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 As I was going through my old fic tags to properly tag my [community profile] fandom_stocking drabble, I came to realize several things, one there's quite a few friends I've lost on here over the years, which is sad to think about, but on a lighter note. I was surprised to notice that Man of Steel's release didn't rejuvenate the [livejournal.com profile] 12days_of_clois  community. I remember how Superman Returns really sparked that place for awhile but I'm just guessing most of the people that were there have just moved on? It's a shame, can't say I've really been aware of Man of Steel fic in the same way.

Two Creative Goals for 2014: A Daily Drawble & Write 1k words a day. Originally I was going to do a chapter a day or 3k words a day but to be honest I don't know how long chapters would be and roughly it takes me 2 hours to get over 1k depending on the idea/progress I've made. I wanted to make the goal specific, a realistic length and to publicly announce it. I don't care if its original work,fic, song writing or even blogging/commentary on something I just want to write. And I just want to be able to draw decently. That would be nice. Practice makes perfect. So making an effort to do just that.


Jul. 6th, 2013 02:29 am
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 Hope those that celebrated had a fun 4th of July!

Fretting that I'm being lax about updating on here. The lack of writing to publish is a big part of that, which I hope with my recent purchase of an iPad(!!!!) giving me back computing portability in a size bigger than a phone I'll be more able to find time to write away from my desk.

I'm also hoping this ipad is going to give me opportunity to draw a bit too. There's some transformation i'm going through at the moment where digital technology just seems so much more convenient. Like I'll look at my bookshelf and see a few unread books (ASoIaF) and just think, man I wish I had the digital versions so I'd read them on my iPad/phone instead of having to lug that heavy hardcover around and need the light still on. LOL.

I mentioned this on twitter/tumblr and got a few suggestions but just in case there's anyone here that doesn't follow me there, I'm new to the iOS world so if you have favorite apps that you can't live without and would like to recommend I'm always looking for new apps and I'd rather not waste money on bad ones you know? :)

I'll try to do better to at least forward any original posts that i put on my tumblrs over here like I promised I would. Most of my fanfic tumblr lately has been posts on shipping after having seen Man of Steel and OZ. I'm behind on my reading but I'd like to rec more than I do, but lately all I've been reading is either Glee/Mass Effect fic with a dash of Star Trek. And my main tumblr is full of reblogs with a dash of instagrams and an occasional life blog post so I definitely can do a better job of that. I think a lot has to do with my dissatisfaction with the mobile interfaces of dreamwidth/livejournal, now with a bigger ipad screen I'll feel more comfortable.
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 This month I'm trying to take advantage of my free time by assigning myself some fun entertainment challenges to accomplish on a daily basis so I don't just waste away that time with just watching reruns or zoning out on tumblr/fanfic. Two challenges in my head, both created from the fact that I feel like I've fallen behind in both of these areas and I miss doing them. Pushing myself to meet goals is usually when I'm at my most productive, so I'll be interested to see if that works for funsies stuff too.

The first is a reading challenge. You see, I feel like my book reading time has suffered in recent years in favor of online material with the ease of access from my phone. Between articles, fan works & social media updates I probably read more words now on a daily basis than ever before. Yet books are not really a part of it.
But it would be nice to add more published work to my reading list that isn’t limited to comic panels. So starting this month I am challenging myself to reading at least one chapter a day from one of the many unread books I own in the hopes that like many of the other lifestyle changes I’ve made over the last year it will eventually become a habit. I also feel like because of my fanfic reading tendencies, I've been reading a lot of badly written stuff that it might be good to mix in some at least smartly edited material to remind me of good writing habits as well lol.

And the other challenge I’m giving myself this month is to jump back into anime after a really long time being out of it for the most part. I was a pretty enthusiastic budding otaku right out of high school and made some poor buying decisions during that time (stupid vol 1 + art box deals) but that’s neither here or there.
Anyway being on tumblr has kept anime on my periphery for awhile now, reminding me that I once was more familiar with the properties and i finally decided to go ahead and subject myself to the deluge once again starting with the last year i remember watching shows from. That is probably crazy to start with such a backlog but I’m weird like that sometimes when it comes to being a completist.
So the plan is to try one show a day time permitting, at least 3 episodes which is about 1 hour and make my way through the long list and see what i missed and what is worth watching. I’ll either blog on my tumblr or tweet my thoughts. Probably at the end of the week or month I'll throw up an overview here on DW/LJ. Hopefully this will be fun and something I can keep up on.
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 My birthday is in 7 weeks and I am 3 lbs away from hitting the fitness goal I made last July. It's crazy to think that I've been living this new healthier lifestyle for 10 months. I remember how much of a struggle it was early on when I was adjusting to new eating habits and now it's just a way of life and I find food much more fascinating now, which might be funny but learning about serving sizes is enlightening.

Now 4 months of running on a treadmill since one came into my ownership and I've been doing about 40-45 mins of near daily cardio, in that 4 months I've comfortably cut over 4 minutes from my mile pace and I'm almost up to 4 miles a day. I'm so pumped about my progress!
Another animated property that has caught my fancy of late is Nickelodeon's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series.  Between nostalgic love of the original from my childhood, and a slight aversion to the animation style I stayed away from the show for a long while. But last month or so I happened upon a marathon of episodes and left it on in the background and started consuming episodes left and right.

I love that It doesn’t play down to the audience and I like what they’ve done with the characters and the relationships, like turning April into a teen as well as having Donatello crushing on her, Splinter being fatherly to her or the dynamic between Leo & Karai. Unfortunately there have been so many iterations over the years that it’s hard to discover fic on this newest series but I hope to find some fandom developing around the show finally.
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 For the last few years I’ve slowly developed a noticeable sleeping problem. Later and later I fall asleep, catching up for the short sleep on the weekends or free afternoons. I try to go to bed at a normal time, try not to workout late anymore, put on music to sooth, read in bed but lately it isn’t until light starts to breakthrough that I finally get some rest.
What was it about the night & silence that was wrecking havoc on my sleep? And then I came to a conclusion the other day. I miss the noise of nature. And this clue has been there all along. You see years back at the start of this mess, there were several trees removed from the land and there was an unintended consequence.
The nights used to be filled with the song of crickets and the hoots of owls. Now there are none. And I miss them so.
On a lighter note. Finally saw Rise of the Guardians recently and it is so much more wonderful than I thought it would be. And instantly became enamored with the Jack Frost/Tooth(iana?) ship. So adorable and they even have an awesome shipping name: Frostbite (I've also seen rainbow snowcone but that is a bit wordy).

I was telling [personal profile] djtenku  that we might be in the golden age of animated feature films right now. Sure the early to mid 90's Disney was AMAZING, but with how Disney, Pixar & Dreamworks are all cranking out solid hits lately maybe this era can rival that one. When's the last time Dreamworks had a less than stellar animated release? Maybe Bee Movie in 2007?
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Porn Battle XIV is starting! If anything is going to get me out of the doldrums of not writing fic it will be this. Of course I've said this before. I'll be submitting prompts at least, usually it inspires me into a story or two.

A question to anyone that sells on eBay, how do I figure out the appropriate shipping costs ahead of time? I'm assuming I either have to take it to the post office beforehand and have it weighed or get a scale myself?

I  had to buy a new phone case, because my custom tardis one that I got off Etsy unfortunately blocks the NFC chip in my phone and I ended up finding my next choice on eBay actually for only $8 which is about half of what I paid for that Tardis one. Both coming from China so a long wait for that one and this one too. I'll share a pic whenever I get it,on twitter at least.  I'm actually so eager for the new one to arrive that I had a dream on Sunday that it arrived and it was the wrong color. That would suck so much haha.

As I am in dire need of fellow XBL players and I'm still pretty obsessed with the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer that I took advantage of a recent google docs list set up on the Mass Effect LJ for players and added everyone. Which has resulted in some pretty hilariously awkward messaging with people I don't know at all and joining a "party" which I had no idea was just some chatroom, which was even more awkward not knowing anyone in it. Haha.
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Since this seems to be one of the more pressing matters in my life at the moment I thought I would seek out any opinions anyone had on the subject if people have been using it.  I've been slow on the uptake and just using regular batteries but since picking back up my gaming habit in February thanks to Mass Effect I've noticed that my increase in gaming has made me start to go through AA batteries like no tomorrow.

And as such I find myself looking at 10 AA batteries that I have here waiting to be properly disposed thinking that there has to be a more efficient battery method to use so I've started looking into rechargeables.  I know I've seen a charger and some batteries offered on Woot a few times now and have been tempted but I want to get something that will last, not just cheap.

Anyway, if anyone has gone the route of rechargeables I'd love to hear your thoughts on them and any specific device you use. These wireless controllers draining my batteries!
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Hope everyone had a good Easter. I would have liked more chocolate as it is one of the few holidays where its somewhat expected to partake in sweets, and I only had a little bit this year. Skipped a family dinner this year because of all the sadness surrounding the extended family since April started so it was less of a standout day.

I still think my best piece of photography came on an Easter a few years back when I took a picture of my niece and nephew on an Easter Egg hunt. So much so that I actually have framed that photo and it is sitting on my dresser. Now that Instagram is on Android I'm hoping to take more pictures while I'm out and about. Been wanting that app for ages.

Speaking of, I just changed the rom I was using on my android phone and have now joined the few with the 4.0 OS and I LOVE IT. It totally reaffirms my confidence in the android ecosystem, the widgets that I love on my homescreens have improved and honestly rarely are there apps that are only on iOS, frustratingly usually the android version takes awhile to come if at all (like Instagram) and right now there is only one app that I'd like to try (Viggle) but that's more for curiosity than need.
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Today was my 6th LJversary. I can't believe it's been that long since the Harry Potter fandom (along with book 6) regenerated my interest in LJ enough that I scrapped the lame, mostly inactive individualistic journal I had started shortly after LJ opened its doors from its invite only policy to a much friendlier fandom based one with a new name and made so many new friends.

For the most part my activity (and yours) has started to grow beyond LJ as the recent years has seen a push for other social sites to connect on and share (Twitter/Tumblr) but LJ has stayed a regular part of my daily internet scan, and while it takes much less of my time than it once did, I probably get more joy when there's something on LJ that has me reading/responding.

I've said it before but milestones like this make me want to contribute more than I already do. I once did icons/wallpapers for a time but I just don't have the time to do so that I once did, and my reliable fic writing has slowed considerably but maybe I will start being a bit more open and spontaneous with my entries here (besides continued writing). I've loved what has come out off making this journal all those years ago.


Jan. 6th, 2012 07:38 pm
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Happy New Year All! Been meaning to make a post for a week now but somehow time slips away so I'm writing this earlier in the day. (ETA: And now posting late into the night. LOL.)

The Holidays were one big blur once again. When December started I thought I would be more productive but I always seem to forget how time consuming the holiday season is. Throw in the fact that I got a new PC for Christmas and the transition back from Mac to Windows pushed me into January before I knew it.

I have not regularly been a resolution person when it comes to the new year but it does give me an excuse to rededicate myself and steer my life in the direction I'd like it to be heading in so I am pushing myself to follow 3 big resolutions.

Get Fit - The older I get the harder it is to stay in shape when the average day does not lend itself to a lot of opportunities for activity. So far this week my effort to put aside a set amount of time to get some exercise has worked but other things (like late night writing) has suffered from it. It will take awhile to find time for everything.

Write, Write, Write - I almost think there are too many outlets for one's words and I feel I may have stretched myself too far (as I tend to do/very ambitious I can be) and as a result almost all of my for fun writing suffered the last few months as my workload intensified. Even my most reliable outlet Twitter can go in dry spells but I do think that direction is what will work here too. Short, fast, thoughts as they come posts will be my target here, but you know how I tend to ramble (like now). We'll see. More importantly will be my prose work, where I should be focusing my time and energy. Again I have some fic I'd like to continue and I hope to this year.

Be Social - I think I really need to work on my time management (which is LOL because I do try to schedule my day to fit everything in) but as what feels like a broken record, I just tend to lose track of many relationships because of lack of time/energy and I really want that to be different. Will it be different, I don't know but nothing will change if you don't try. I'd rather annoy you with constant reminders that I want to interact with you than giving off the idea that I don't care. Because I do.

P.S. Today was the birthday of the one and only [livejournal.com profile] sandoz_iscariot, a dear friend and fellow fanatic of ALL THE THINGS. Technically I tweeted you already but you can take credit for being the reason I finally posted on here again so I can wish you merriment on here as well. :)

P.P.S. I know I need to update all my icons here. Also need to find Photoshop since I'm back on windows. And it's like changing curtains, need to spruce things up here. Done with doing layouts, too damn time consuming. (And now I'm rambling ...)
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It's been forever since posted my desktop and I wanted to get back to that. Chloe from Season 4 ("Pariah" to be exact) of Smallville was my September wallpaper and I thought it was worth sharing since through my picking literally every screen I have for this month is covered in Smallville/Lois Lane.

Speaking of Smallville, the show is actually on syndication for the first time in years! It was on ABCFamily briefly in 2009 i think and then nothing till this month where it started on TNT weekdays at 12 EST. Of course they are starting with S8 so it feels like they'll probably only be showcasing the latter 3 seasons, the post M/G years.

I also went to get back into being active here on LJ and maybe using it as a personal blog again because while I have been drawn away by the quick and easy of twitter & tumblr and posting on my review blog that i've felt like this has gotten reduced to what i'm watching and my writing, which is probably a reflection of myself but some of my friends I'm only connected to on here and i want to interact more with them. I tried the email route a few years back and that didn't go over well lol so i'll be here definitely.

Might do some videos too, I already have my Sorcerer's Stone comment video from July but it still needs to be edited thus why I never got to it. (I talked for like 15+ min and cleaning it up to under 5 if i can lol).

And that leaves my writing. I'm learning that the older I get the more I have to organize my time and compartmentalize my goals to fit with the hustle and bustle of life. I've set aside a planned amount of time to put towards His Girl Friday and any other fic ideas and hopefully that will make for a more productive release schedule. During the week I tend to be too busy/tired to commit myself fully but I did come up with an idea that will hopefully keep my creative side from becoming stagnant and that is "Drabble Dice". Basically I've set up my fandoms and some options and I'll roll some dice and come up with different ideas/prompts so that I can write a short drabble every day. That's the plan anyway. Either way this should be a much busier journal starting this month.
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 I don't think it's been properly portrayed here outside of my lack of updating lately but I've been dealing with more technology problems than I've needed in the last two weeks that were topped by a period of 4 days (Friday - Mon afternoon) where there was only a period of 4 hours (Sunday afternoon) that I was able to access my DSL internet connection.  Finally I had a breakthrough yesterday, and while the connection is fragile/shaky ... it is a connection and I think that deserves SNOOPY DANCE!

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