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Sometimes (read: all the time) I get ideas about things that I don't really have any power over but well I think they are sound. I also forget them after awhile so I'm going to start posting them here so a) that won't happen anymore and b) keep me being active on here.

American daytime soaps are a dying breed.  Shows that have been on for multiple decades are dropping left and right.  Some are trying to maybe come back through online means (another idea i have I'll share another time) but with networks going for the much cheaper talk shows & court room shows instead of drama during the day.

It got me thinking.

These shows most likely have a gigantic library of past episodes that may span several decades. And with the abundance of episodes, plus the sometimes repetitive nature of scenes, there really is not much of a use for the episodes once they are aired.  Which is a shame.

Anyway, this would be dependent on the shows/networks having kept a library of the shows but I think there is a market there if they would make themed dvd collections for the shows.  Like they could do collections of the best breakups, love triangles, near death experiences, show shockers, weddings, etc.

Not to mention all of the famed couples that these shows produce that have relationships that last decades, I can imagine the shows cut just to have the scenes with the couples interacting and have like the relationship's first year, etc. Maybe do a generational one with how two families seem to keep ending up together.

I'm sure there's probably a myriad of reasons why the shows haven't chosen this route to seek new revenues, but it's an idea.

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