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 I've been slowly wading my way through my creative sludge in my spare time but I as of yet have nothing to show for it. As a result this journal has suffered in the wake of quicker less thought needed avenues like twitter/tumblr. Mostly twitter. That said, there is a lot of fan stuff that I don't share there that I would here but it's that extra step of having to come over to DW/LJ to post where honestly I haven't cultivated new friends on for awhile. There are a few holdouts but even those post infrequently. It's mostly become a comm place for me of late, and I enjoy that still but I do miss some of the friendships here that is hard to get some of the same interaction on the more distracting platforms of twitter/tumblr.

Anyway, as a way to restart the activity on this journal I wanted to mention that besides my main tumblr account (that is more reblogs than blog posts that I put here too) I've begun a more fanfic focused tumblr which will be what I'm reading, what I'm thinking, what I'm writing, fic recs, etc on the fandoms I follow (mostly Comics, Glee, Harry Potter, Mass Effect, Merlin, Smallville but I sometimes talk about other ones that I probably won't ever write for or older ones like Star Wars. Just depends. I never thought I'd find something to challenge HP/Smallville and then I found Glee last year.) With that outlet, it will increase what I write here and hopefully energize me enough to start writing again.

Sometimes I think too much, and that keeps my creativity from coming out. More writey, less thinking.

That business out of the way, I regret not producing anything for Porn Battle. I had about 500 words down but it was the last night, hours left on the deadline, I was dead tired and it was my first real attempt at writing fic for public consumption in over a year and I just wasn't feeling it. I came to the realization that really I should have the ideas ready before PB starts, it just creeps up on me every damn year. Especially now that it's only once a year.

Also I'm probably reading way too much, cuts into my writing time badly. I was able to shut it down during Nanowrimo but now not so much.  That brings me to a frustrating moment I had this weekend while reading a fic. That moment when you are reading a great fic that you are enjoying for being original and unique but then the latest chapter out comes all the tropes/cliches that the fandom is filled with.

In this case, Harry Potter. A soul bond resulting in mind speak, instant marriage, married rooms at Hogwarts, instant adulthood and the arrival of a huge inheritance/lordship for Harry via Gringotts.  All in one chapter. Sigh.
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Porn Battle XIV is starting! If anything is going to get me out of the doldrums of not writing fic it will be this. Of course I've said this before. I'll be submitting prompts at least, usually it inspires me into a story or two.

A question to anyone that sells on eBay, how do I figure out the appropriate shipping costs ahead of time? I'm assuming I either have to take it to the post office beforehand and have it weighed or get a scale myself?

I  had to buy a new phone case, because my custom tardis one that I got off Etsy unfortunately blocks the NFC chip in my phone and I ended up finding my next choice on eBay actually for only $8 which is about half of what I paid for that Tardis one. Both coming from China so a long wait for that one and this one too. I'll share a pic whenever I get it,on twitter at least.  I'm actually so eager for the new one to arrive that I had a dream on Sunday that it arrived and it was the wrong color. That would suck so much haha.

As I am in dire need of fellow XBL players and I'm still pretty obsessed with the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer that I took advantage of a recent google docs list set up on the Mass Effect LJ for players and added everyone. Which has resulted in some pretty hilariously awkward messaging with people I don't know at all and joining a "party" which I had no idea was just some chatroom, which was even more awkward not knowing anyone in it. Haha.
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 I never know what to post here when I'm too busy to write for fun. I hate just reposting the few blog posts I do on tumblr nowadays but even though I lurk here daily, it's mostly comms these days. I think maybe 5% of my friends are still regularly active on here. It takes me forever to write even the littlest of messages but I will try harder.

That said I noticed I didn't copy over my November fitness update, but it's December, now over 5 months into my being fit goal, lost 7 lbs in the last 5 weeks and am in my best shape in 10 years. And I'm not done and really excited but it does wear on one's patience having such a long term vision.

In more interesting news.. I'm thinking about redoing my 12 Days of ficmas idea that I had thought about last year or the year before but came to my mind too late to start. To those still around, what would be a decent word count for something daily like this? I'm thinking at least 300, I'd love to do more maybe it won't be a fixed number but I want to have a realistic goal that is reachable. Basically a Christmas themed prompt for every story, and i don't know how multi fandom I can be but it would be nice to touch on all the ones I love.  If my counting is right, the first day would be Friday.. I might try to get ahead and set up, but here's hoping for a more active journal!
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 I finally had the chance to see this film last Saturday and outside of an instagram I completely blanked on talking about it online, but I’m rectifying that now.
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It took me a few weeks to get around to this but seeing [livejournal.com profile] htbthomas post her own sched then reminded me that I had not done it yet and now as I prepped for this I only now realize that this is my third year doing it. (2011 - 2010).
The links I used last year still work to figure out the TV schedules: Networks | Cable
Codes: L = Watching Live, D = Watching Delayed/Downloaded, M = Maybe
8PM - Once Upon a Time S2, ABC (M)
10PM - Revolution S1, NBC (D)
8PM - NCIS S10, CBS (L)
8PM - Hart of Dixie S2, CW (M)
9:30PM - Don't Trust the B--- in Apartment 23 S2, ABC (L)
10PM - Vegas S1 CBS (L)
8PM - Arrow S1, CW (L)
9:30PM - Suburgatory S2, ABC (M)
10PM - CSI S13, CBS (L)
10PM - Psych S7, USA (L)
9PM - Glee S4, FOX (M)
9PM - Beauty and the Beast S1, CW (D)
10PM - Elementary S1, CBS (L)
8PM - CSI NY S9, CBS (L)
8PM - Last Man Standing S2, ABC (M)
Doctor Who S7, BBC
Merlin S5, BBC

Comparing to previous years I am being much more conservative/realistic about my TV time. I fell behind on a lot of shows last year (including all the S2 shows I've listed with Maybes) and wasted time on freshman shows that were inevitably cancelled. That said, the maybe shows I've listed here I really enjoyed what I did see of them and would like to catch up on them if I can.

A few new shows made it. I enjoyed the pilot of NBC's Revolution but Mondays are a bad day for me so I will probably have to get the episodes and watch it later in the week. CBS's Vegas won me over when I didn't even want to give it a chance because of Dennis Quaid, such a great actor. I watched Elementary for curiosity and being a big Holmes fan and was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked the dynamic between Miller & Liu. I've also put the CW's Arrow & Beauty and the Beast on here more for supporting a) comic book property and b) Kristin Kreuk.

While I enjoyed Justin Hartley's portrayal of Green Arrow on Smallville for the most part, I really felt like the character got shackled especially after S8 so I'm looking forward to this next interpretation. And while I wish Kristin luck with the new show, the fact that CW put the show right against Glee which is probably the same demographic they're going for ... the future doesn't seem bright for B&B, a show that already has a unique premise that is hard to get over in a TV way.
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 I usually don’t find the animated film offerings from Marvel interesting enough to take a look but I saw this available on Netflix and I LOVED the storyline (for the most part) in the comic so I immediately jumped to watch it.
Read more... )
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 Is there anything more annoying than trying to make a good purchase when it comes to an item you aren't an expert in or really care about all that much? That's how I feel right now when I'm looking at buying a new printer.

My old printer (ancient HP DeskJet) died about a week ago and I'm making due without one right now but I know I have to buckle down and commit to a model sooner than later so I thought I'd reach out and see if someone can swing me one way or the other.

I'm looking at inkjets around the $100 range and have narrowed it down to Epson XP-400 AiO Wireless Printer or Canon PIXMA MG4220 Wireless Printer.  Anyone have experience with Epson or Canon printers or have a different suggestion/recommendation?

I've been looking at reviews on Amazon, Cnet & PC Mag and honestly it's frustrating how often the reviews are pretty much complete opposites with no consensus.
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I am trying to develop a new character that is a vampire and since I will readily admit that I know very little about vampires outside of a few movies I thought besides searching online I would ask around and see what people didn't like about vampires since they are pretty much everywhere these days.

And being pretty much everywhere cannot be an answer lol. :|

So how they are portrayed when it comes to sunlight, or holy water, how they are vanquished, general appearance, abilities. What do you not like and what would you prefer instead?
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On the news that the Porn Battle is going annual and not having a summer session it got me realizing that I hadn't published a story since last August which is so sad.

Some of it was taking time to step away from Smallville to regain my love for the characters (after all I started the fic after S8 and had no idea how much damage could be done to characters).

Some of it was growing to love new fandoms at a high enough level to want to read and now write stories in them like Mass Effect, Merlin & Glee (which might happen if I'm ever satisfied with what I start creating).

Some of it was saying goodbye to fandoms I just don't see worth writing for anymore (Harry Potter) and then there is just being to busy writing not for pleasure that I did not have much energy to want to write in my free time.

That aside, my writing has picked up in recent weeks and while most might never get seen because it is more for me to rediscover my voice, it is encouraging to be getting back to what I love doing. (1500 words on a Merlin/Morgana story that needs reworking, 1100 words on a Mass Effect story that I'm probably shelving, 750 words on a Batman Begins Bruce/Rachel story that I don't know if it's worth continuing or not, 1500 words on a Smallville Chlark/Cless story that needs reworking, 150 words on an Avengers Epilogue story that ran out of steam).

I'm really trying not to stretch myself too thin like I did in the past so most of these are just for the purpose of getting back to writing and putting words down until I run out of steam so that I can pick up HGF and continue with it. Anything else will try to be kept to short stories/one shots. But i have little restraint when it comes to writing so who knows!

Anyway, when I'm ready to post something besides here I'm thinking of starting up a tumblr to post there too since it's fairly safe to say that is a very active place for fandoms, and eventually I hope to get into AO3, the waitlist says maybe November - so if anyone has an invite I'd love one! *puppy eyes*.

I'm also trying to get better and leaving feedback whenever I read something wherever it is, but right now I don't really understand how that works on AO3 so I just press the kudos button which is for the whole story I guess and not each chapter. I don't know.


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So a week ago I got an email on my fandom account from photobucket telling me that I was nearing my bandwidth limit and I was like, that's a little weird but I guess that would happen now and then since I did use the account to make tons of graphics for my community when I was active in that and just went eh, the month is almost over and moved on.

And then came today where I got the email stating I had exceeded the limit and my images were now blocked for the rest of the period.  Now this made no sense since I honestly have only used it for my monthly wallpaper post and the images for my new redesigned lj layout/mood theme.

It led me to investigate the tools tab that I've always ignored and on that page was a stats button that I pressed. What do i find out?  Apparently on the 22nd (the day I got my email, there was like a gigantic percentage spike on two of my Smallville top 10 moments collage that combined were over 10k views on that day.  It tapered off over the next few days but the heavy traffic of those two images killed my account.

And how did this happen?   .. Well on the handy total views from these sites box the perpetrator was some idiot on comicbookmovie.com  Of course I scoured the site for posts on the 22nd that was the cause but came up dry. But this doesn't change how frustrating this situation is.  I blame my organizing habits for titling my images on photobucket - something I will stop doing now.

But the most annoying part is apparently your month window is determined by when you registered AND WHEN DID I REGISTER? ON THE 22ND of some month 6 years ago.. so i'm basically unable to link things from that account for another 3+ weeks. So the hotlinker literally screwed me on the 1st day of the new month bandwidth window.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRG. (Thank you for tolerating that rage ramble lol. Rant aside - can freebies use LJ's scrapbook thingy? Does DW have an image thing?)
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Can I just say how EXCITED I am for this movie? Disney is just hitting all cylinders for me right now - it almost feels like the 90's.
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New show on HBO from Aaron Sorkin. Pilot available for free on youtube: http://youtu.be/1U4ZhFDFYvE

Usually not one for these kinds of dramas but interested on being at the start of an HBO show (missed Sopranos/Entourage, way behind on True Blood/Game of Thrones, didn't try Boardwalk Empire).

Liked the pilot. Like Jeff Daniels and the cast seems alright.


Jun. 15th, 2012 10:03 pm
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One of the video podcasts I subscribe to occasionally do a game involving the website Flickchart, where you basically rank the movies you've seen to create your own personal movie rankings according to your choices. I finally decided to join the site myself and am quickly finding myself addicted so I thought I would share the site here too.

Basically you are given two movies and options like if you haven't seen one, or both to replace them with new selections and then you choose which of the two you like more/think is better (however you make choices). Then over a period of time the top 20 bar fills up on the left side of the page and as you make more and more decisions you can use filters to focus your choices, either on the list have so far, or genres, by actor/date, etc.

You can see my top 20 so far after only about 100 random movies ranked. I'm sure a few of those will fall out over time after I do more and refine the list. Have fun! I know much of my spare time will be wasted here.
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So this is just a silly question to help me decide my obsession with digital organization.  When tagging on here or other blogs or tumblr or bookmarking, when the title starts with a 'the' like 'The legend of Korra' or 'The Amazing Spider-Man' do you leave off the 'the'?  I've seen both ways and i tend to use 'the' but I can see the convenience of not. Just want someone to nudge me in one way or the other.

Also, for those of you that use dreamwidth? Can you only crosspost to one site? It's been ages since I set it up to post to livejournal and now when I was reminded of another blog I'd left in the wind that I'd like to keep I can't seem to find a way to add a site.

Two Spaces

Jun. 7th, 2012 11:07 pm
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Something that came to my attention earlier in the week is the apparent move away from using two spaces after a period.  I guess I am not that surprised if that is true because of how fluid the rules of writing have been over the years.

Of course I have that double space press after the period so ingrained into my typing that it has been hard to try to break the habit. If I get onto a roll I usually have to go back over afterward to eliminate the extra space.

I guess that is something that just comes from having done it since I can remember typing. I don't even think it shows up in some documents that just auto eliminate the extra space so in the end it probably was redundant.
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On my PC for May in honor of The Avengers release was Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow in Iron Man 2.

Over on my MAC was art of The Rocketeer, one of my favorite characters growing up because of the 1991 movie.


Jun. 3rd, 2012 11:30 pm
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Being a gamer I know that this coming week is E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) time, but I can't say I'm that excited this year since it seems neither Microsoft or Sony are going to join Nintendo with a new console announcement yet.

Hoping for something to surprise me and Nintendo is first out the gate with some pre E3 videos on their new Wii U system. I'll admit I am intrigued by the concept.

(There is a skit about 15 or so minutes in that shows the system in use if you don't want to muddle through the entire video)
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The trailer just came out and it caught my attention. I think I might have seen a version back in school but that was so long ago and I was not as much a fan of musicals as I am now.

Great cast: Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway, Russell Crowe, etc. I enjoyed Amanda Seyfried in Mamma Mia! so I'm excited to see she is in this.

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I am not ready for Summer TV. I am already seeing the commercials on USA, TNT and the other cable channels that put on Summer programming. I'm still behind on so many shows and I think I'm going to have to be more selective about what I watch because I spread myself way too thin.

From my count 9 first year TV shows that I watched/planned to watch this past year were cancelled (Charlie's Angels, The Playboy Club, Pan Am, Unforgettable, Awake, Alcatraz, GCB, The Secret Circle, Terra Nova)

Of those I'll miss Secret Circle and Unforgettable the most, although the latter had some story decisions in the last few episodes that I was not fond of. I didn't even get to try out Awake, Alcatraz, GCB or Terra Nova before they were cancelled.  I still plan on watching Awake and GCB 's episodes but I probably will skip the other two.

I even fell behind on The Walking Dead and never finished watching Hell on Wheels or even started the second season of Shameless. When next fall comes around I'm probably going to aim a lot lower, I barely have any time to watch TV anyway lol.
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Why do so many sites make it so difficult to make web pages look good?

More places should look at tumblr because of its wide selection of themes and then letting users make their own and have it offered. I hadn't even realized there were so many options before this weekend, I usually just pick one of the featured templates but so much more there.

And now that I have a much more refined knowledge on html/css I can tweak things to my liking.  Anyway, this all came about because I decided to do a much needed overhaul of my lj design, and I was just disappointed by the lack of resources for customization, especially compared to Tumblr.

Of course this probably has more to do with LJ & DW being older designs but I spent way too much time just searching for flexible templates to alter for my liking. Thankfully I found one that gives me the ability to have a two column design and a header without much fuss. Probably the last design I'll use here on LJ unless they have some vast system improvement because it will be easy for me to customize the colors and change the header for whatever theme I want.  Which at the moment is Glee-ified because that show owns me right now.

I found myself going over so many lines of html that after fixing my LJ I only halfheartedly started on my DW page. I'll probably save that for the next weekend. It just kills me that changing my tumblr theme took .. maybe 10 mins... while all this takes hours upon hours.

Which reminds me, did LJ get rid of the automatic uploading of mood themes? The link I had bookmarked has since been deleted so I had to put all that in manually which took forever.

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