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TITLE: Not According to Plan
FANDOM: Harry Potter
RATING: Not Safe For Work (MA/NC-17)
PROMPT: jealous, tease, hands, know
CHARACTERS: Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Lavender Brown, Hermione Granger, Professor Horace Slughorn, Ginny Weasley
PAIRINGS: Harry Potter/Hermione Granger, implied Ron/Lavender, implied Ginny/Dean
WORDS: 6010
SUMMARY: With neither Weasley free and a Christmas party to attend, Harry and Hermione put in motion a plan to go together and make their crushes jealous. At least that is the plan Harry is following.
  • An alternate take of the situation surrounding Slughorn's Christmas Party from Chapter 15 "The Unbreakable Vow" in Half-Blood Prince.
  • Written for Porn Battle XI
  • Abbreviated version of story for submission posted in this thread


Normally for a teenage boy, preparing for a date with an attractive girl was something to be both excited and nervous about. For Harry Potter, nerves were the bigger issue as the date he was about to go on was one he never expected to happen. That did not stop the little flutter in his stomach that he stubbornly refused to acknowledge as excitement. After all, the girl he was going on a date with that night was his best friend, Hermione Granger, as part of a plan the two of them came up with to make Ron Weasley and his sister Ginny jealous.

Both Weasleys were currently dating other members of Gryffindor House, and Harry and Hermione had come up with a plan to show them what they were missing.

Yet now only moments away from heading downstairs to the Gryffindor common room to meet Hermione and put the first part of their plan into motion, Harry worried whether it would work. Ginny seemed content to spend her free time with Dean, and most of the time Ron could not separate his mouth from Lavender’s.

Still, Harry had stayed quiet when Ron asked earlier who he was taking to Professor Slughorn’s Christmas party, only mentioning that he was lucky the date he had wanted to take was available. He hated hiding the truth from his other best friend, but Hermione had drilled into him in the days leading up to the party that there could not be any weakness in their story.

Then again, sneaking out after curfew for practice sessions of affection in the empty Transfiguration classroom was not entirely bothersome if he was honest with himself; being a teenage wizard with raging hormones and eyes for his best friend’s sister, he was not.

Realizing he had spent enough time adjusting his dress robes in front of the mirror, Harry sighed and left the sixth year boys’ dormitory. The common room was only half-full, with it being nearly eight o’clock its occupants were mostly those socializing with the other gender or studying.

Harry spotted Ron kissing Lavender over in a corner that happened to be in perfect view of the girls’ staircase. Walking over to the couple, he let out a short cough to alert them of his presence.

“Hey mate,” said Ron, detaching his lips from Lavender’s “All set for your party I see. Where are you meeting this amazing date of yours?”

The opening he had been looking for to start the evening’s plan had arrived and Harry pinched himself to keep from seeming to eager. “Right here actually. I’m just waiting for her to come down.”

His answer immediately caught Lavender’s interest, her eyes lighting up in wonderment. “Wait, you’re going with a Gryffindor?” she asked excitedly. “Is it Parvati? She didn’t mention anything to me and it makes sense because she was your date for the Yule Ball two years ago. Maybe she didn’t want to make a big deal about tonight incase things went sour like last time. You know, you weren’t that great of a date, Harry-”

“It’s not Parvati, Lavender,” interrupted Harry. “And back then I was fourteen-year-old boy crushed that I wasn’t going with the girl I wanted to. It’s a piss poor excuse but I would hope that Parvati was over that by now. If I’m not wrong she was getting pretty cozy with that Beauxbatons chap by the end of that night.”

“Oh, that’s right,” said Lavender giggling. “Parvati told me all about Lumiére. He was such a flirt. So if it’s not Parvati, who is it, Ginny?”

“No, can’t be. She’s with Dean, remember?” said Ron. “Someone from her year then, mate?”

Harry had kept his eye on the staircase and finally saw the bushy head he was waiting for pop into view for a moment. At her nod he turned to back to his red-headed friend. “See for yourself, Ron,” said Harry, waving his arm in the direction of the girls staircase.

Both Ron and Lavender looked past Harry excitedly as down the staircase came a Hermione Granger like none before. Their jaws dropped, along with Harry’s, as they took in the pink calf-length cocktail dress she wore. Harry tried to ignore how wonderfully the dress seemed to showcase her legs and bust but was having trouble doing so.

It was a genuine surprise for Harry as Hermione had refused to even hint to him earlier what she would be wearing to the party and now he could see why. The true beauty that radiated from her demure demeanor made it impossible for him to not have an honest appreciative reaction, fake date or not.

“Hermione?!” exclaimed Lavender, jumping up to embrace the girl. “You look amazing in that dress.”

Ron however turned to Harry with a scowl. “Hermione’s your date? Are you mad?”

Harry gulped from the intensity of his friend’s glare, but was saved from answering thanks to Hermione’s quick thinking.

“Of course he’s mad, Ronald,” said Hermione matter-of-factly. “He’s madly in love.”

With a toss of her bushy hair, she closed the distance between Harry and leaped into his arms for a kiss.

Harry was surprised by the off-script kiss but quickly recovered to put his hands on Hermione’s waist and hold her against him. They were about the same height already, so with the heels she was wearing Hermione was slightly taller and Harry had to tilt up to keep their lips connected.

The kiss was starting to heat up and Hermione was clutching his hair, but Harry tried to keep up the pretense and look like he was enjoying himself which was not difficult considering he actually was.

Harry did stay aware of their audience standing just a few feet away and when Hermione tried to hook her leg around his hip, Harry subtly pushed it back down. He knew she wanted to display some affection in front of Ron but Harry was a little worried what an angry Ron might do if they went too far with it.

His signals seemed to get through to his bushy-haired date and she finally stepped back, making sure to look thoughtful and lick her lips appreciatively right in front of Ron. Harry subconsciously mirrored her actions.

“Tasty as always, Harry,” she said.

Much to Harry’s dismay that seemed to push Ron’s buttons as he turned redder in the face than Harry could ever remember seeing him.

“So when did this happen?” said Ron gritting his teeth.

“Oh, me and Harry?” said Hermione with a smile. “A few weeks ago. When it turned out I needed a date for Slughorn’s Christmas party and so did Harry, we came to realize we should go together. Harry wanted to practice some dancing since the last time he danced at the Yule Ball he wasn’t very good-”

“That was for sure,” said Lavender nodding.

“-So we started dancing after hours in the Transfiguration classroom alone and realized that we enjoyed our time together so much that maybe we could be more. After all, who better to date than your best friend? You know, Ron, if it wasn’t for our fight, Harry and I might have never found each other attractive romantically.” Hermione hooked her arm with Harry’s, looking the part of a girl in love.

Harry thought she was laying it on a bit thick but was more worried that her pulling him close was actually putting him right in the path of Ron, whose scowl was growing to epic proportions. To his relief, Lavender seemed to sense the growing tension and she put her arm around her boyfriend’s waist.

“Well, you two have fun tonight,” she said cheerfully. “Make sure to find yourselves under the mistletoe a bunch at the party. I heard that your parents were quite the lovebirds at a Slughorn Christmas party during their last year, Harry. Let’s go, Ron.”

Ron seemed reluctant to leave, his face showing both anger and skepticism but he eventually moved once Lavender’s eyes threatened to narrow. They walked off to another part of the common room and after they left Harry nearly collapsed with his legs feeling like they were hit by a jelly-legs jinx.

Thankfully Hermione noticed and helped him over to the cushy armchair that Ron and Lavender had been occupying when he had entered the common room. To keep up appearances, she sat on his lap once he had settled, which sent Harry’s stress levels back through the roof.

“Hermione,” said Harry in a whisper. “I don’t think Ron can see us now.”

“It’s not just Ron,” said Hermione patiently. “Lavender is part of the Hogwarts gossip circle, Harry. In short time everyone in Hogwarts, let alone Gryffindor, will know we are together. This is what they need to see.”

“If you say so,” said Harry, unaware of how close Hermione was paying attention to his reactions as well.

Once she seemed satisfied with his response, a big smile burst upon Hermione’s face. “And it’s working, Harry! Did you see how jealous Ron was getting? He couldn’t take his eyes off us after we kissed.”

Harry rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly. “I don’t know, Hermione, he seemed more upset at our ‘relationship’ being behind his back than us actually being in one.”

“Pish posh,” said Hermione dismissively. “It was jealousy, Harry. He didn’t think anyone would ever find me fascinating enough to date, and you’ve proven him wrong.” Stirred from her words, a lone tear trickled down her face. “Even if it’s only a fake date.”

“Hey, none of that now,” said Harry softly, using his finger to gently wipe away her tear and then steer her chin upwards. “You are more than fascinating for any wizard, Hermione. Viktor Krum fancied you, McLaggen as well, and if I was any sort of bloke that wasn’t already crazy about a witch I would definitely fancy you too.”

“Thank you, Harry,” said a red-cheeked Hermione. “You truly are my best friend. I don’t know what I would do without you.”

Harry’s stomach twisted as thoughts of Voldemort popped into his head but he shoved them away. Tonight was their night and we was not going to ruin their plan with thoughts of the harsh reality awaiting him outside of Hogwarts. He instead remembered the party, that they were now going to be late for.

“Hermione! The party, we have to go,” he said, helping her off his lap, grabbing her hand and leading her from the common room.

They heard some whispers as they passed but most seemed to just be watching them act as a couple. Once outside of the Gryffindor common room Hermione had Harry stop so she could fix her makeup, and he found it fascinating how a few waves of her wand erased any traces of her emotional outburst.

The trek to Slughorn’s office for the Christmas party was long but they made haste and entered the party soon enough that to the other guests it only seemed that they were being fashionably late. Slughorn was quick to greet them upon their entrance.

“Harry, my boy, and Miss Granger, my word, are you two together?” said Slughorn in gleeful surprise. At their confirmation the older wizard shouted his congratulations alerting the entire party to the news of their coupling.

Used to overwhelming attention Harry took the announcement in stride and smiled affably to the crowd. Looking to Hermione, he was surprised how in her element she seemed. She accepted their friends praise with ease as they came up to congratulate them and she looked so natural on his arm that even Harry was starting to believe that was where Hermione belonged.

A crowd grew around them no matter where they went in the room, to the point that their refreshments began to just appear in their hands as they socialized with the other partygoers. Harry had a feeling the Hogwarts House-elves were at work but he was not going to mention that to Hermione who seemed too focused on their plan to have realized that fact.

Slughorn hung around and maneuvered them around the room like they were the party’s guests of honor, which Harry felt probably was not far off considering the professor’s tendencies towards gifted and talented witches and wizards. They were introduced to several influential people attending the party including two members of the Weird Sisters band, a well-known wizarding author with his vampire companion, several Ministry of Magic officials, the owner of Honeydukes down in Hogsmeade and Gwenog Jones, Captain of the Holyhead Harpies.

During these face to face introductions, Hermione came out of her previously planned persona and showed signs of the eager to gain knowledge witch that Harry knew all too well. She told him later that she found several of the guests fascinating while Harry’s clear favorite was Gwenog for obvious reasons.

The Quidditch star even toasted the couple, which seemed to make Hermione appreciate the witch more and forced them to drink their third or fourth glass of the party. Harry was starting to lose count but the warm buzz he was feeling was nothing to complain about.

The constant attention left little time to take in the decorations and splendor of Slughorn’s office, but as it got later into the evening Harry did notice they had not crossed paths with Ginny yet and since she was the next target of their plan he started to look around for her. It was well into the party before they finally came upon their friend and it was entirely by accident.

Hermione, who was starting to giggle more often now that she had a few drinks in her - even at less than funny comments by Harry - lost her grip on her drink after Harry told the owner of Honeydukes how big a fan he was of his back door policy and a bout of giggles overtook her. The owner’s befuddled look was the last straw and her drink went tumbling to the ground, splashing everyone nearby.

Harry could not keep from smiling but still apologized for the spill, waving his wand to dry those that were hit and had not done so themselves already and to make the fallen glass disappear. Hooking his arm with Hermione, he turned and nearly ran right into Ginny Weasley who had apparently been standing behind them the entire time.

“Oh, Ginny,” said Harry surprised. “Didn’t see you there. We’ve been looking for you.” He indicated Hermione, who merely smiled and snuggled more into his hold. Harry was unsure whether it was the drinks or the plan but went with it.

“Well, I would say you didn’t do that good of a job,” said Ginny with a smirk on her lips. “You two were too distracted to notice me as part of the group around you. I might have taken offense if it weren’t for the most interesting discussions you were having.”

Hermione’s eyes brightened in excitement. “Wasn’t Sanguini so fascinating?” she asked the younger girl. “I mean, I knew vampires existed but to actually meet one in the flesh during a social setting. I never would have dreamed it.”

“Yeah, I was as surprised as you. I wasn’t expecting there to be a vampire at the party but this is Hogwarts, where anything is possible,” said Ginny. “I do think he must have drank beforehand; he didn’t seem at all distracted being around so many youthful bodies.”

“I admit it was slightly thrilling, having my neck bare and on display in front of him,” said Hermione with a giggle that turned into a snort. “Listen to us, we sound like a pair of housewitches.”

To Harry, the conversation was taking an entirely too friendly turn for what was supposed to be a plan to make Ginny jealous. Her lack of reaction to Harry and Hermione’s ‘relationship’ was perturbing so Harry felt it was time to steer the plan back onto track.

“Believe me, you definitely don’t look like a housewitch, Hermione,” offered Harry with a leer and a kiss on her aforementioned neck.

Hermione seemed caught off guard by his affection but soon enough she brought her hand up to hold him to her neck. Harry however, was more focused on Ginny’s reaction. Her eyes seemed to widen and her cheeks became slightly flushed, if he had glanced at Hermione he would have noticed he was causing a similar effect to her.

“So it is true,” said Ginny, a slightly curious tone in her voice. “I heard Slughorn announce it but I thought he might have misunderstood you two escorting each other. Apparently not.”

Hermione pushed Harry back slightly and looked intently at her friend. “Does this bother you, Ginny? I know you used to ...” She trailed off and glanced in Harry’s direction.

Eager to see Ginny’s response, Harry slipped around behind Hermione and rested his chin on her shoulder in perfect view of their ginger-haired friend. His arms found themselves naturally encircling Hermione and settling just under her bust. When Hermione relaxed into his embrace with a sigh, Harry wondered why the simple action felt so right.

“It’s not - I can’t - This is so - Ugh!”

Ginny’s flustered response brought Harry back to reality. The plan seemed to be working!

“Oh, Ginny,” said Hermione sympathetically, glancing at Harry. “If this is going to be a problem for you-”

“No!” interrupted Ginny forcefully, her cheeks reddening from her outburst. “I just wasn’t expecting this. Don’t mind me, I’m happy for both of you. I have Dean, Ron has Lavender and you two have each other. We’re one big happy bunch.” Her voice seemed to lose its enthusiasm by the end of her statement and Harry could hot help but notice he had not seen Dean once during the party.

But before Harry could turn the conversation to his advantage and console Ginny, Hermione jumped in and embraced their friend, clearly having another plan in mind. Or at least that was what Harry hoped; things were not going exactly to plan and Harry was starting to wonder if he and Hermione were on the same page.

Ginny said her goodbyes a short while later and with the party starting to wind down the guests began to make their departures. Despite not having either Weasley around as an audience Hermione stayed attached to Harry’s side and he could not deny that he enjoyed the closeness.

They danced to a few songs and took a few pictures with Slughorn and together before making their own exit from the party. There were only a few guests left along with Slughorn - mostly those trying to gain the professor’s favor - that were witness to the couple leaving, Hermione’s bushy brown head resting against Harry’s shoulder and his arm around her waist.

With it being such a late hour the Hogwarts corridors were mostly dark with a scant amount of candles lit every now and then, mostly near turns where someone would get hurt walking into a wall if it was dark.

Harry and Hermione took their time, weaving back and forth while laughing softly and whispering about the interesting moments of the party and what their Christmas vacation plans were. Harry had been anxious about how their plan went but Hermione’s enthusiasm was contagious and the several drinks he had in his system agreed with mellowing out and enjoying himself.

Hermione had them stop when they reached a staircase to climb so she could put her arm around his shoulder and lean on him as she slipped off her heels. Harry offered to carry them for her but she merely waved him off and used her wand, shrinking her heels to a size small enough to fit into Harry’s pocket, where she immediately put it, patting his dress robes afterward.

They continued onto the staircase and upwards towards Gryffindor Tower, however, when they reached the seventh floor instead of heading to the Fat Lady’s portrait and the entrance of their common room, Hermione tugged on Harry’s hand and led him in the opposite direction.

Confused, Harry’s curiosity had him following without question. For a second he thought she was taking him to the Room of Requirement but she ignored the turn down that corridor and instead chose to move aside a tapestry Harry did not remember noticing before and heading into the secret passage behind it.

“Where are we going?” he asked, following her in.

“You’ll see,” said Hermione cryptically. She squeezed his hand briefly and returned to her silence.

The passage was pitch black and winding, and Harry knew he would be blindly lost without Hermione who was striding through as if she could see where everything was. He tightened his grip on her hand and tried to keep up with her pace, trusting her knowledge like he always did when she knew more than he about something, which was fairly often.

Harry noticed the floor beneath their feet start to elevate as they went indicating they were climbing higher. The distance they walked made it clear they were not in Gryffindor Tower any longer but knowing Hogwarts he would not have been surprised if they somehow ended up near the school lake.

Before he could come up with zanier exits for them to arrive at, Hermione finally slowed to a stop, bringing Harry out of his thoughts. They seemed to have reached a dead end.

“Did we take a wrong turn?” said Harry. “It is awfully dark in here. I can’t see a thing.”

The sound of shuffling in front of him was Hermione turning around to face him. He was ready to suggest to her maybe they should just head back when he felt her lips touch his and he stopped thinking about talking. The kiss did not last long enough for his taste, and when she pulled back Harry licked his lips reflexively, the taste of her lingering on his mouth.

“Hush, Harry,” she said softly.

He stepped close and found that she had turned back around and seemed to be feeling the wall in front of them searching for something. A few seconds later she found what she was looking for.


The wall in front of them slowly slid away, letting in natural moonlight and revealing an entrance way to the Astronomy Tower. Harry was stunned but followed Hermione into the observation area of the tower not noticing the hidden entrance slide shut behind him.

“I didn’t know there was a passage to get here from Gryffindor Tower,” said Harry.

Hermione spun on her heel and flashed Harry a smile with her bushy curls bouncing behind her. “Where do you think Gryffindors went to make out, Harry? They were certainly not going to take the long way around to get here. The Ravenclaws have their own passage from their tower; Padma Patil showed me during one of our prefect patrols. Not everyone can discover the Room of Requirement like you.”

She shook her head amusedly and walked out onto the tower’s terrace, leaning out against the parapet. The moonlight reflected off her skin and dress in a wondrous fashion, stirring feelings inside Harry that felt like a monstrous roar that only grew louder once Hermione threw her head back and with her glittering hair created a scene that seemed like something that would be in a music box.

Harry found himself walking towards her as if he was in a trance. His arms went around her and she leaned back into his embrace while they looked out at the scenery beyond them. After a few minutes of enjoying the view, Hermione turned around in his arms and started kissing his neck.

Harry enjoyed the feel of her lips against his skin, and instinctively started reciprocating his affections, moving his hands to Hermione’s back where he began to rub her gently. The fact that he was doing this with Hermione had not left him.

“What are we doing, Hermione?” said Harry softly into her ear.

She stopped kissing his neck and moved to his chin and jawline before landing on his earlobe for a nibble. “We’re doing what we should have done long ago, Harry.”

“But this wasn’t the plan. I’m not Ron, and you’re not Ginny.”

Hermione pulled back to look into his eyes. “No we’re not, Harry. But can’t you feel how right this is?”

It did feel right, but this was his best friend, reasoned Harry. He couldn’t bare to lose her if something went wrong. But when he looked down into her eyes to tell her that they could never be, what he saw surprised him. There was a level of intensity and passion in Hermione that he usually equated with her most dedicated goals in life, whether it be fighting for the rights of equality for all beings or defending innocents lives against the forces of evil.

To see that passion directed at him with a layer of love just as intense melted away Harry’s doubts and in a blink he had recaptured her lips in a kiss. Their mouths molded together and their tongues came together in an epic clash.

Hermione’s hands came up to grip his hair and her weight came upon him after his hands slipped lower to cup her rear and pull her closer to his body. Hermione grunted softly against his lips when Harry reflexively squeezed.

Aware of their surroundings Harry guided Hermione to the edge of the astronomy tower terrace, moving his hands down to her thighs in order to hoist her up onto the parapet. Hermione’s legs immediately wrapped around him, pulling Harry close and causing her dress to flutter back towards her waist, revealing the previously hidden areas of her bare legs.

Harry kept one hand on Hermione’s back for support while moving the other along the expanse of her bared legs. He started up at her hip against the bunches of her pink dress, using the tips of his fingers to slowly glide down her leg in a gentle caress. Goosebumps appeared along the trail he left as he touched her soft thighs, creamy calves, smooth ankles - where on her left leg rested a shining anklet that Harry lingered on- and her delicate feet.

Hermione broke off their kiss and sighed against his chest softly, before almost immediately becoming more vocal due to his stroking, with moans beginning to emerge from her throat. Her hands released their grip from Harry’s hair and moved down to the collar of his dress robes instead, slowly unbuttoning it and pulling it off his shoulders to reveal his underwear-clad body to her eyes.

She glanced up to see Harry smiling down at her.

“Enjoying the view?” teased Harry.

With heavy-lidded eyes, she nodded slyly and stroked his chest. “I’d enjoy it more if you weren’t wearing all this underneath.”

Making sure Hermione had a hand on the parapet to support herself, Harry moved his hands and eagerly yanked the undershirt off his body. The cold, night air instantly hit his chest, enticing Harry to return to Hermione’s embrace which he quickly did with a kiss.

Harry’s heart was racing, he felt like he was on fire and he was eager to make Hermione feel the same way. His hands did not return to her legs however, this time they traveled upwards, along her slim arms that were roaming his own body, to her silky shoulders before finally landing on the luscious curves of her chest.

Hermione had a sudden intake of breath at the contact, biting her lip and letting out a tuneful hum before relaxing again and flashing Harry a sultry smile.

“If I’d know you had such magic hands, I would have done this ages ago,” she said breathily.

Harry looked into her eyes and fell in love with what he saw. “I doubt it would have been as perfect as this moment is right now.” He lowered his head and kissed Hermione again. He was beginning to get addicted to the taste of her lips. He could not get enough of it.

She however, was interested in other pursuits and pushed Harry back after a few minutes of intensive kissing.

“Harry, I feel a little overdressed at the moment,” said Hermione smirking wickedly. “Care to rectify that?”

With his hands currently caressing her breasts over her dress, Harry knew he should not be acting shy but he reflexively gulped when he glanced up at the straps of her dress. The thought of seeing Hermione naked made him excited but nervous at the same time.

Taking a deep breath first to calm himself, Harry leaned in and pecked Hermione’s lips.

“I’d love to,” he whispered.

Harry left a trail of kisses along her jawline, and down her neck until his mouth met up with his hands at Hermione’s shoulders. Lifting the offending straps away, Harry quickly kissed the newly bare areas. He continued kissing every inch of bare skin that was revealed as he slowly pulled down the top of her dress.

Hermione’s moans grew louder the more he bared and the closer his lips came to her heaving breasts. Her hands gripped Harry’s back, her nails digging in once she felt his hot breath nearing the top of her breasts.

Harry winced but smiled against her skin, realizing Hermione was just as aroused as he felt. His lips touched the curves of her breast and he enjoyed feeling the hitch in her breath at the contact. His tongue flicked out to taste her nipple and Hermione lost control, letting out a guttural moan while her hands moved to keep Harry’s mouth to her breast.

He gently teased her nipple with his teeth, enjoying the different squeaks he was causing Hermione to emit. Not wanting to leave her other breast unattended, he moved his hand over it, caressing and fondling with a care that was turning Hermione into a panting mess in his arms.

He let go of the nipple in his mouth and went to devour the other when Hermione’s hands stopped him.

“Wait,” she said, trying to catch her breath. “I’m ready, Harry. I need you in me now before I explode.”

Harry realized that intercourse was what she meant but he wanted to make sure, they would not be able to go back after that. He reached up and pushed away the sweaty curls matted to her forehead so he could see Hermione’s face clearly.

“Are you sure, Hermione?”

She reached up and surprised Harry by caressing his cheek tenderly.

“I’ve never been surer of anything, Harry,” said Hermione with a warm smile. “You are my best friend and I love you.”

Harry’s eyes began to water. He had not expected to fall in love with his best friend, but he could not deny that he felt the same way. With unexpected tears blinding his vision, Harry leaned in the direction of Hermione’s face and kissed her wetly. She was just as emotional and threw her arms around his neck and hugged him tightly.

They stayed that way for several minutes, the clear night sky and hooting owls from the Owlery across the way their only audience.

“I love y-” Harry’s words were stopped by Hermione’s finger against her lips. The wicked look had returned but it was joined by a loving gaze hiding behind it.

“Show me instead,” said Hermione.

Harry nodded, surprising Hermione by taking her finger into his mouth, sucking on it and lavishing it with his tongue much like he had other parts of her body. Knowing she was still holding on tight, Harry moved his hands down her body for one last caress.

When he reached her hips where her dress was bunched up, Hermione detached her legs from his waist and hung against him on the tips of her toes while he pushed down her dress and panties in one motion. The clothing settled on the floor, and Harry could not help but glance between her legs at the newly revealed thatch of downy brown hair that covered her glistening vagina.

“Beautiful,” said Harry in awe, causing Hermione to giggle.

An exhilarated Hermione let Harry out of the tight hold she had and propped herself back on the terrace parapet, posing with her chest out and legs splayed for Harry’s viewing enjoyment.

“Now, drop those shorts and come over here, I’m getting cold,” Hermione said with a fake pout.

Harry had a dreamy smile stuck on his face but he followed her orders, stepping out of his underwear and rejoining Hermione in an embrace, this time with both of them naked and his eager penis resting against the quivering lips of her vagina.

They locked gazes and Hermione moved her hand downwards, encircling his penis and guiding it towards her entrance. After a little maneuvering Harry’s tip started to part the vaginal lips, so Hermione removed her hand, placing her arms back around Harrys neck.

“Make love to me Harry,” said Hermione.

Harry nodded, moving his hands down to her hips and slowly thrusting forward, filling Hermione at an agonizingly pleasurable pace. Her legs tightened their grip on him and her bare heels dug into his buttocks, encouraging him to press forward as much as possible.

Harry’s penis was enclosed in a snug heat that was indescribable to feel. He leaned forward and captured Hermione in a passionate kiss that muffled their moans as he started to piston his hips and create a wonderful friction between his penis and her vagina.

Hermione’s hands groped his back wildly while Harry began to find a rhythm with his hips. He did not mind the scratches that were bound to happen as they were a result of the wondrous things he was doing to the beautiful witch in his arms.

Hermione’s legs squeezed him as his thrusts were beginning to lift her hips off the parapet. Realizing their precarious position, Harry moved his hands to the round curves of her rear and lifted Hermione fully onto him, her bare breasts pressing wonderfully against his chest while she rode his penis.

They were so lost in their passion that they did not notice their activities had drawn the attention of Fawkes the Phoenix, who soared high above them, circling and singing its musical song in celebration.

Hermione’s vagina began to quake and she clutched Harry as she went into the throes of an orgasm. The pressure against his penis sent Harry over the peak as well, and he exploded with pleasure inside her. The ecstasy both felt was so intense, that it felt like a small magical shockwave was produced, causing Harry to fall to his knees, barely holding Hermione to him.

It took several minutes for them to come down from that high of emotions and magic, and both were content to stay where they were in their naked embrace still connected. Both Harry and Hermione’s bodies were glistening from sweat and they were trying to catch their breath after so much exertion.

Hermione leaned her head against Harry’s neck. “That was wonderful,” she said.

Harry nodded, opening his eyes to take in the vision of his beautiful best friend he had just made love to. “I love you, Hermione,” he said, stroking her hair.

Hermione seemed exhausted, merely nodding sleepily and snuggling closer to Harry. “I knew,” she murmured. “Just needed you to see it too.”

Harry sat their with a befuddled look on his face, while his nude best friend fell asleep in his arms. This was the real plan all along? Harry did not understand witches at all, and once Fawkes landed on the Astronomy Tower parapet, the phoenix gave him a look that said Harry never would.

Glancing down at Hermione, Harry could not help but think that it was okay he did not understand witches because he knew one that was not afraid to tell him what he needed to know.
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