Jan. 23rd, 2014 02:40 am
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It’s that time of year again. Porn Battle is starting back up and right now it’s prompt submission time.
I’ll be contributing prompts at least. I hope to find time to write a story or two as well.

Finally saw MIB3 this past week and how could you not come out of that film totally behind the Team OK ship? Yeah, it sort of flubs with the storyline of the first film and the love that K left behind, but 2 sort of showed that was a flawed relationship given how they dumped that to bring K back.
But that aside, Young Agent O and Young Agent K were so adorable.
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 The stockings went live earlier this week and I was really excited to find some great fic recs, a shipping graphic and a drabble in mine! Had to share the sweet story that was written so more eyes see it.

Can I have this dance? by [personal profile] navaan . It's DCU Dick/Babs, a bit of quiet domesticity. I miss those two, so this was a nice gift.
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 I'm participating in Fandom Stocking this year. Here's mine.
There are tons of stockings hung so browse around and see where you feel you can contribute. I'm focused on the upcoming Faberry fandom week at the moment but will be spending the latter part of this month on filling some stockings if I can.
It's been forever since I've done something fandomy like this so I'm hoping it kickstarts me out of my writing funk/malaise I've been in.
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 First on the reading front, I was answered on Tumblr that Ao3 does have a subscription feature that is an update alert system like fanfiction.net. Setting it up was easy but did make me realize I was only following one ongoing on Ao3. Most things I've read there have been one-shots/drabbles.

It would be nice of LJ/DW to have a tag tracking feature but maybe I am old school in this thought as the majority of fics I read in my fandoms are not on either of these two platforms. Maybe i'm still living in the past in looking here for things to read.


The one annoying thing about reading is you're never guaranteed of a good story every time and sometimes when you're looking for that pleasant distraction you only get more misery for company. Two stories updated and they both ended with heavy relationship drama cliffhangers leaving things in not great situations and that was horrible to read at the time. lol.


On the writing front, there is a The Walking Dead story that is itching me to be written. I've been watching the second half of S2 that I never did see and there is just something I've always been left wanting between Rick & Shane, with Lori and the baby mess. Outside of that moment in the first season that flashed back to when Rick got shot, we never really got to see them not at odds or without tension. I never thought the show would entice me to write but here we are with me thinking about it. I have a few ideas ahead of it but I might use it as a cleanser to take breaks on between stories.

Outside of that I have a chapter for an old story written but it needs to be edited and I am holding myself to having multiple chapters written before I start publishing again so that might be in the hole for awhile. I have at least two pressing story ideas ahead of it but I do hope to pick things up in this area by the end of the month.

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So this is just a silly question to help me decide my obsession with digital organization.  When tagging on here or other blogs or tumblr or bookmarking, when the title starts with a 'the' like 'The legend of Korra' or 'The Amazing Spider-Man' do you leave off the 'the'?  I've seen both ways and i tend to use 'the' but I can see the convenience of not. Just want someone to nudge me in one way or the other.

Also, for those of you that use dreamwidth? Can you only crosspost to one site? It's been ages since I set it up to post to livejournal and now when I was reminded of another blog I'd left in the wind that I'd like to keep I can't seem to find a way to add a site.
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Why do so many sites make it so difficult to make web pages look good?

More places should look at tumblr because of its wide selection of themes and then letting users make their own and have it offered. I hadn't even realized there were so many options before this weekend, I usually just pick one of the featured templates but so much more there.

And now that I have a much more refined knowledge on html/css I can tweak things to my liking.  Anyway, this all came about because I decided to do a much needed overhaul of my lj design, and I was just disappointed by the lack of resources for customization, especially compared to Tumblr.

Of course this probably has more to do with LJ & DW being older designs but I spent way too much time just searching for flexible templates to alter for my liking. Thankfully I found one that gives me the ability to have a two column design and a header without much fuss. Probably the last design I'll use here on LJ unless they have some vast system improvement because it will be easy for me to customize the colors and change the header for whatever theme I want.  Which at the moment is Glee-ified because that show owns me right now.

I found myself going over so many lines of html that after fixing my LJ I only halfheartedly started on my DW page. I'll probably save that for the next weekend. It just kills me that changing my tumblr theme took .. maybe 10 mins... while all this takes hours upon hours.

Which reminds me, did LJ get rid of the automatic uploading of mood themes? The link I had bookmarked has since been deleted so I had to put all that in manually which took forever.
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A) It does look like Dreamwidth has increased with content since I last searched through it. Might be a great companion to LJ, just need to go spelunking for communities.

B) In desperate need to change my icons on here. Almost makes a person want to make their own again. ALMOST.

C) I'm all set for Mass Effect 3 coming out next month:

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Another sign in that I've been somewhat derelict with my LJ, I am starting to go through my email and answer back comments that I meant to, days, weeks, months ago. LOL. But I'm doing it now, SO THERE.

Does anyone need/want a dreamwidth invite? I have quite a few that I haven't shared before just sitting in my email inbox. I don't know if its still needed to start an account but if you do then let me know. :)

Shock here but I decided to take a web development night class this spring and it has me itching to do some transforming to my LJ and DW journals, which I gave up on doing a long time ago. So I was wondering if anyone knows of a site that details what needs to be left in the code for the journals to still work that way I can really try to manipulate the look/feel.

I doubt I'll ever have time to make icons like I once did so it's back to scavenging through communities for icons. Anyone got any recs of big icon places? I should probably do a search through DW too for communities to follow, last time I did that was back during the old LJ exodus of what 2 or so years ago?


Jun. 9th, 2010 11:46 pm
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So I've been meaning to make more of my dreamwidth account, [personal profile] emeraldstag , than just where I write all my posts before they get crossposted to LJ and for checking [community profile] scans_daily . Unfortunately I'm not finding many options in using custom layouts and the one community I had followed way back when has not really been active for the last year. So I'm wondering if any of you wonderful friends of mine that use DW have any suggestions to find custom layouts and such. I'm trying one that I did find but it's been so long since I delved into code that I've spent the past two hours tinkering and barely made any progress. It reminds me why I just picked a default layout for LJ. Any input is appreciated! ♥

I'm waiting to get all that fixed up before I start searching for journals and comms to follow on DW (last time I went through communities was during the LJ quasi-exodus a year ago? when DW was still pretty new and not a lot going on yet), so any suggestions there also would be great.

I'm hoping that DW can one day become an info hub I visit just as often as LJ, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc during my day.
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I've been using Safari as my main browser for at least a week now and I'm wondering if any other Safari users are having problems with livejournal or if it's the plug-in I'm using (which is great otherwise - no ads!) because I'm not able to select any tags from the edit tags list (I have to type them in) and I'm not able to change anything on my message menu. Everything works fine on Dreamwidth, so I find it odd that it doesn't on LJ.

My desktop wallpaper for July was a scene from Pirates of the Caribbean with Captain Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth Swann. I think Sparrabeth is one of the few OTPs I have that ended up being a non-canon pairing. I blame Dead Man's Chest for my interest in that ship. Before I was fine with Will/Elizabeth, but then they just had to show me teases of what the other two could be together and well my shipping heart was a goner. Unfortunately as we get farther and farther away from the last movie I see less and less activity with the fandom and this pairing specifically. Sad times.

This morning arrived the Wonder Woman animated DVD that I ordered from Amazon last week.  How successful DC has been with their films lately with New Frontier & Superman/Doomsday before it, I can't wait to watch this one.  I knew it was time to order it with Green Lantern: First Flight coming out already and Superman/Batman on its way.

Lastly a plea to the DC comic gods before I go.  Can we PLEASE stop the fascination of Buddy Baker (Animal Man) with Starfire? Didn't like when it first sprouted up in Countdown and hate it even more now that they keep bringing it back up and not let it die like all bad ideas should. Latest issue of Last Days of Animal Man has Buddy decide to make out with Starfire 15 years into the future. Gah! Honestly, I just want DC to decide once and for all what they're doing with Dick's love life (like that will happen), he proposes to Barbara Gordon only for it to be ignored almost immediately afterward and then he gets together with Starfire again in Titans only to tell her he doesn't love her at all a few issues later. Let's not even get started on the fact that Tim breaks up with Wondergirl rather harshly because DC brings back his dead girlfriend, Spoiler, only for him to treat her like crap (after that welcome back kiss that was quite lovely) and not want anything to do with her. Or that after teasing Bruce/Selina in Hush with him revealing his identity, they step all over that with butchering this incarnation of Helena with having SLAM BRADLEY be the father. WTF!  I think every company not just DC (HELLO SPIDER-MAN) needs to realize that a hero having a wife/girlfriend/companion is not a bad thing and not something that puts the character/plot into a rut.  It's just adding a supporting character and adding another dimension to the hero that is always underutilized. Then again I'm the type of person that would want one of the Superman books to focus on the Lois/Clark reporters aspect of their lives with how Clark's responsibilities and abilities as Superman affects their work and life.

ALSO KILL HUSH PLZ! Tired of this Bruce look-a-like crap. [/end rant]


May. 20th, 2009 12:57 pm
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I'm currently in a writing funk, and with how little time I have to put towards writing in the first place - it doesn't help that I can't take advantage of the time when it comes around.  Doesn't stop me from getting ideas though, the new Star Trek movie even made me think of a story for that fandom as well. Unfortunately writing dialogue and narration is happening at a snail's pace at the moment, I'm hoping doing a blog entry will help.

That being said. I have a dreamwidth account now that I cross-post everything to [personal profile] emeraldstag  and like most that have one, I have a dreamwidth code to give away to create a journal there if anyone doesn't have one yet. I've already given one out, but I still have one remaining if anyone is interested. Let me know! ETA: Taken!

I recently discovered that the other books of the His Dark Materials series aren't going to be made into movies in the forseeable future due to the large budgets needed.  I find this terribly sad because I loved the first movie and you'd think they'd find a way to get a loan to support the movie series after the Golden Compass did so well.  Looks like I'll have to end up reading the books on my shelf to get the whole story.  The second movie was supposed to be released this year if things had stayed on track.

Apparently Smallville is moving to Friday nights next season to make way for Vampire Diaries. I have mixed feelings, as this is the third or fourth time CW/WB has moved it a day (can they stop doing that), but now that it's not going to be against Survivor and all the other top network shows on Thursday I hope it can improve the CW's Friday ratings drastically and hopefully not lose any viewers.  I don't see it gaining since it is moving to Friday but if it can keep what it has, I think that would be a victory.
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I'm excited to have an account here.  I don't know if the popularity of DW will grow to be comparable to LJ but I like the potential and it doesn't hurt it's very similar.  Meanwhile I've added everyone on my flist to my knowledge that has a DW account, I'll double check but I've started searching for communities and it's clearly in the early stages regarding content.

Unlike my insanejournal and journalfen account which are purely backups created when an exodus from LJ seemed possible, I think for now I'm going to try to crosspost entries from here to LJ and perhaps import my old LJ entries onto here. Still deciding on that one.  It's a bit of a blank slate but I definitely wish I had more than 6 icon spots, it makes the 15 on LJ's plus accounts seem like a lot.

I took a link [personal profile] htbthomas  posted about layouts and tweaked it about for [personal profile] emeraldstag .  I made it a Smallville theme, with a dark red, with a soft blue and yellow.  It reminded me how much I like tweaking graphics and working in code.

To an exciting future!

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