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TITLE: Chapter 1 - Bushwhacked
FANDOM: Smallville
GENRE: Action-Adventure/Romance
CHARACTERS: Chloe Sullivan, Clark Kent, Jonathan Kent, Martha Kent, Lex Luthor
PAIRINGS: Clark Kent/Chloe Sullivan
WORDS: 1478
SERIES SUMMARY: Chloe Sullivan is a girl in a single parent household and her closest sibling is a cousin she rarely sees but things improve immensely for Chloe when she becomes attached to her tall, dark-haired best friend who happens to be an intergalactic farm boy – but she doesn't know that .. yet. SEASON 2 AU - CHLARK
CHAPTER SUMMARY: After having her dream night with Clark ruined by a tornado and his disappearance, Chloe expected the worst only to find Clark's resolve to be strong even with his father missing.
ARCHIVED: FanFiction.net
STORY LINKS: (Next Chapter)
  • Finally writing a Smallville multi-chaptered fic and yes, it's Chlark. The plan is for this to run through Season 2 & 3 from Chloe's perspective with things changing from canon due to a change that happens in the first chapter.
  • This became the Smallville story I decided to do because I liked the more innocent and less secret/lying seasons of Smallville when it was mostly just the Kents hiding Clark's secret and less of a blurry Superman story.
  • A few lines were taken from the 2.01 VORTEX episode.
  • Shorter chapters should lead to more consistent updating. Still plans to finish Beastly Beauty and start one or two other stories.


Less than 24 hours ago, Chloe Sullivan was living her teen dream: dancing at the Spring Formal with her date, who happened to her best friend and crush, Clark Kent. Since then however, a natural disaster hit Smallville in the form of a tornado, Clark disappeared on Chloe at the dance and somehow ended up saving Lana Lang, and now she was spending the afternoon walking through the woods with Clark and Pete frantically searching for the former’s father, who had gone missing during the tornado’s destruction.

“Mr. Kent!” she shouted out into the wilderness – moving past the map-reading Clark – all the while trying to squash down the hurt feelings still resonating inside her from being ditched at the dance. Matters of life and death were in the balance, and she was determined to act normal and help Clark find his father no matter how uncomfortable she felt around him at the moment. He was still her best friend even if she currently thought of him as an insensitive prick.

When Clark rolled up the map he was looking at and started a conversation with her, Chloe immediately fell back on her wit to enable her to stay emotionally distant while being able to banter back and forth with him like normal. It was a self-defense mechanism and she would ride it faithfully while Clark puts her back in the friend zone and leaves her alone to cry out her tears. Right now though, wasn't the time to turn their doomed date into an episode of Dawson's Creek, Clark's dad was missing and a situation much more important to resolve.

“So, how can I make it up to you?” asked Clark innocently, not realizing he had served up the moment Chloe's defense was waiting for.

“Actually, you know I've been thinking,” Chloe started, stopping their walk and taking in one last eyeful of Clark thinking about her outside of the friend zone. She was going to miss it. Chloe brought out her bright-eyed look and self-deprecating smile while mentally saying goodbye to the idea of ever dating the lovable Clark Kent. “It's funny how a natural disaster puts your life in perspective. But I think it might be better if -”

Chloe's eyes widened when her rambling was cut off by Clark leaning down and kissing her. It wasn't the best kiss, their teeth clanged, Clark held the map in his hand against her shoulder, but to Chloe it was simply amazing. Clark's lips were warm and demanding, creating a pleasant pressure against her own. She clutched the back of his plaid shirt awkwardly totally overwhelmed by the kiss, but when he did step back Chloe had a big smile that mirrored the one on Clark's face.

“What were you saying?” asked Clark while putting his arm around Chloe's shoulders and starting their walk again.

“I, uh, um,” babbled Chloe briefly as she repeatedly brought her hand up to her mouth, touching her fingers to her still tingling lips. It was Clark's soft chuckling next to her that rebooted her brain. In response she smacked his chest affectionately. “I was going to say that there are things between us that still need to be said and explained but we need to put all of it aside for the moment because your dad is out here somewhere and needs us to find him.”

Clark smiled down at her and nodded. “You're right of course; we can worry about our next date once my dad's back home.”

Chloe's insides fluttered at the words 'next date' but she restrained herself to only smiling and grabbing Clark's hand, leading the way while thoroughly enjoying the warmth of his touch.


Sharing a passenger seat with Mrs. Kent inside an ambulance wasn't where Chloe had expected to be next, but Clark had been adamant that she help his mom while he went ahead towards Hobson's Pond and the remains of an old church's subterranean crypt where they now suspected Mr. Kent may have taken cover in.

When they arrived at the location with the rest of the rescue caravan, it was not a pretty sight. The mobile home Chloe remembered passing by earlier in the day had completely caved in on itself and was no longer blocking the entrance to the crypt. Mr. Kent was sitting there dirty and bruised, holding up Clark who looked shaky enough to have been trapped with Mr. Kent himself instead of having just arrived minutes before. And then there was Lex Luthor, standing a few feet behind the male Kents looking on while partially blocking Chloe’s view of a fallen man behind him.

She surmised that the man was the tabloid reporter that Clark had told her had been harassing his family and was thought to have been involved with Mr. Kent's disappearance. Chloe wanted to run over there but held back as Mrs. Kent and the rescue workers swarmed Clark and Mr. Kent, and the sheriffs went to question Lex.

Once the EMTs had ushered Mr. and Mrs. Kent over to the ambulance and left Clark on his own, Chloe threw out propriety and quickly closed the distance between them. When Clark turned and noticed her approach, she sped up to a run and jumped into his arms.

Clark easily held her up off the ground and against him while she put her arms around his neck and proceeded to kiss him deeply and repeatedly. She combed her left hand through his dark locks and tightened her grip on him with the right, constantly whispering to him that while she hadn't been worried for him, she was glad he was safe and sound.

Discreet coughs and a clearing of a throat interrupted their moment and they quickly parted both developing blushes upon the discovery that their intruders were in fact Clark's smiling parents.

“Are you alright, Dad?” asked Clark, trying to change the subject.

“I feel like a house fell on me, but I'm fine -”

Mrs. Kent interrupted her husband. “Your father has a broken rib but he will be fine.”

“That's great news, Mr. Kent,” chimed in Chloe happily, arm firmly around Clark's waist.

“Dad, I'm glad that you didn't ...” Clark trailed off, not wanting to say anything about Nixon in front of Chloe.

Mr. Kent understood though. “Son, I have to admit, it was the hardest thing I've had to do. It took every fiber of my being but I started thinking about you and everything your mom and I have tried to teach you and I'd realized if I'd done that, Nixon would have won.”

Despite their vagueness Chloe quickly connected the dots of the conversation and what they’d found here at Hobson’s Pond and reflexively gasped at the conclusion she came up with. It was a soft, quiet gasp but Clark's closeness had let him to notice. When he glanced down at her with concern, Chloe squeezed his waist to let him know she was there for him.

Satisfied with Chloe’s reaction, Clark turned back towards his parents. “It's a good thing Lex was there,” he commented.

“About that, son, Nixon told me Lex offered to buy information on us,” replied Mr. Kent.

Chloe's grip on Clark tightened but he didn’t act surprised and quickly answered back. “Lex told me he warned Nixon to stay away.”

Mr. Kent's face went completely serious and he stepped close to Clark. “One of them is lying, son.”

Chloe was awed when Clark didn't back down from his father's tone. “The question you need to ask yourself, Dad, is which one tried to kill you and which one saved your life.”

“Mr. Kent!” greeted a timely Lex as he walked up to the Kents and Chloe.

After Clark’s words, Mr. Kent seemed to lose the usual gruffness he wore whenever Chloe had seen him near Lex or talking about Lex and instead showed a genuine kindness that Clark often showed – and was easy for a girl to fall in love with – clearly something he inherited from his father. “Lex, you saved my life and I want to say thank you.”

Even Lex seemed a bit surprised at first by the friendly welcome but the very next moment he jumped at the opportunity. “To a fresh start,” he said, shaking hands with Mr. Kent.

“Yeah,” replied Mr. Kent with a soft smile.

Chloe – thrilled to have the tension in the group visibly disappear – eagerly clapped her hands together and declared, “I think this sounds like time to head back to the farm for some of Mrs. Kent's warm apple pie! Clark and I can show off our Spring Formal pictures for you all to look at.” She pulled out a CD from her messenger bag and waved it around.

Everyone shared a laugh at the look of uneasiness that appeared on Clark's face, especially Chloe.

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