better as Guy Ritchie had been in a bit of a rut box office wise with his movies.  Since the RDJ Holmes came out I have not heard a peep.

Lastly, I met my writing goal for last night!  Already in one day I wrote more than I did in July and some of the months before that.  I love when I can get in a groove and I'm looking forward to getting back to writing tonight (I think you can tell with the length of this post).  Also everything I wrote last night is for a story I've decided wasn't going anywhere and wont' be seeing the light of day anytime soon, but fear not I am absolutely excited with the idea of touching up some of the fics that I've left dormant here for the last few years and maybe completing a few (since that is a peeve of mine to leave something incomplete).  I'm going to proclaim it now, AUGUST WILL BE BEST WRITING MONTH EVER!!!
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How is it August? I'm barely processing the thoughts of enjoying my summer and back to school ads are already flooding TV.

My macbook desktop wallpaper for July was from a photoshoot with Emma Watson. It's been a slow growing crush on that girl over the last decade and now I just had her staring at me on my laptop for a month. LOL. It's been hard to adjust to a new wallpaper now I keep thinking it needs to be staring back.

This month starts my writing goal month of one thousand words a day, already because of a busy weekend I've had to delay the start until today but I'm hoping I can make it up over time (I'm feeling ambitious). Last month I didn't get any writing posted (Missed Porn Battle participation because I was so busy D:) but I did do some writing on some stories - most of it being fixing outlines and fleshing them out past a few chapters. Near the end of the month a PB prompt inspired me to get started on a one-shot that I hope to finish this month between Dick Grayson/Mary Jane Watson. WRITING TOTAL: 645 unposted.

Last month I almost feel like I neglected my journal here to post on Twitter or Tumblr and my new blog that I'm playing with but I'm going to make an effort to stay active here since many of my friends here I only have contact with through here. I have no plans to stop but since I moved my more drawn out rambles to the new blog I need to think up smaller, shorter, more interesting words to post here.

The busy July slowed down my push on icons, i'm hoping I can pick back up on those because I do have an announcement concerning icons but that will only happen if I can get through the clog of screencaps waiting to be transformed into icons.

So I'll end this post now before I ramble further with some birthday wishes to the August bunch! Quite a few friends with August birthdays (including one that has theirs today - I wonder who hmmm), so a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUG to [livejournal.com profile] indefiance (4th), [livejournal.com profile] aubreywitch (9th), [livejournal.com profile] verogeller (25th), [livejournal.com profile] matitablu (26th) & [livejournal.com profile] ironjill (31st). Make sure to have a cupcake for me on your special day! :D
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A whole month of 2010 has come and gone and I can't believe it. I seem to say that at the beginning of every month, now that I pay attention to the beginning and endings of months, they seem to go by a lot faster than I'd like.

First up is something new I'm adding to the first of the month posts because I sometimes get behind in making journal entries in a timely manner, I'd like to send birthday wishes to everyone publicly celebrating birthdays in February: [livejournal.com profile] autumnrae89 (3rd), [livejournal.com profile] htbthomas (17th) & [livejournal.com profile] roguecatwoman (22nd). I hope each of you have a very Happy Birthday this month and I'm sure I'll say it again to you on that day. :)

Another new feature to this post would be my writing total update. I put a goal of 10k words written a month. I came up fairly shot, but I am proud of how much I actually did end up writing. WRITING TOTAL: 5,091 words (4,678 posted - the two Harry/Hermione Porn Battle Prompts I filled, 413 unposted - the starting of Naboo's Champion CH1 & His Girl Friday CH3)

Now for a regular, my macbook desktop wallpaper for January. It's a return to a Smallville theme for the first time since last March with Chloe (from I think S2). It helped fill that gap while Smallville was on hiatus and a constant reminder that His Girl Friday is awaiting its' next chapter.

Unfortunately my Naruto calendar's focus for February is Sasuke, one of the few characters I really dislike in the series. (I'll add in a photo of it when I have time tomorrow.)

And like last month's entry, I wanted to leave on a mention that I did in fact post a new batch of DC & Marvel icons over at [livejournal.com profile] capes_and_cowls just a few days ago. As well as the splash page wallpapers I said I'd start posting for members whenever I come across one.

Twenty Ten

Jan. 2nd, 2010 11:23 pm
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Happy New Year! It's going to be weird writing '10' from now on but I'm looking forward to keeping the momentum going from this Fall and continuing the progress towards my career.

It's crazy that it's January already but it's a new year and the one change on here at least will be that I won't be doing birthday drabbles. While a fun concept I started to falter the last few months of 2009 before I just completely halted producing any. It started to stunt my creativity being confined to specific stories that weren't the pressing stories I wanted to develop but I still enjoyed making the ones I did because for everyone I was writing them for. ♥

Instead this year I hope to get to writing my fics that have been on hold for awhile now, and an original story I'd like to develop into something real. I'll get more into that in my writing goals post next time. It is however a new month as well and with that brings my desktop link. Here's my macbook pro's december wallpaper. It's from Case Closed/Detective Conan. I enjoyed the show when it aired on Adult Swim a few years back, but it wasn't a show that really was worth rewatching (much like american procedural shows, once you know the case it ruins the atmosphere of the episode) and an annoyance that didn't come to pass because only 50 or so episodes were shown was how the show was stuck in the same spot of never evolving regarding the main character's youth/size problem or that his love interest was still kept in the dark. Those that know me, know that those points would drive me crazy, especially considering it is still that way in Japan after numerous manga chapters and anime episodes. It's a great looking wallpaper though, and I love the characters. ^_^

A new year also brings a new calendar to put on the wall. 2009 was Harry Potter and Half-Blood Prince and for 2010 I went with an old favorite of mine that I haven't really paid much attention to lately thanks to the awkward storylines - Naruto. Went with the Shippouden version because I like the designs of the characters.

Before I go, I wanted to let you know if you missed it that I made a new icon post over at [livejournal.com profile] capes_and_cowls just a few days ago. Also I'll be doing another post there probably next weekend bringing a new members only feature that I'll reveal here first, I'll be making available a few wallpapers that I find from certain splash pages of the comics that are just asking to be turned into desktop covering space. They won't be as numerous as the icons, but there are definitely times in my iconing periods that I come across pages that would work for that, and now I'll be turning them into usable wallpapers. :)
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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! ♥

I hope everyone has a great time today with your family and loved ones. I wanted to say I'm thankful for a lot of things in my life, one of them being that I have met such great people here on LJ and become good friends with each of you. ♥

Team Meme

Oct. 22nd, 2009 02:35 pm
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Currently running on very little sleep due to trying to break through my writer's block only to not write anything the whole night until just before class in the morning. Truly bizarre but I'm learning forcing yourself to write sometimes works the best. So a meme post!

Journal Meme & LJ Friends Userpic Meme )
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Last Friday I had the opportunity to watch the fairly new animated Wonder Woman DVD for the first time, even having a real time discussion about it on Twitter with [livejournal.com profile] autumnrae89 which was so fun that I thought I'd make a review post now that I've seen most of the special features on the two-disc version too.

I'm an Amazon, Steve. We're prepared from birth to give our lives in battle. )

I think the DVD definitely warrants a watch by any DC, Wonder Woman or superheroine fan in general. It certainly follows in the line of quality DC has maintained with these direct-to-DVD hits (Superman/Doomsday, New Frontier) and I can't wait to get my hands on the recently released Green Lantern: First Flight or the upcoming Superman/Batman: Public Enemies. If DC can't get their live-action films together, at least they have a steady pulse on the animation side. So go watch, or comment. :)
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I've been using Safari as my main browser for at least a week now and I'm wondering if any other Safari users are having problems with livejournal or if it's the plug-in I'm using (which is great otherwise - no ads!) because I'm not able to select any tags from the edit tags list (I have to type them in) and I'm not able to change anything on my message menu. Everything works fine on Dreamwidth, so I find it odd that it doesn't on LJ.

My desktop wallpaper for July was a scene from Pirates of the Caribbean with Captain Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth Swann. I think Sparrabeth is one of the few OTPs I have that ended up being a non-canon pairing. I blame Dead Man's Chest for my interest in that ship. Before I was fine with Will/Elizabeth, but then they just had to show me teases of what the other two could be together and well my shipping heart was a goner. Unfortunately as we get farther and farther away from the last movie I see less and less activity with the fandom and this pairing specifically. Sad times.

This morning arrived the Wonder Woman animated DVD that I ordered from Amazon last week.  How successful DC has been with their films lately with New Frontier & Superman/Doomsday before it, I can't wait to watch this one.  I knew it was time to order it with Green Lantern: First Flight coming out already and Superman/Batman on its way.

Lastly a plea to the DC comic gods before I go.  Can we PLEASE stop the fascination of Buddy Baker (Animal Man) with Starfire? Didn't like when it first sprouted up in Countdown and hate it even more now that they keep bringing it back up and not let it die like all bad ideas should. Latest issue of Last Days of Animal Man has Buddy decide to make out with Starfire 15 years into the future. Gah! Honestly, I just want DC to decide once and for all what they're doing with Dick's love life (like that will happen), he proposes to Barbara Gordon only for it to be ignored almost immediately afterward and then he gets together with Starfire again in Titans only to tell her he doesn't love her at all a few issues later. Let's not even get started on the fact that Tim breaks up with Wondergirl rather harshly because DC brings back his dead girlfriend, Spoiler, only for him to treat her like crap (after that welcome back kiss that was quite lovely) and not want anything to do with her. Or that after teasing Bruce/Selina in Hush with him revealing his identity, they step all over that with butchering this incarnation of Helena with having SLAM BRADLEY be the father. WTF!  I think every company not just DC (HELLO SPIDER-MAN) needs to realize that a hero having a wife/girlfriend/companion is not a bad thing and not something that puts the character/plot into a rut.  It's just adding a supporting character and adding another dimension to the hero that is always underutilized. Then again I'm the type of person that would want one of the Superman books to focus on the Lois/Clark reporters aspect of their lives with how Clark's responsibilities and abilities as Superman affects their work and life.

ALSO KILL HUSH PLZ! Tired of this Bruce look-a-like crap. [/end rant]

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