Jan. 15th, 2013

emeraldstag: Sailor Moon's Usagi & Luna (tv/film)
Porn Battle XIV is starting! If anything is going to get me out of the doldrums of not writing fic it will be this. Of course I've said this before. I'll be submitting prompts at least, usually it inspires me into a story or two.

A question to anyone that sells on eBay, how do I figure out the appropriate shipping costs ahead of time? I'm assuming I either have to take it to the post office beforehand and have it weighed or get a scale myself?

I  had to buy a new phone case, because my custom tardis one that I got off Etsy unfortunately blocks the NFC chip in my phone and I ended up finding my next choice on eBay actually for only $8 which is about half of what I paid for that Tardis one. Both coming from China so a long wait for that one and this one too. I'll share a pic whenever I get it,on twitter at least.  I'm actually so eager for the new one to arrive that I had a dream on Sunday that it arrived and it was the wrong color. That would suck so much haha.

As I am in dire need of fellow XBL players and I'm still pretty obsessed with the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer that I took advantage of a recent google docs list set up on the Mass Effect LJ for players and added everyone. Which has resulted in some pretty hilariously awkward messaging with people I don't know at all and joining a "party" which I had no idea was just some chatroom, which was even more awkward not knowing anyone in it. Haha.

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