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(Well I did it. Sure I'll get the hang of it as I go on. It is challenging talking to yourself with the intent for others to listen.)

P.S. Unfortunately it seems that I can't embed the audio player here on DW/LJ so I will just have to leave a link to the MWC tumblr post that has an embed for the episode. I am currently in the process of submitting to iTunes.


Every journey has a first step ... and for the initial voyage of the MerlinWatch podcast, Adrian covers award shows, DVD releases, along with a look back at Merlin's first episode "The Dragon's Call".

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emeraldstag: Sailor Moon's Usagi & Luna (fantasy)
I'm planning on recording this weekend and while I was prepping this week I started thinking ..  where should I start in regards to episodes?

I had been focused on the BBC series and going from the beginning since S4 had finished and not expecting the US airings to start so soon (a few weeks ago) and now I'm wondering if I should instead follow the US episodes until they finish and then in the time between go over the next episodes..

But then I would be stuck waiting for the SyFy airings to keep things not confusing unless they would be more the other way.

I don't know, just wondering if people thought one way was better than the other. I'm leaning towards starting from the beginning and just following the BBC airings, hopefully in time for S5.


Feb. 3rd, 2012 03:16 pm
emeraldstag: Sailor Moon's Usagi & Luna (fantasy)
I LOVE this show.  I just finished series 4, and I've started a rewatch of the beginning and it is funny how the first time around I had liked the first season but it was much like (White Collar) in that every episode got better than the last and I would rank each successive season/series ahead of the one it preceeded.  But now going through it again, it's like I love everything even more now.

I even like some things of the early first series, the tension between Arthur and Morgana, where he is very much a self-absorbed prat and she gives as good as she gets but underneath she cares for him.  And something I had forgotten, there was a little Gwen/Merlin going on, with everyone thinking Merlin liked her and I think there was something Gwen saw in him - though they seemed to veer away from this direction after the episode where Merlin and Gwen kissed after he was thought to be dead and came back to life.

Also it's something I just noticed literally when I started rewatching series 1 while finishing S4 was that there was another parallel to Smallville on the show with Merlin's scarf/shirt interchanging between red/blue like Clark's shirt/jacket. Small but mindblowing for me lol.

I'll keep my thoughts on S4 short since there are probably those who haven't seen it but I just wanted to say that I really liked how much the Arthur/Merlin relationship carried the finale and I wonder if what Merlin did at the end will carry weight on him in S5. Also if Emrys can show up even more in S5 that would be awesome.  Thinking about it, I guess this is Merlin's 'Blur' persona. I would like to see more Merlin/Morgana interaction, maybe him thinking he can turn her away from the darkness or something.

Oh, and btw did anyone else think Legend of the Seeker at the start of S4 with the result of Morgana's actions? I miss that show.

PS. I've been itching for years to do a podcast and this is the first show/property I really love that doesn't already have an obviously crowded space of fanstuff for it, so I want to do one on the show. If any other friend of mine that is a Merlin fan would be interested in talking Merlin with me please let me know I think it would be fun. It doesn't have to be a regular thing having a co-host but I would like to have someone that could bring a different take on things, etc. I basically want to start from the beginning so the first episode would be the first show.  I'm taking the next week to plan out how it would go and would like to record something that weekend. Think about it! :)

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