Jul. 6th, 2012

emeraldstag: Sailor Moon's Usagi & Luna (chloe)
On the news that the Porn Battle is going annual and not having a summer session it got me realizing that I hadn't published a story since last August which is so sad.

Some of it was taking time to step away from Smallville to regain my love for the characters (after all I started the fic after S8 and had no idea how much damage could be done to characters).

Some of it was growing to love new fandoms at a high enough level to want to read and now write stories in them like Mass Effect, Merlin & Glee (which might happen if I'm ever satisfied with what I start creating).

Some of it was saying goodbye to fandoms I just don't see worth writing for anymore (Harry Potter) and then there is just being to busy writing not for pleasure that I did not have much energy to want to write in my free time.

That aside, my writing has picked up in recent weeks and while most might never get seen because it is more for me to rediscover my voice, it is encouraging to be getting back to what I love doing. (1500 words on a Merlin/Morgana story that needs reworking, 1100 words on a Mass Effect story that I'm probably shelving, 750 words on a Batman Begins Bruce/Rachel story that I don't know if it's worth continuing or not, 1500 words on a Smallville Chlark/Cless story that needs reworking, 150 words on an Avengers Epilogue story that ran out of steam).

I'm really trying not to stretch myself too thin like I did in the past so most of these are just for the purpose of getting back to writing and putting words down until I run out of steam so that I can pick up HGF and continue with it. Anything else will try to be kept to short stories/one shots. But i have little restraint when it comes to writing so who knows!

Anyway, when I'm ready to post something besides here I'm thinking of starting up a tumblr to post there too since it's fairly safe to say that is a very active place for fandoms, and eventually I hope to get into AO3, the waitlist says maybe November - so if anyone has an invite I'd love one! *puppy eyes*.

I'm also trying to get better and leaving feedback whenever I read something wherever it is, but right now I don't really understand how that works on AO3 so I just press the kudos button which is for the whole story I guess and not each chapter. I don't know.


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