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Feb. 2nd, 2012 09:58 am
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Over the last 10 weeks of so I've found myself literally OBSESSED with watching Friends on Nick at Nite.  Now I've always known it was a good show but I rarely watched it during its run on NBC and only started watching it a bit more once it hit syndication.  But it was nothing to the degree I do now that I discovered it on Nick at Nite.

I love the show, its characters and think it is one of the funniest I've ever watched with very few episodes that felt like clunkers.  I don't know if it's because now I'm entering the age the characters were in that I feel more connected to the show but I love it. It also doesn't hurt that Nick at Nite shows 2 hours of it every night, so I literally just about watched all 10 seasons over these weeks.

I think Ross hits his stride around season 4/5, post-Emily Wedding when he becomes emotionally unstable for a time and is libel to freak out.  That scene when he finds out about Monica/Chandler from his apartment is so hilarious, I watch it all the time on Youtube. Probably just as big was all of the Rachel related moments: "we were on a break", saying her name at his wedding to Emily, marrying her in Vegas when they were drunk, and something if you pay close attention to throughout the seasons when it seems like Ross or Rachel decide to give it another chance only to open the door and see the other seemingly moving on right as the episode ends.

It was funny last night watching the first episodes again and seeing that Ross/Rachel really was set up from the very beginning (and how actually the show almost seemed like based off them with the others being supporting characters).  Probably the funniest moment that sticks out with Rachel would be when she was dating that one guy (played at the time by her then offscreen boyfriend) who took her back home and she changed into her lingerie only for his parents to come back home and to play off the awkwardness she said that was her dress and ended up having to go to dinner with the parents in her lingerie.

They pretty much had Joey down since the beginning.  His "How you doin'?", the delayed reaction after everyone else had already figured it out, and his role as Dr. Drake Ramoray on Days of Our Lives.  Though some of the playboy side of his character really got dimmed down in the last few seasons as he got hung up on Rachel.  Hugsy was good, the duck and chick, when they got robbed and Joey let himself get locked in the entertainment center.

Chandler started out as the punchline (sometimes self-inflicted) but when he got together with Monica he became a much funnier character. I think that time when they were hiding their relationship had some of the best moments, like the girls kept walking in on him and Monica kissing so he ended up kissing them all as his new way of saying goodbye.

The great thing about Monica was how much her past that wasn't on the show was a part of her character.. Growing up a big girl that loved to eat created things like Ross' nightmare as a kid was that she would eat him, and their parents always seeming to favor Ross over her leading to Ross revealing his wife was a lesbian and pregnant with Ben and their mother turning to Monica and asking "You knew this?"  I always liked when she was dating Richard but once she got with Chandler it let her be a little more crazy, almost matching her brother like when she and Ross tried to get on TV dancing at the New Year's Eve party.

Phoebe was always the wacky one, seeing her grandmother's spirit in a cat, and dating her twin's ex who then had sex with her twin while thinking it was Phoebe.  I loved the episode where she was collection Christmas donations and soon wages war on the public after a guy made change with the money in her bucket and another threw a cigarette inside.  She made having her brother's babies seem like a normal part of the show's run.

I hate that I missed out on a Black Friday sale for some of the seasons back in November, but since its on all the time I can wait to have it in my hands (though I wish Netflix had it on instant streaming).

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