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 Firstly, popped in Smallville S2 DVD and watched 2.04 Red today during my cardio workout, which is where I left off in ‘His Girl Friday’. One step closer. Excited to step back into that world. My ideas for Lex, Lana, Pete, The Kents as supporting characters for Chlark needs to see fruition. *bounces*

And secondly, once I actually have fic to post and contribute again I wanted to start posting at Ao3 but had a question to those that move stories over to Ao3. Is there a preferred method that won’t flood/overwhelm people? Or is that not even a worry and you can just upload the chapters all at once and it won’t mess up alerts or update categories.
I don’t know I’ve never actively searched for fic on Ao3, I tend to get links to stories there and that’s how I read fic there. I want to move over a story once I get the next chapter done and just want to do it right?

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I don't know about others. I set up a filter for all AO3 incoming emails to keep it out of my inbox. That way I can't get overwhelmed if someone is archiving or anything... but honestly? I say go for it. If, like me and my archive project, you know you'll be sending out 20 or so emails a day, just throw a note up if you want to, and people who are subscribed can temporarily unsubscribe from you. (I find most don't. Crazy peeps letting me flood their notifications!)

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