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I missed all of tonight's shows, so I figured I'd comment on the last week before the new week gets in my head.

Hawaii Five-0, I know they had to figure out a reason for Danno to stay in Hawaii and probably find a way for his cute daughter to be on the show still but one of the things I disliked about the first season was the guy the ex-wife was involved with. I'm scared about where they're going with Jenna but outside of that another fun episode. I remember being ready to drop this show about halfway through the first season and then inexplicably the show found its fun legs.

The Playboy Club, I only watched the premiere this morning but wow, do I really hope this show makes it. I'll admit to being an Eddie Cibrian fan, since the Third Watch days and it still kills me that CSI Miami blamed him for the poor ratings two seasons ago and killed off his new character after one year.  I like the atmosphere, and the cast is great (there's that guy from Numbers and 10 Things I Hate About You).  The Hef voiceovers to start and end the shows is a nice touch and I hope that continues past the pilot.

NCIS, I'll keep this quick but the premiere was more exciting/thrilling than the whole Port to Port Killer plot that dominated the last part of last season.

Glee, I wanted to make a bigger review but just no time. I'm a little worried that new assertive Mr. Schue is going to just come off as a jerk, and if he's going to kick Santana out for being part of the piano fire then he better not let Quinn back since it was her cigarette.  So I'm guessing the Sam actor was the one that I heard declined coming back to the show since he's gone? Can't blame him with how his character faded in the last half of season 2.  I really liked "We Got the Beat!"

Unforgettable, I wasn't expecting to watch this show but since I was already watching the previous 2 hours of CBS shows on Tuesday I was talked into it and I was glad I was.  The premise is a woman who is a former cop - but looks like she eventually returns - can remember everything and will use this skill to help solve crimes. What makes the show is Poppy Montgomery who I loved on Without a Trace, and she can definitely carry a show as a lead.

CSI, Ted Danson, enough said.  I stopped watching this show when Grissom left and I didn't care for Ray Langston (Laurence Fishburne's character).  Now with Danson playing a quirky boss that is a bit unorthodox, it just reminds me so much of what Grissom added to the show especially early on in the show's run when the others didn't know what to make of him .. I'm excited.

Charlie's Angels, I don't know what to make of the show. I'm watching it because Gough/Millar are behind it but right now the three girls feel very one-dimensional and not believable.  I like the idea of Bosley being a more on hands part of the team and involved with the missions.  Guess I'll just look forward to the Erica Durance episode and hope the characters win me over by then.

The Secret Circle, I definitely will be sticking with this show throughout the season but so far I find every male character to be annoying (or creepy) outside of the drunk dad (one of these days I'll learn the character names).  I also can't stand Faye at all, her bad girl schtick dominates the show.

CSI NY, Just throwing this in there because Cassidy Freeman was on it as part of the episode's crime.  Which unfortunately was overshadowed because the episode was mostly a 9/11 remembrance episode where the characters remembered where they were and Mac remembering his wife was so sad.  Back to Cassidy, maybe it was because her wardrobe was much different from what she usually had on Smallville but she seemed a bit more busty than before.  Still looking forward to her stint on The  Playboy Club next.

Still have to watch Pan Am, too many shows are opposite each other and I hate having to pick and choose. D:
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 So I saw the new Narnia film for the first time on Saturday when the Blu-Ray arrived from Amazon.  I never read the book series but I thought this was an okay story.  Nothing amazing or really dramatic (unlike Wardrobe's Edmund Stabbing and Caspian's Peter Duel to the Death), and honestly it's a bit misleading to have so much Aslan promotion for a bit part in the film. I did find it interesting that apparently the Director recast the mouse Reepicheep - now Simon Pegg - and from the special features had Liam Neeson "find" his Aslan voice even though he had already been the lion for two movies.

I was looking forward to the return of Law & Order Los Angeles, and what does NBC do? They put it on Monday night where my TV watching is already overflowing with Chuck, The Chicago Code & Hawaii Five-0.  I skipped Chicago Code to watch the "game changing" episode of LOLA, but stopped trying to switch between shows when Five-0 was on.  I don't think Skeet Ulrich was the problem with the lackluster start to LOLA this year but I can understand the show's reasoning behind killing off his character, it gives Molina & Howard - two credible film stars - more screen time. And I'm thrilled that they brought back the L&O character to be a regular on LOLA.  The fact that it's going against Five-0 kills me. It will probably end up making me watch LOLA the next day.

Starz has been showing the Fellowship of the Ring consistently for the last few months, resulting in me seeing it so many times that I decided to whip out the extended edition DVDs of The Lord of the Rings that I never watched and started going through them.  Right now i'm onto the special features of The Two Towers and considering the movie and features it's about 12 hours of content for each movie.  I never read the books (I tried the Two Towers but I got lost very quickly into the book) and I always held the series in contempt for the recognition it was getting from critics and award shows that any other fantasy/scifi franchise has and is ignored for so I never got into the films and really only saw each once or twice.  I've now seen Fellowship 10 to 15 times this year and I am not enough attached to the characters that Boromir's end "emotionally compromises" me now. lol. It will never be on the level of Star Wars or Harry Potter to me but it's a great series that I love finding out all this detail that went into its creation in the special features. AND FINDING OUT ACTORS I LIKE THAT ARE IN THE FILM: Craig Parker, Karl Urban - that I had not noticed before.

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