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TITLE: Left Behind
FANDOM: Smallville
RATING: Not Safe For Work (MA/NC-17)
PROMPT: alone, watchtower
CHARACTERS: Chloe Sullivan, Clark Kent
PAIRINGS: Clark Kent/Chloe Sullivan
WORDS: 2497
SUMMARY: Jimmy is dead, Lois is gone and Clark is ready to disappear. But when he comes to say goodbye to Chloe, she gives him a reason to stay.
  • An alternate take on one of the last scenes of "Doomsday" the Smallville Season 8 finale, including one line of dialogue from the episode.
  • written for Porn Battle XI
  • Abbreviated version of story for submission in this thread


Her husband was murdered by a psycho she had been forced to be close with to protect her best friend. Her cousin had disappeared without a trace and was presumed dead. And now the only person in the world she still trusted her life with had not shown up that morning to support her at Jimmy’s funeral and only now showed up to tell her he was leaving forever.

“Clark Kent is dead. Goodbye, Chloe.”

With those words the man in front of Chloe Sullivan turned and started to walk away from humanity but she could see what the truth was. He was walking away from her, the girl who had been by his side since before puberty, who had supported him through thick and thin; but as was usual, his ignorance of her feelings was what hurt the most and she had had enough. She needed him whether he liked it or not and she let him hear how she felt.

“Fuck you, Clark!” shouted Chloe, grabbing a nearby lamp and throwing it at the man’s back. “Don’t you dare walk away.”

She knew his abilities made it possible for him to avoid the lamp but he stopped walking and let it hit him squarely in the shoulder blade before it clattered to the ground broken. It told her that this was more about his guilt, and for that he deserved her fury. If he felt that way she was going to let him have it.

“I’ve known you nearly half my life, Clark Kent, and never before have I felt so ashamed to call you the most important person in my life,” said Chloe, stalking over to the Watchtower entrance he was standing at.

She kicked away the broken lamp and tugged on Clark’s elbow, whipping him around to face her tear-streaked face once again. “I know it’s you by default now after what has happened to everyone surrounding me: my mom, dad, Lois, Jimmy ... Please don’t add your name to that list, Clark. Don’t leave me alone.”

Clark stayed silent, only averting his eyes when Chloe tried to catch his gaze, enraging her further. She slammed her fists against his chest repeatedly, knowing it was a fruitless goal to hurt Clark but hoping the intent and her pain would make it through his thick Kryptonian skin.

“I need you damn it! Don’t be a coward and walk away like some unfeeling monster, like Davis,” said Chloe, tears beginning to run down her face.

Clark flinched, the first noticeable impact Chloe’s words had made so far if stopping him from walking out did not count, which Chloe did not. Knowing she was making progress, she decided to push further.

“Were you planning on running away to Jor-El? He’s just another unfeeling machine that has disappointed you time and time again during your life. Why would you trust him more than me? Have I not always been there for you?”

Her hands were becoming sore from pounding Clark’s chest, so Chloe changed course, stretching up and reaching for Clark’s face, forcibly guiding it so that he would look at her. He was impossible for anyone without abilities like him to move when he did not want to be moved but he let her and Chloe was grateful he was at least listening to what she was saying.

“Yes, Clark you made mistakes. Guess what? That makes you human. You might have been born on another planet under another sun, but you are as much flesh and blood as I am. The answer isn’t to turn away from humanity but embrace it. Everything has flaws in it Clark, I won’t deny humanity doesn’t have problems but there is so much good that comes from it as well.”

Chloe removed her hands from Clark’s face and he did not turn away. Encouraged, Chloe moved her hands to his chest, right above his beating heart.

“Your parents. Both the Kents here who cared for you like you were one of their own, and Jor-El and Lara who sent you away to save you from their dying planet. Kara. Pete. Lois. Oliver. Jimmy. Even Lex for a period. And me. How can you dismiss a humanity that has given so much to you, a stranger from another galaxy,” said Chloe.

“Humanity has made me weak,” said Clark, finally speaking up to Chloe’s surprise. “I can’t even protect the ones I love, let alone an entire world.”

Chloe flashed him a sad smile. “Despite what Jor-El, Brainiac, or Luthors think you’re not a god, Clark.”

“Then you agree, I shouldn’t let anyone close to me.”

“If you wanted to be alone forever, sure. But it is too late for that, Clark. I’ve been close to you since before you knew you had a destiny greater than being a farm boy in Smallville. What would be left for me if you went away? I think I would die inside if you left me too,” said Chloe, stepping back and turning away from Clark, trusting he would still be there.

“You could forget about me, Chloe,” said Clark. “Start over away from Metropolis, Smallville, away from the pain I’ve caused you.”

“And what would that get us, Clark? Two solitary lives haunted with the memories of our past. We’re in the same boat, you and me. Two orphans adrift in the sea of life. Our remaining family avoids us because we remind them of their own losses.”

“I’ve always tried to protect you, Chloe,” said Clark in a whisper. “I don’t want to fail you like I failed everyone else.”

Chloe turned back to face him. “Then please, Clark, stay and show me what it’s like to be alive again? By my side, like always.”

Clark remained silent but Chloe did not see as much darkness in his eyes like he had when he first arrived at Watchtower. She closed the distance between them and stood on her tiptoes, kissing his chin.

“I’m tired of all the pain, Clark,” she said softly.

He did not answer but lowered his head, bringing his mouth within her reach. Chloe pushed her lips against his, soft meeting hard in a bargain of fate.

“Please, Clark,” said Chloe against his mouth. “I loved you with my entire being once. I want to feel that again.”

She pressed a kiss to Clark’s lips again, but this time his lips were not as cold and stiff, they were almost pliant against hers but the kiss was still one-sided. Doubt was beginning to grow in Chloe but right before she was about to pull away and deal with the sting of his rejection, Clark kissed her back.

His lips seemed to warm under her attention and when Chloe pushed her tongue against his mouth, Clark acquiesced and let it enter. While their tongues touched, he brought his hands down to her waist, lifting Chloe up into the air with ease and supporting her so she did not have to continue to stretch up to kiss.

Chloe ran her hands through his hair lovingly, causing a pleasurable sigh to emit from Clark’s throat. She pulled back to inspect her progress, and to her satisfaction Clark’s face was now an open book of emotion. They locked gazes and in a blink, Chloe found herself lying on her back in the Watchtower bedroom with Clark hovering over her.

He looked incredible from her point of view, with the light coming through the Watchtower’s stained glass windows illuminating him, but Chloe could not help but think that they were now in what was supposed to be her and Jimmy’s bedroom. She had been crying herself to sleep in it for several nights already, but this was different with Clark, they were about to forge a lasting bond.

Clark had started kissing her neck, but noticed her lack of response and pulled back.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

Chloe shook her head sadly. “Nothing. I just never imagined my first time being intimate in the Watchtower would be so soon, especially after everything that’s happened.”

Clark tenderly brushed her blonde locks away from her forehead. “Do you want to go somewhere else? I should have realized, I just thought-”

“No, this is perfect,” interrupted Chloe with a watery smile. “We’ve always faced obstacles together, this isn’t any different. It’s time to close the chapter on that part of my life and step into the future. With you.”

She reached up, pulling Clark’s head back down and capturing his lips hungrily in a kiss. With their mouths busy their hands quickly followed suit, searching out the buckles and buttons of their clothing and starting the undressing process.

Clark slipped off Chloe’s belt before she could notice, and she pushed his jacket off his shoulders and ripped open his button down shirt before the jacket had even hit the ground.

His muscled chest immediately drew Chloe’s attention, and she began to lavish his bare skin with kisses. Her lips burned deliciously from the rising heat of Clark’s body, causing Chloe to constantly wet her lips after each kiss.

Clark’s breathing hitched, and then in a blink, Chloe found herself on top of him, straddling his hips. She could feel his growing arousal pressed against her and Chloe rocked her hips in reaction, enjoying the flashes of pleasure beginning to rise inside her.

Chloe felt a breeze, causing her to glance down and witness Clark’s hands at work. They were a blur as she soon found herself without her blouse, pants or underwear and was not jostled once in the process. The feel of her cool skin against Clark’s warmth sent shivers down her spine.

“Yes, right there,” said Chloe, when she felt Clark’s hands grip her rear and pull her tightly against his crotch. He still wore his pants but she knew that it could be gone in a flash when they were ready, besides, she thought with a grin, grinding her wetness and leaving a trail on his fly seemed incredibly hot at the moment.

Clark spent his time switching between caressing her flat stomach affectionately and reaching up to tease her very sensitive erect nipples. Every touch of her tips sent sensations through Chloe that had her itching for more contact. She thought about having Clark’s mouth on them but there was another part of him that was a much more pressing matter to her wants.

Chloe locked gazes with Clark and nodded her readiness. She fell against him, her perky breasts pressed against his hardbody while he shifted underneath her. He took his time and did not use his abilities to remove his pants, seeming eager to savor the moment.

Soon enough the last barrier between their bodies were gone and Chloe and Clark found themselves in a fully naked embrace. She pushed up on his chest and returned to straddling his hips. This time Chloe could feel his erect penis pressing against the opening of vagina.

A naughty grin on her face Chloe slowly rubbed herself against Clark’s penis, lathering his shaft with her wetness, helping lubricate it for where she was about to put it. Clark groaned at the contact, his hips reflexively thrusting upwards seeking a home for his penis.

“Chloe,” grunted Clark, as she reached down and took hold of his quivering penis.

She guided it directly under the entrance of her vagina and slowly lowered her hips until they were barely touching. Biting her lip, Chloe looked up at Clark’s face as she continued her descent and began gently engulfing his penis.

Clark’s eyes grew wider and his breaths shorter as she made her progress down to his pelvis. His penis was filling her in a way she had never been before. It was not her first time nor was it necessarily the girth or size of it but it had more to do with the feelings that were attached to the act and the person she was doing it with this time.

Chloe never thought this once often fantasized dream of hers would ever come true, and despite the factors that brought about the situation, it was doing a phenomenal job of living up to her expectations, especially if Clark stayed true and did not leave afterward. But she did not want to think about that now, especially with her hips currently connected to his.

“Chloe,” repeated Clark, drawing Chloe’s eyes to his.

There was a warmth behind them now that Chloe never thought she would see again, and none of the darkness from earlier was visible. She was sure that her eyes were reflecting the same emotion as her heart began to flutter and the emotional pain she had been feeling for much too long was finally beginning to dissipate.

Clark’s thrusts upward became more shaky and erratic, and Chloe knew he was closing in on his climax. Wanting to reach her orgasm at the same time as Clark, she moved one of her hands down and helped stimulate herself with her fingers. The combination of Clark’s penis moving in and out of her along with the pressure of her fingers started to create sparks of pleasure inside her that Chloe knew was the beginning of her orgasm.

“Yes, yes,” chanted Chloe, her hand moving faster and her hips becoming as erratic in its movements as Clark’s.

Chloe’s vaginal walls started contracting around Clark’s penis, creating the right amount of pressure to send him over the edge, causing him to ejaculate inside her just as she reached her peak and crested with pleasure.

“Oh, Clark,” she exclaimed, stiffening in pleasure before collapsing bonelessly against his chest.

Chloe found herself relaxing in a pleasurable haze for an indeterminate amount of time, but as she slowly regained her awareness of her surroundings she found herself still lying on top of Clark, puffing gently against his chest while he stroked her slick back.

A sudden flash of doubt filled Chloe despite Clark’s caring touch. Afraid to look up at him, she drew a circle with her finger on his chest while she asked, “Is this a dream I’m going to wake up from?”

Clark’s hands moved to guide her face upwards to his. “No, it’s not. We’re still alone, but now we’re together. You were right, there can still be light in the darkest of times. You showed me that tonight. I’m not going anywhere, Chloe.”

He bent his head and kissed her forehead, luring Chloe’s bright smile out of hiding. She slid upwards along Clark’s sweaty chest and kissed him with all the love she was currently feeling.

The only sounds echoing in the Watchtower the rest of that night was Chloe and Clark’s continuous lovemaking, and as the sun began to rise and light began to filter through the windows, the Watchtower, much like Chloe and Clark had weathered the storm and was welcoming the start of a new day. A much brighter one.

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