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 Firstly, popped in Smallville S2 DVD and watched 2.04 Red today during my cardio workout, which is where I left off in ‘His Girl Friday’. One step closer. Excited to step back into that world. My ideas for Lex, Lana, Pete, The Kents as supporting characters for Chlark needs to see fruition. *bounces*

And secondly, once I actually have fic to post and contribute again I wanted to start posting at Ao3 but had a question to those that move stories over to Ao3. Is there a preferred method that won’t flood/overwhelm people? Or is that not even a worry and you can just upload the chapters all at once and it won’t mess up alerts or update categories.
I don’t know I’ve never actively searched for fic on Ao3, I tend to get links to stories there and that’s how I read fic there. I want to move over a story once I get the next chapter done and just want to do it right?

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 So I've pretty much become all fic read out which is both good and bad because I love reading so much, but I can now use my free time to do some writing instead.

As a result I've started rereading 'His Girl Friday' and I am utterly cringing at some of the mistakes left in the early chapters: missing words, mixed tenses - those little things that sometimes you miss as the writer when you proofread because you know what you're expecting to see in the story and your mind can fill in the blanks for you.

I remember feeling like I improved on my proofreading during the later chapters, but I guess I'll see when I get there. And yes, my intentions are once I've reread the story to actually continue it. Not a new story from me, I know. but we'll see.
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New month means my monthly ritual of randomly selecting images I've saved on my hard drive to spruce up the desktops of my computer. Here's what I had on my screen in March:

On my PC main screen was a Po/Tigress hug from Kung Fu Panda 2. An OTP that blindsided me.

On my MBP screen was a Chloe/Clark aftermath moment from Season 3 'Magnetic' where they kiss to distract the doctor from the real reason they were in the office.
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Since it's nearly the end of the month I just realized since moving back over to a PC as my everyday computer after Christmas I had not continued to share my desktop wallpapers over the months. Which I shall do now. Since I use two monitors regularly, I go with the theme of a group shot on the bigger TV and a solo shot on the main monitor. I'll interchange every month to highlight my favorite of the two. If you want the wallpaper let me know. :)

December was Clark/Chloe from Smallville Season 1.

January was Yoko from Gurren Lagann.

And this month's is Morgana Pendragon from Merlin.
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Here's my wallpaper last month. It's from S10 of Smallville, "Harvest", which I thought was pretty appropriate for October.
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It's been forever since posted my desktop and I wanted to get back to that. Chloe from Season 4 ("Pariah" to be exact) of Smallville was my September wallpaper and I thought it was worth sharing since through my picking literally every screen I have for this month is covered in Smallville/Lois Lane.

Speaking of Smallville, the show is actually on syndication for the first time in years! It was on ABCFamily briefly in 2009 i think and then nothing till this month where it started on TNT weekdays at 12 EST. Of course they are starting with S8 so it feels like they'll probably only be showcasing the latter 3 seasons, the post M/G years.

I also went to get back into being active here on LJ and maybe using it as a personal blog again because while I have been drawn away by the quick and easy of twitter & tumblr and posting on my review blog that i've felt like this has gotten reduced to what i'm watching and my writing, which is probably a reflection of myself but some of my friends I'm only connected to on here and i want to interact more with them. I tried the email route a few years back and that didn't go over well lol so i'll be here definitely.

Might do some videos too, I already have my Sorcerer's Stone comment video from July but it still needs to be edited thus why I never got to it. (I talked for like 15+ min and cleaning it up to under 5 if i can lol).

And that leaves my writing. I'm learning that the older I get the more I have to organize my time and compartmentalize my goals to fit with the hustle and bustle of life. I've set aside a planned amount of time to put towards His Girl Friday and any other fic ideas and hopefully that will make for a more productive release schedule. During the week I tend to be too busy/tired to commit myself fully but I did come up with an idea that will hopefully keep my creative side from becoming stagnant and that is "Drabble Dice". Basically I've set up my fandoms and some options and I'll roll some dice and come up with different ideas/prompts so that I can write a short drabble every day. That's the plan anyway. Either way this should be a much busier journal starting this month.
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TITLE: Chapter 8 - Scarlet
FANDOM: Smallville
RATING: Not Safe For Work (R/MA: for Sexual Situations)
GENRE: Drama/Romance
CHARACTERS: Chloe Sullivan, Clark Kent, Pete Ross, Principal Gibbons, Jessie Brooks, Lana Lang
PAIRINGS: Clark Kent/Chloe Sullivan
WORDS: 5098
CHAPTER SUMMARY: Chloe Sullivan's life was gaining a sense of normalcy, the first clue that trouble was right around the corner. Today it was in the shape of her best friend, Clark Kent, who blurs the line of their already confusing relationship.
ARCHIVED: Fanfiction.net
STORY LINKS: (First Chapter) | (Previous Chapter) | (Next Chapter)
  • It is not a heat-induced illusion, there is another chapter of His Girl Friday and it has arrived! I do find it funny (in a sad way) that the last chapter was before Porn Battle XI and this is after Porn Battle XII.
  • This is the first NSFW chapter of His Girl Friday, because the story is now into "Red".

Scarlet )
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The last Smallville picspam post for the foreseeable future. It's been fun throwing together these images to capture scenes. Here's my favorite Smallville Kiss Moments.

My 10 Favorite Smallville Kisses )
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On a roll with these picspam posts. Here's my favorite Clark saves from Smallville.

My 10 Most Memorable Clark Saves in Smallville )
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Next Smallville picspam post. Here's 10 memorable superpower moments from the show.

My 10 Most Memorable Superpower Moments in Smallville )
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To celebrate the series finale I thought up a series of top 10 lists. Last week's Blogger downtime kept me from getting to this until now and my lack of making animated gifs turned this into a picspam that I had a lot more fun doing anyway (thanks for the idea [livejournal.com profile] indefiance!). Here's my top 10 best episodes of Smallville. Enjoy!

My 10 Favorite Episodes of Smallville )
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Prepping for the end of Smallville and I almost forgot to make a new month post for May. Above was my Mac's wallpaper for April, I usually try to stay away from close up shots because it almost feels like the person is staring back at you but I had not had a Superman related background since September and over a year since the last Smallville related image. Saying all that it would probably have worked for this month to celebrate the finale but I can't believe I forgot to think about that I've been so content this year with using randomization for my many desktops. Anyway, this was Erica back at the Batman Begins movie premiere nearly 6 years ago. How time flies.

April was another dry writing month which is depressing but I'll admit that my work load is starting to lighten now in May and with the Smallville finale buzz still going strong in my head I am feeling very creative-oriented of late. I hope to make up for the last two months with a solid second half of May. WRITING TOTAL: 0 words

May's sole birthday baby is my fellow gem friend, [livejournal.com profile] emerald_night (12th), who's birthday was last week. I hope you had a good time and made some worthwhile memories on your birthday! :)

And what I started last month because I just find it so fascinating and I love twitter: my twitter plug for May with an informational screencap of my #FollowFriday tweet.

PS: Expect a busier week from me on here as I catch up on things. TTFN. Tah Tah For Now!
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Above was my PC's wallpaper for February, a crossover I'm sure many comic fans would like to see given the similarities of the two. From my recollection it was drawn by Terry Dodson (looks like his style anyway).

February was much busier than January and as a result I did not get much writing done the latter half of the month. I have outlined the next 3 chapters of His Girl Friday, and started dusting off Great Power, Great Responsibility & Great Love. WRITING TOTAL: 5,281 words (2,784 in H/HR PB XI Submission "Not According to Plan"; 2,497 in CHLARK PB XI Submission "Left Behind")

Shout out to the March birthday babes: [livejournal.com profile] calamityjamie (15th) & [livejournal.com profile] axolotl_lan (25th). Have awesome birthdays this year! ♥

PS: Just posted last night a wallpaper post for the members of my community, [livejournal.com profile] capes_and_cowls.

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