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Hope everyone had a good Easter. I would have liked more chocolate as it is one of the few holidays where its somewhat expected to partake in sweets, and I only had a little bit this year. Skipped a family dinner this year because of all the sadness surrounding the extended family since April started so it was less of a standout day.

I still think my best piece of photography came on an Easter a few years back when I took a picture of my niece and nephew on an Easter Egg hunt. So much so that I actually have framed that photo and it is sitting on my dresser. Now that Instagram is on Android I'm hoping to take more pictures while I'm out and about. Been wanting that app for ages.

Speaking of, I just changed the rom I was using on my android phone and have now joined the few with the 4.0 OS and I LOVE IT. It totally reaffirms my confidence in the android ecosystem, the widgets that I love on my homescreens have improved and honestly rarely are there apps that are only on iOS, frustratingly usually the android version takes awhile to come if at all (like Instagram) and right now there is only one app that I'd like to try (Viggle) but that's more for curiosity than need.

Twenty Ten

Jan. 2nd, 2010 11:23 pm
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Happy New Year! It's going to be weird writing '10' from now on but I'm looking forward to keeping the momentum going from this Fall and continuing the progress towards my career.

It's crazy that it's January already but it's a new year and the one change on here at least will be that I won't be doing birthday drabbles. While a fun concept I started to falter the last few months of 2009 before I just completely halted producing any. It started to stunt my creativity being confined to specific stories that weren't the pressing stories I wanted to develop but I still enjoyed making the ones I did because for everyone I was writing them for. ♥

Instead this year I hope to get to writing my fics that have been on hold for awhile now, and an original story I'd like to develop into something real. I'll get more into that in my writing goals post next time. It is however a new month as well and with that brings my desktop link. Here's my macbook pro's december wallpaper. It's from Case Closed/Detective Conan. I enjoyed the show when it aired on Adult Swim a few years back, but it wasn't a show that really was worth rewatching (much like american procedural shows, once you know the case it ruins the atmosphere of the episode) and an annoyance that didn't come to pass because only 50 or so episodes were shown was how the show was stuck in the same spot of never evolving regarding the main character's youth/size problem or that his love interest was still kept in the dark. Those that know me, know that those points would drive me crazy, especially considering it is still that way in Japan after numerous manga chapters and anime episodes. It's a great looking wallpaper though, and I love the characters. ^_^

A new year also brings a new calendar to put on the wall. 2009 was Harry Potter and Half-Blood Prince and for 2010 I went with an old favorite of mine that I haven't really paid much attention to lately thanks to the awkward storylines - Naruto. Went with the Shippouden version because I like the designs of the characters.

Before I go, I wanted to let you know if you missed it that I made a new icon post over at [livejournal.com profile] capes_and_cowls just a few days ago. Also I'll be doing another post there probably next weekend bringing a new members only feature that I'll reveal here first, I'll be making available a few wallpapers that I find from certain splash pages of the comics that are just asking to be turned into desktop covering space. They won't be as numerous as the icons, but there are definitely times in my iconing periods that I come across pages that would work for that, and now I'll be turning them into usable wallpapers. :)
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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! ♥

I hope everyone has a great time today with your family and loved ones. I wanted to say I'm thankful for a lot of things in my life, one of them being that I have met such great people here on LJ and become good friends with each of you. ♥
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I hope everyone is having a good Memorial Day Weekend! ♥ :)

Neighbors walking around and talking late last night kept me up until about 5am this morning and pretty much ruined my plans for today. Instead of catching Terminator: Salvation today, I'll try to see it tomorrow. There is one aspect of the movie I keep seeing in trailers/tv spots that I hope is just my perception and not an actual plot line of the movie. Might even throw on Terminator 3 (that's right) tonight to get amped up.

I plan to have an icon post sometime this week. I'm trying out a new coloring style that I learned in a tutorial and I want to see if I like the look of the icons afterward. Trying to bring even more color out of them. Bright, sharp and colorful are my goals. If there's one positive of this weekend so far is my creative side feels energetic and I think you'll see my production in that department see a resurgence. I'm working on a Naruto ficlet at the moment and hope to have that out in a matter of days. After that we'll see, I have a lot of ideas and little time.

I cut my hair a few days ago finally and will be looking to do my monthly photo post soon. I'll see if anything from Mother's Day was worth posting, there were a few shots I'm sure of me rolling around with my munchkins so who knows. :)

I recently discovered Iron Man: Armored Adventures during my channel surfing this past week and I think I've found another show I'll need to catch up on in the near future. I don't understand the dynamics of having the characters being teens, but I like the animation style and the character designs quite a lot. With the next movie still a year away, this might be what I need to get back into the Tony/Pepper ship. I do have to catch up on Spectacular Spider-Man first though, waaaay behind with that show.

Lastly, I don't think I've mentioned it before but I have a Brute thanks to [livejournal.com profile] aubreywitch. It's been a struggle at times, because he's clearly not the brightest bulb in the batch - at times not even using a weapon when he has 3 to choose from but it's been a fun distraction to spend a few minutes on every day. It's always a tossup how the matches come out because some might have a killer weapon or tons of speed or even a huge animal as a partner. Try it if you haven't!

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