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 I'm two months behind on my reading so I haven't experienced yet the events currently going on but I still had some thoughts to share.

I read FF #1 and while I don't mind the idea of Spider-Man joining the team because I think he fits well in the dynamic (how many damn costumes is he going to have? He's lapping Batman in the amount of versions he has.) but what kills me is the leftovers of the OMD effect.  Having Sue Storm greet Peter by calling him "Young man," and asking about his Aunt May like he is some neighbor boy coming over to play with her kids ... KILLS ME.

Is the honeymoon over with Invincible?  The Viltrumite war felt much too long (the delays didn't help) and honestly the book started to feel like a bad Hulk book with all the pages full of just brutal smashing. It feels drastically different from the early issues of the series and I wonder if Kirkman is feeling the pressure of his books popularity and is trying to appease that audience with big, shiny events.

The DC line reboot is just starting to hit the news and I'm interested to see what the DCU looks like in September.  There have been a lot of characters created in the last 25 years that I've become fans of, so I really hope that they still exist in some form if this change from DC is as drastic as it seems.  Hopefully whatever move this is, it is a permanent one and not something that gets tweaked/changed after a few months/year - the one thing I hate is indecisiveness (something I see all the time in TV shows, looking at you Criminal Minds). If you make a change, stick with it and deal with the repercussions.

Bringing in new readers and a younger audience has to become a priority - it should have already been for years - but now with the digital age increasing the opportunities to access comics it is important to jump on these new avenues.  It might be an unpopular suggestion but I wonder if the books should even lighten their tone and start creating more one and done stories to help attract new, younger readers.
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Above was my PC's wallpaper for February, a crossover I'm sure many comic fans would like to see given the similarities of the two. From my recollection it was drawn by Terry Dodson (looks like his style anyway).

February was much busier than January and as a result I did not get much writing done the latter half of the month. I have outlined the next 3 chapters of His Girl Friday, and started dusting off Great Power, Great Responsibility & Great Love. WRITING TOTAL: 5,281 words (2,784 in H/HR PB XI Submission "Not According to Plan"; 2,497 in CHLARK PB XI Submission "Left Behind")

Shout out to the March birthday babes: [livejournal.com profile] calamityjamie (15th) & [livejournal.com profile] axolotl_lan (25th). Have awesome birthdays this year! ♥

PS: Just posted last night a wallpaper post for the members of my community, [livejournal.com profile] capes_and_cowls.
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Not something I'm reading but wanted to comment on ComicBookResources continued shilling for Quesada, in particular his current "explanation" for the horrid OMIT. It's been what 3 years since One More Day? Outside of an issue or two around the time of Anti-Venom and American Son storylines I have not touched main Spider-Man comics since and I continue to not probably for the rest of the time this status quo exists (or I do not care anymore). It has not been hard to hear what has been going on in that universe though and I still argue that nothing that has been done in the book since OMD would have been much different had Peter continued to be married.

Does anyone even listen to Quesada with his inane reasoning and explanations behind why it needed to be done? If a marriage makes the character impossible to write, I think that's the writer's fault more than the character's. STOP RETREADING STORIES OF YOUR CHILDHOOD. Have people seen what Marvel has done to Angelica Jones and deyoungifying her as well so much that she's now able to be part of the "Young Allies" a group of late teen superheroes? All her peers are now older than her. >_<

The only reason I'm still reading Wonder Woman is to support the character. JMS could not be writing a less interesting story and I'm already tired of Diana's new outfit. These writers forget that Diana is a SUPERHERO, and should be fighting villains and interacting with the DC Universe in every issue instead they try to write these sprawling epics that take several issues to come together and it's not fun because in the end you still don't care about whoever is in conflict with Diana. YOU'RE NOT WRITING A BOOK, THIS IS A COMIC BOOK.

Every Star Wars fan should be reading Star Wars: Blood Ties. That book is fantastic, the art is great and the story continues to be revealed as this interweaving tale between Jango Fett, Boba Fett and the mysterious (to Boba) man with a bounty on him.

Is it a coincidence that my favorite issue of Gotham City Sirens was this week and it wasn't written by Paul Dini? I don't think so. It's never felt like he's truly been into the series (as evident by the exciting quality of his Zatanna work), and the art was better in this issue than in most of the Sirens issues. Best thing was how the book involved other women from the Bat Universe in this issue having Zatanna and Talia turn up to complicate things as they all do not get along at all.

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