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2014-09-24 02:02 pm
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2014-09-22 11:19 pm
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Fall TV 2014 Watching Schedule

Year 5 of Let's pretend I actually watch shows and don't fall miserably behind on everything (but last year I actually did a remarkable job of seeing nearly every new show although 75% of them were cancelled. lol :( ) ( 2010 - 2011 - 2012 - 2013 )

Codes: BOLD (Excited for) ITALICS (Wishful Thinking)
  • 730PM Bob's Burgers S5, FOX (Currently watching S3)
  • 8PM Once Upon a Time S4, ABC (Haven't seen past 1x06)
  • 830PM Brooklyn Nine-Nine S2, FOX (All caught up. Weird move to Sunday though.)
  • 10PM CSI S15, CBS (Legacy Show. The finale was uninspired.)
  • 8PM Gotham S1, FOX (Curious and nervous to see how the mythology gets interpreted.)
  • 9PM Sleepy Hollow S2, FOX (Haven't watched but plan to catch up shortly)
  • 8PM NCIS S12, CBS (Legacy show. Revitalized with the Bishop addition. Needed some young blood.)
  • 8PM The Flash S1, CW (Not a fan of the suit but hopeful for the series. Can't wait.)
  • 9PM Marvel's Agents of SHIELD S2, ABC (Was an enjoyable show, can't think of an episode that I didn't care for. Maybe Ward's past?)
  • 9PM NCIS: New Orleans S1, CBS (Spinoff. Scott Bakula. Will give the first season a try.)
  • 9PM New Girl S4, FOX (The show may have hit its peak in S2. With Coach's return, the show feels spread thin with too many characters.)
  • 10PM Forever S1, ABC (Wasn't expecting to watch this show but the previews caught me. Seems like an immortal Sherlock Holmes?)
  • 8PM Arrow S3, CW (Almost done with S1, will probably catch up before Thanksgiving?)
  • 8PM Bones S10, FOX (This show is starting to get a bit of the whole lather, rinse & repeat repetitiveness to it. Still not fond of domestic Booth/Bones)
  • 9PM Reign S2, CW (This show puzzles me. I hated the pilot but gifs and posts on tumblr make me want to give it another chance. Maybe.)
  • 10PM Elementary S3, CBS (Still a solid show that more people should watch.)
  • 10PM How to Get Away With Murder S1, ABC (The damn tv preview is catchy as hell. I don't know if i want to try it or not.)
  • 9PM Hawaii Five-0 S5, CBS (Legacy show. I was ready to give up last year but then it sucked me back in somehow.)
  • 10PM Constantine S1, NBC (Curious to see how this goes. Never read the comic or watched the movie. Will give it a chance though.)

  • Galavant S1, ABC (The preview online was hilarious. Hope the show is as fun as that.)
  • Agent Carter S1, ABC (I enjoyed the character in the films, will see how it goes on TV.)
  • Hart of Dixie S4, CW (Onto S2 in my catchup. Really liked Season 1, reminded me of oldschool WB shows.)
  • iZombie S1, CW (I never read the comic but I really like the premise. Could be fun.)
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2014-07-17 10:19 pm
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What I'm Watching July 2014

 Continuing my summer binge watch catch up plans, I’ve seen over 2 seasons of New Girl and am now halfway through Season 3, and after a healthy break of a few months I’ve picked back up Shameless to see the latest season and am halfway through that as well.
First, New Girl.
  • I think Winston is my favorite character now. Him and the whole cat thing, every episode I find myself enjoying his scenes the most. Nick had been my favorite but since coupling with Jess, he just isn’t the same funny character.
  • And Schmidt, I really had liked the twist of hooking up with Cece during Season 1 and getting serious about her but the way they broke that up in S2 & S3 has been more sad than funny and ever since they started doing flashbacks of Schmidt in his fat years, his damn chin looks huge all the time and is distracting me.
  • And Coach. I had really liked him in the pilot but now that he’s back, it just doesn’t feel right. There’s almost too many people now. I’ve noticed less Cece as a result.
Second Shameless.
  • There’s been less, depravity this season, which I’m thankful for, but also I really didn’t like the choices they had Fiona make. Sure she’s had bad taste in men, but she has for the most part been the responsible Gallagher for the most part, and for her to squander her best situation in years/ever so easily … it just didn’t feel true to the character. More like the show making sure that things didn’t get too good for the family and to bring it all back to hell.
  • This seemed to be a recurring theme, like Ian’s return, making choices that he wouldn’t seem to make to bring him back and most likely in even worse shape. And its these odd circumstances that I’m sure are going to pull Lip back away from his escape to college.
  • I think Vee and Kevin are my favorite characters, and the hilarity that is going on with the baby situation and subletting to Mickey and his Russian girls, the confrontation with Stan’s son - they are definitely carrying the lighter side of the show.
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2014-06-14 04:15 pm
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What I'm Watching June 2014

I've been horrible about keeping this journal up to date but I haven't really been doing any original posts on tumblr, mostly reblogging. I have been posting reviews of my first watches of films so that will probably make its way over here too but I'll try to do some more commentary in the future. Now some comments on the TV I've been catching up on this past month since the new stuff has mostly ended.
  • Marvel Agents of SHIELD - I’m still catching up on the show. I just finished 1.16 “End of the Beginning” and still liking the show but I think this is where Captain America 2 gets tied-in next and I haven’t seen that yet so might have to wait awhile to finish.
  • Hart of Dixie - Just finished Season 1. It is so funny how much this feels like old WB show. Even had an episode where a singer popped in to perform. I really liked everything about this show, helped me tolerate all the triangles going on lol. Reminded me of when I enjoyed Everwood.
  • Bob’s Burgers - Finished Season 2. Tumblr pushed me to finally watch it. This is such a good show. I think there’s only been one or two episodes that just were bad.
  • Shameless - Finished Season 3, anxious to start season 4 after hearing all the reactions from friends when it was airing. It’s hard to say how I feel about this show, I care about some of the characters but wow, horrible things happen a lot.

Also on my to-see list this summer but I’ve not started yet:
True Detective
Black Sails
Sleepy Hollow
Orphan Black
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2013-11-11 02:30 pm
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What I'm Watching November 13

  • NCIS - I still watch but it suffers from being unremarkable. I like to rewatch any episode from the first 6 seasons but nothing in the last 5.
  • Bones - I still can’t stand Booth/Brennan domestic scenes but everything inside the Jeffersonian is solid.
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine - The supporting cast is amazing, the episodes are funny and charming. But the main character is hit and miss. Mostly miss for me. Also the secretary, can’t stand her.
  • Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - I’m behind a few episodes but it’s about what I expected. Like Coulson, like Skye, like the pilot. Can’t stand Fitz.
  • Back in the Game - The first new show that I tried and dropped after three episodes. Just didn’t find it funny. Love Maggie Lawson and James Caan but no.
  • The Tomorrow People - Really starting to fall in love with this show. Sure it suffers from CW’s everyone is young and beautiful syndrome, but have been enjoying the episodes and the developing backstory.
  • CSI - I feel like the reinvigorating push that came from adding Danson & Shue is starting to wear off.
  • Once Upon a Time in Wonderland - I’m loving this show but you have to ignore the glaringly obvious green screen scenes when they’re walking around in Wonderland. Jafar is crazy, Alice is courageous, Knave is interesting.
  • The Crazy Ones - It’s on shaky ground of being dropped. It’s very hit and miss, maybe every other episode is good? Some episodes only one moment is good, the rest of the time it’s like a chore to get through.
  • The Michael J. Fox Show - This is a charming show. It reminds me of Modern Family, but not quite as funny. Great cast.
  • Elementary - This show is my favorite show. Every episode is great and I hope it starts getting recognized for it.
  • Hawaii Five-0 - This season has been so much better than last season, when I was ready to drop off from boredom.
  • Dracula - I don’t know how to feel about this show. The story is picking up its pace since the disjointed first episode, but I really don’t care about Grayson and his fascination with Mina Murray. I’d find it more interesting if Grayson somehow found himself falling for the enemy, Lady Jane Wetherby.
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2013-09-26 02:56 pm
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Fall TV 2013 Watching Schedule

Year 4 of Let's pretend I actually watch shows and don't fall miserably behind on everything. ( 2010 - 2011 - 2012 )
Codes: BOLD (Excited for) ITALICS (Wishful Thinking)

8PM Once Upon a Time S3, ABC (Haven't seen past 1x06)
8PM Bones S9, FOX (Mostly a legacy show. Barely pay attention to it since they put Booth/Brennan together)
8PM Hart of Dixie S3, CW (Haven't seen past middle of S1)
9PM Beauty and the Beast S2, CW (Haven't watched an ep)
8PM NCIS S11, CBS (Legacy show. No rewatch value anymore.)
8PM Marvel's Agents of SHIELD S1, ABC (Highly skeptical of quality beyond Whedon pilot. Think the whole MCU is overvalued but will try it out.)
830PM Brooklyn Nine-Nine S1, FOX (Trying it for friends)
9PM New Girl S3, FOX (Catching up. Almost done with S1)
8PM Arrow S2, CW (Haven't watched an ep)
8PM Revolution S2, NBC (Watched half of an ep once)
830PM Back in the Game S1, ABC (Meant to try this for Maggie Lawson. No other real interest otherwise)
9PM The Tomorrow People S1, CW (Was this on yet? I was excited for this but haven't paid attention to when it debuts)
10PM CSI S14, CBS (Legacy Show. The premiere was HORRIBLE. Danson/Shue gave the show a bump the last two seasons but now the show is feeling stale again)
8PM Once Upon a Time in Wonderland S1, ABC (Since this is a spinoff I think I can just jump right on. So I might do that)
8PM The Vampire Diaries S5, CW (Have never watched an ep)
9PM The Crazy Ones S1, CBS (Robin Williams + sitcom + Sarah Michelle Gellar = Sign me up)
930PM The Michael J Fox Show S1, NBC (Michael J Fox. Period. Exclamation point.)
10PM Elementary S2, CBS (My fave new show from last season.)
9PM Hawaii Five-0 S4, CBS (Legacy show. Lost interest during the last season. Now it's on Friday to die eventually)
9PM Grimm S3, NBC (Haven't seen an ep)
10PM Dracula S1, NBC (Can't wait for this! This is my most anticipated Fall show. Hope it succeeds like Elementary did last year for me.)

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2013-03-25 10:49 am
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The Walking Dead S2 Thoughts

When the show went on its mid-season hiatus last year, I stopped watching. Despite the stellar, heartwrenching twist of a cliffhanger involving Sophia, I was aware of so much complaining about the pace and direction of the show that I just didn't have it in me to keep watching. I didn't have the same enthusiasm so I took a break.

Quicker than I realized S3 came around and of course being a Dish Network subscriber, that was during the time of the AMC kerfuffle and without the ease of access to the show I really didn't see a reason to catch back up. But seeing friends continue to watch and enjoy the show for the most part kept coming back to me and when S3 went on its mid-season break, I decided to start watching again to try to catch up. Now I know I'm not going fast enough to make it before the end of the season but I did finally finish S2 a few weekends ago and had some thoughts to share.

S2 Second Half Spoilers )
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2012-10-03 02:37 am
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Fall TV 2012 Watching Schedule

It took me a few weeks to get around to this but seeing [livejournal.com profile] htbthomas post her own sched then reminded me that I had not done it yet and now as I prepped for this I only now realize that this is my third year doing it. (2011 - 2010).
The links I used last year still work to figure out the TV schedules: Networks | Cable
Codes: L = Watching Live, D = Watching Delayed/Downloaded, M = Maybe
8PM - Once Upon a Time S2, ABC (M)
10PM - Revolution S1, NBC (D)
8PM - NCIS S10, CBS (L)
8PM - Hart of Dixie S2, CW (M)
9:30PM - Don't Trust the B--- in Apartment 23 S2, ABC (L)
10PM - Vegas S1 CBS (L)
8PM - Arrow S1, CW (L)
9:30PM - Suburgatory S2, ABC (M)
10PM - CSI S13, CBS (L)
10PM - Psych S7, USA (L)
9PM - Glee S4, FOX (M)
9PM - Beauty and the Beast S1, CW (D)
10PM - Elementary S1, CBS (L)
8PM - CSI NY S9, CBS (L)
8PM - Last Man Standing S2, ABC (M)
Doctor Who S7, BBC
Merlin S5, BBC

Comparing to previous years I am being much more conservative/realistic about my TV time. I fell behind on a lot of shows last year (including all the S2 shows I've listed with Maybes) and wasted time on freshman shows that were inevitably cancelled. That said, the maybe shows I've listed here I really enjoyed what I did see of them and would like to catch up on them if I can.

A few new shows made it. I enjoyed the pilot of NBC's Revolution but Mondays are a bad day for me so I will probably have to get the episodes and watch it later in the week. CBS's Vegas won me over when I didn't even want to give it a chance because of Dennis Quaid, such a great actor. I watched Elementary for curiosity and being a big Holmes fan and was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked the dynamic between Miller & Liu. I've also put the CW's Arrow & Beauty and the Beast on here more for supporting a) comic book property and b) Kristin Kreuk.

While I enjoyed Justin Hartley's portrayal of Green Arrow on Smallville for the most part, I really felt like the character got shackled especially after S8 so I'm looking forward to this next interpretation. And while I wish Kristin luck with the new show, the fact that CW put the show right against Glee which is probably the same demographic they're going for ... the future doesn't seem bright for B&B, a show that already has a unique premise that is hard to get over in a TV way.
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2012-06-25 10:55 pm
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The Newsroom

New show on HBO from Aaron Sorkin. Pilot available for free on youtube: http://youtu.be/1U4ZhFDFYvE

Usually not one for these kinds of dramas but interested on being at the start of an HBO show (missed Sopranos/Entourage, way behind on True Blood/Game of Thrones, didn't try Boardwalk Empire).

Liked the pilot. Like Jeff Daniels and the cast seems alright.
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2012-05-31 11:01 pm
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How is it June already?

I am not ready for Summer TV. I am already seeing the commercials on USA, TNT and the other cable channels that put on Summer programming. I'm still behind on so many shows and I think I'm going to have to be more selective about what I watch because I spread myself way too thin.

From my count 9 first year TV shows that I watched/planned to watch this past year were cancelled (Charlie's Angels, The Playboy Club, Pan Am, Unforgettable, Awake, Alcatraz, GCB, The Secret Circle, Terra Nova)

Of those I'll miss Secret Circle and Unforgettable the most, although the latter had some story decisions in the last few episodes that I was not fond of. I didn't even get to try out Awake, Alcatraz, GCB or Terra Nova before they were cancelled.  I still plan on watching Awake and GCB 's episodes but I probably will skip the other two.

I even fell behind on The Walking Dead and never finished watching Hell on Wheels or even started the second season of Shameless. When next fall comes around I'm probably going to aim a lot lower, I barely have any time to watch TV anyway lol.
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2012-02-03 03:16 pm
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I LOVE this show.  I just finished series 4, and I've started a rewatch of the beginning and it is funny how the first time around I had liked the first season but it was much like (White Collar) in that every episode got better than the last and I would rank each successive season/series ahead of the one it preceeded.  But now going through it again, it's like I love everything even more now.

I even like some things of the early first series, the tension between Arthur and Morgana, where he is very much a self-absorbed prat and she gives as good as she gets but underneath she cares for him.  And something I had forgotten, there was a little Gwen/Merlin going on, with everyone thinking Merlin liked her and I think there was something Gwen saw in him - though they seemed to veer away from this direction after the episode where Merlin and Gwen kissed after he was thought to be dead and came back to life.

Also it's something I just noticed literally when I started rewatching series 1 while finishing S4 was that there was another parallel to Smallville on the show with Merlin's scarf/shirt interchanging between red/blue like Clark's shirt/jacket. Small but mindblowing for me lol.

I'll keep my thoughts on S4 short since there are probably those who haven't seen it but I just wanted to say that I really liked how much the Arthur/Merlin relationship carried the finale and I wonder if what Merlin did at the end will carry weight on him in S5. Also if Emrys can show up even more in S5 that would be awesome.  Thinking about it, I guess this is Merlin's 'Blur' persona. I would like to see more Merlin/Morgana interaction, maybe him thinking he can turn her away from the darkness or something.

Oh, and btw did anyone else think Legend of the Seeker at the start of S4 with the result of Morgana's actions? I miss that show.

PS. I've been itching for years to do a podcast and this is the first show/property I really love that doesn't already have an obviously crowded space of fanstuff for it, so I want to do one on the show. If any other friend of mine that is a Merlin fan would be interested in talking Merlin with me please let me know I think it would be fun. It doesn't have to be a regular thing having a co-host but I would like to have someone that could bring a different take on things, etc. I basically want to start from the beginning so the first episode would be the first show.  I'm taking the next week to plan out how it would go and would like to record something that weekend. Think about it! :)
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2012-02-02 09:58 am
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Over the last 10 weeks of so I've found myself literally OBSESSED with watching Friends on Nick at Nite.  Now I've always known it was a good show but I rarely watched it during its run on NBC and only started watching it a bit more once it hit syndication.  But it was nothing to the degree I do now that I discovered it on Nick at Nite.

I love the show, its characters and think it is one of the funniest I've ever watched with very few episodes that felt like clunkers.  I don't know if it's because now I'm entering the age the characters were in that I feel more connected to the show but I love it. It also doesn't hurt that Nick at Nite shows 2 hours of it every night, so I literally just about watched all 10 seasons over these weeks.

I think Ross hits his stride around season 4/5, post-Emily Wedding when he becomes emotionally unstable for a time and is libel to freak out.  That scene when he finds out about Monica/Chandler from his apartment is so hilarious, I watch it all the time on Youtube. Probably just as big was all of the Rachel related moments: "we were on a break", saying her name at his wedding to Emily, marrying her in Vegas when they were drunk, and something if you pay close attention to throughout the seasons when it seems like Ross or Rachel decide to give it another chance only to open the door and see the other seemingly moving on right as the episode ends.

It was funny last night watching the first episodes again and seeing that Ross/Rachel really was set up from the very beginning (and how actually the show almost seemed like based off them with the others being supporting characters).  Probably the funniest moment that sticks out with Rachel would be when she was dating that one guy (played at the time by her then offscreen boyfriend) who took her back home and she changed into her lingerie only for his parents to come back home and to play off the awkwardness she said that was her dress and ended up having to go to dinner with the parents in her lingerie.

They pretty much had Joey down since the beginning.  His "How you doin'?", the delayed reaction after everyone else had already figured it out, and his role as Dr. Drake Ramoray on Days of Our Lives.  Though some of the playboy side of his character really got dimmed down in the last few seasons as he got hung up on Rachel.  Hugsy was good, the duck and chick, when they got robbed and Joey let himself get locked in the entertainment center.

Chandler started out as the punchline (sometimes self-inflicted) but when he got together with Monica he became a much funnier character. I think that time when they were hiding their relationship had some of the best moments, like the girls kept walking in on him and Monica kissing so he ended up kissing them all as his new way of saying goodbye.

The great thing about Monica was how much her past that wasn't on the show was a part of her character.. Growing up a big girl that loved to eat created things like Ross' nightmare as a kid was that she would eat him, and their parents always seeming to favor Ross over her leading to Ross revealing his wife was a lesbian and pregnant with Ben and their mother turning to Monica and asking "You knew this?"  I always liked when she was dating Richard but once she got with Chandler it let her be a little more crazy, almost matching her brother like when she and Ross tried to get on TV dancing at the New Year's Eve party.

Phoebe was always the wacky one, seeing her grandmother's spirit in a cat, and dating her twin's ex who then had sex with her twin while thinking it was Phoebe.  I loved the episode where she was collection Christmas donations and soon wages war on the public after a guy made change with the money in her bucket and another threw a cigarette inside.  She made having her brother's babies seem like a normal part of the show's run.

I hate that I missed out on a Black Friday sale for some of the seasons back in November, but since its on all the time I can wait to have it in my hands (though I wish Netflix had it on instant streaming).
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2012-01-20 04:41 pm
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Soaps Suvival Idea

Sometimes (read: all the time) I get ideas about things that I don't really have any power over but well I think they are sound. I also forget them after awhile so I'm going to start posting them here so a) that won't happen anymore and b) keep me being active on here.

American daytime soaps are a dying breed.  Shows that have been on for multiple decades are dropping left and right.  Some are trying to maybe come back through online means (another idea i have I'll share another time) but with networks going for the much cheaper talk shows & court room shows instead of drama during the day.

It got me thinking.

These shows most likely have a gigantic library of past episodes that may span several decades. And with the abundance of episodes, plus the sometimes repetitive nature of scenes, there really is not much of a use for the episodes once they are aired.  Which is a shame.

Anyway, this would be dependent on the shows/networks having kept a library of the shows but I think there is a market there if they would make themed dvd collections for the shows.  Like they could do collections of the best breakups, love triangles, near death experiences, show shockers, weddings, etc.

Not to mention all of the famed couples that these shows produce that have relationships that last decades, I can imagine the shows cut just to have the scenes with the couples interacting and have like the relationship's first year, etc. Maybe do a generational one with how two families seem to keep ending up together.

I'm sure there's probably a myriad of reasons why the shows haven't chosen this route to seek new revenues, but it's an idea.
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2011-10-21 03:24 pm

TV Talktober

See how quickly my plans dissolve? I'll try harder. Settling for some thoughts on what I'm watching lately.

I'm glad I tried out Last Man Standing, a new comedy on ABC Tuesdays with Tim Allen. I've only seen the pilot so far, but the parallels to his old show from the 90's Home Improvement were very apparent in the pilot.  3 girls instead of 3 boys, working at a man-friendly environment, having talks with the wife when his meddling isn't going right, and having tangents at work where he starts talking about life's problems.  I loved Home Improvement and if this show stays that way I will love this one. 

I'm all caught up on Merlin, and while I love the show and think it's been getting better with every new series/season and is at its very best, the one thing that annoys me about the show is how they seem to speed through story points.  Something they've done since the beginning, turning Morgana evil way too quickly (thought she never really developed a connection with Merlin or any of the cast really outside of what existed before the show), pushing Arthur/Gwen together before they could really explore any other avenues (pretty much killed the Lancelot possibilities) and now the situation with Uther.  Throw in the fact that while the show is "modeled" after Smallville, I got more satisfaction out of Clark saving the day before he was Superman than Merlin saving the day before he is revealed/outed.  I'm tired of Merlin barely doing anything while Morgana seems to be light years more powerful despite being newer to magic than he.  Also I really want some Merlin/Morgana interaction, one of the reasons I wish she hadn't been turned bad so quickly and why I hated during S2 when he and Gaius basically ignored her pain and need for help and let her turn to dark influences.

I love Psych and would like to marry it.  This is by far my favorite show to watch and it has only gotten better in S6. This show never isn't funny. The last one with Shawn, Gus, Lassiter and the Coroner having to figure out what they did the night before was hilarious.

I've only seen the latest season/series of Doctor Who (seen the first 3 with the ninth doctor) but I am such a big fan of Amy and the Doctor. My favorite episode is still "The Doctor's Wife" written by Neil Gaiman and while I tired of River Song over the length of the season all the complexities her character created in the show was a lot of fun to unweave, especially in "A Good Man Goes to War".  I would have been fine for the season to end there but the rest of the episodes had some moments. I especially liked the raving blue head in the finale. Perfect ending for a so-so episode.

Two of my favorite new shows have been Charlie's Angels & The Playboy Club, so of course both have since been cancelled.  I was disappointed more in TPC's cancellation than CA but both were enjoyable shows. I think the networks forgot that while Mad Men is critically acclaimed it is not exactly a ratings beast, and expecting new period dramas to do well immediately is shortsighted and they should have let them build an audience (ABC's Pan Am also seems to be in trouble - it is a good show but I've enjoyed CA & TPC more).  CA on the other hand I was more cautious after seeing the pilot, but the characters have grown on me and I really like how Bosley has a more active role in the missions and last week's episode with Erica Durance as Samantha Masters was a lot of fun despite not as much of a focus on the Angels.
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2011-09-26 09:39 pm

The Week in TV (Five-0, Playboy, NCIS, Glee, Unforgettable, CSI, Angels, Secret Circle, CSI NY)

I missed all of tonight's shows, so I figured I'd comment on the last week before the new week gets in my head.

Hawaii Five-0, I know they had to figure out a reason for Danno to stay in Hawaii and probably find a way for his cute daughter to be on the show still but one of the things I disliked about the first season was the guy the ex-wife was involved with. I'm scared about where they're going with Jenna but outside of that another fun episode. I remember being ready to drop this show about halfway through the first season and then inexplicably the show found its fun legs.

The Playboy Club, I only watched the premiere this morning but wow, do I really hope this show makes it. I'll admit to being an Eddie Cibrian fan, since the Third Watch days and it still kills me that CSI Miami blamed him for the poor ratings two seasons ago and killed off his new character after one year.  I like the atmosphere, and the cast is great (there's that guy from Numbers and 10 Things I Hate About You).  The Hef voiceovers to start and end the shows is a nice touch and I hope that continues past the pilot.

NCIS, I'll keep this quick but the premiere was more exciting/thrilling than the whole Port to Port Killer plot that dominated the last part of last season.

Glee, I wanted to make a bigger review but just no time. I'm a little worried that new assertive Mr. Schue is going to just come off as a jerk, and if he's going to kick Santana out for being part of the piano fire then he better not let Quinn back since it was her cigarette.  So I'm guessing the Sam actor was the one that I heard declined coming back to the show since he's gone? Can't blame him with how his character faded in the last half of season 2.  I really liked "We Got the Beat!"

Unforgettable, I wasn't expecting to watch this show but since I was already watching the previous 2 hours of CBS shows on Tuesday I was talked into it and I was glad I was.  The premise is a woman who is a former cop - but looks like she eventually returns - can remember everything and will use this skill to help solve crimes. What makes the show is Poppy Montgomery who I loved on Without a Trace, and she can definitely carry a show as a lead.

CSI, Ted Danson, enough said.  I stopped watching this show when Grissom left and I didn't care for Ray Langston (Laurence Fishburne's character).  Now with Danson playing a quirky boss that is a bit unorthodox, it just reminds me so much of what Grissom added to the show especially early on in the show's run when the others didn't know what to make of him .. I'm excited.

Charlie's Angels, I don't know what to make of the show. I'm watching it because Gough/Millar are behind it but right now the three girls feel very one-dimensional and not believable.  I like the idea of Bosley being a more on hands part of the team and involved with the missions.  Guess I'll just look forward to the Erica Durance episode and hope the characters win me over by then.

The Secret Circle, I definitely will be sticking with this show throughout the season but so far I find every male character to be annoying (or creepy) outside of the drunk dad (one of these days I'll learn the character names).  I also can't stand Faye at all, her bad girl schtick dominates the show.

CSI NY, Just throwing this in there because Cassidy Freeman was on it as part of the episode's crime.  Which unfortunately was overshadowed because the episode was mostly a 9/11 remembrance episode where the characters remembered where they were and Mac remembering his wife was so sad.  Back to Cassidy, maybe it was because her wardrobe was much different from what she usually had on Smallville but she seemed a bit more busty than before.  Still looking forward to her stint on The  Playboy Club next.

Still have to watch Pan Am, too many shows are opposite each other and I hate having to pick and choose. D:
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2011-09-20 10:14 pm
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All Caught Up For Glee Season 3!

With my Tuesday night television schedule literally filled to the brim, I have to choose what to watch live or later and with having added Unforgettable to my list of shows I am watching all 3 CBS Tuesday shows so those were watched live and the two Fox shows are going to be watched later. That let me write up my thoughts on the first two seasons of Glee that I finished this last weekend before jumping into the new season.

Thoughts on Glee before S3 )
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2011-09-11 07:31 pm
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Star Wars Idea

I am eagerly anticipating the release of Star Wars the Complete Saga on Blu-Ray on Friday? (What is with these releases on Friday lately? Feels like it is something that just started this year.) And well, with the news that there were some new tweaks to the series, it got me thinking about what I would like to see fixed and at the moment I can only really think of one jarring scene.

And that would be the re-included scene of Han Solo and Jabba in A New Hope. Of course when it was filmed in the 70s Jabba was not yet a slug and as a result there is that awkward moment where they have Han unevenly walking around Jabba by stepping on his tail. It's weird. I always thought they should go ahead and reshoot it from wider angles and maybe have a stand-in for Han Solo and intersplice with the closeups they had, but it wasn't practical.

Then came Tron: Legacy and Jeff Bridges playing his younger self, that came out pretty well. Not perfect and there was a little of the uncanny valley effect but I think it would be an interesting technique to use to fix my problem with the scene. Being able to bring back Harrison Ford to play the same role, and to redo the scene with this time keeping in mind Jabba's form, and making it a much smoother moment would be so cool.

P.S. Amazon has the set for $79. SO TEMPTING.

P.P.S. Have you seen this skit of Harrison Ford on Jimmy Kimmel? Loved it!

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2011-09-10 09:35 pm
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My Fall TV Schedule 2011 Edition

 I realized it has been a year since I did this last time so I thought I'd do it again and refresh myself with what I have to look forward to this TV season.

Network Fall TV Schedule - Cable TV Schedule

Codes: L = Watching Live, D = Watching Delayed/Downloaded, T = Trying it Out

8PM - Once Upon A Time S1, ABC (T/L)
10PM - Pan Am S1, ABC (T/D)
10PM - CSI Miami S10, CBS (L)

8PM - Terra Nova S1, FOX (T/L)
9PM - Hart of Dixie S1, CW (T/L)
10PM - Hawaii Five-0 S2, CBS (L)
10PM - The Playboy Club S1, NBC (T/D)

8PM - NCIS S9, CBS (L)
8PM - Glee S3, FOX (D)
8PM - Last Man Standing S1, ABC (T/D)
9PM - New Girl S1, FOX (T/D)

10PM - CSI S12, CBS (L)
10PM - Psych S6, USA (L)

8PM - Charlie's Angels S1, ABC (T/L)
8PM - The Vampire Diaries S3, CW (T/D)
8PM - Community S3, NBC (T/D)
9PM - Bones S7, FOX (L)
9PM - The Secret Circle S1, CW (T/D)

6PM - Batman: The Brave and the Bold S3, CN (L)
6:30PM - Young Justice S1, CN (L)
8PM - Star Wars: The Clone Wars S4, CN (L)
8PM - Chuck S5, NBC (L)
8PM - Nikita S2, CW (D)
9PM - CSI: NY S8, CBS (L)
9PM - Grimm S1, NBC (T/D)
10PM - Bluebloods S2, CBS (L)

There's some shows not on this list like The Walking Dead S2 or Merlin S4 but that's because they weren't on the grids and I'm not sure when they go on.  Wednesdays look to be my only light day, Sundays, Mondays & Thursdays are new show heavy so they could end up light if none catch me. I'd like to eventually catch up on The Vampire Dairies & Community much like I've been catching up on Glee this last month, maybe by Jan I'll be up to date on at least one of them.  Still in denial that there is no Smallville to watch, even with my dislike of some of the story choices over the last few seasons to not have those characters & cast on my tv feels wrong.
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2011-08-30 08:07 pm

What I'm Watching Now. In August.

I finally saw Red this week. Came out around this time last year, and I'd been wanting to see it since I'd first gotten a glimpse of it.  Starring Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich & Helen Mirren, it was adapted from a comic that I never read or knew about before the movie.  That said, this was pretty fun action movie with a dash of comedy sprinkled throughout it.  I think the characters I enjoyed the most were the two that I had no idea were in the film from the ads I'd seen of it, the damsel in distress played by Mary-Louise Parker and the agent put in charge of eliminating Bruce Willis' character played by Karl Urban. And Ernest Borgnine is 94!! Amazing to see him still so active of an actor at his age. 

Almost done with S1 of Glee, and upon the discovery that there's only been 2 seasons (thought there had been 3 for some reason) I am hoping to find S2 online so I can catch up completely before S3 starts and watch it on time with the rest of the world.  I have however found a ship that is greatly growing on me (a good sign that the show is becoming one of my favorites) and the ship even has a cute name: Quill! (Quinn+Will)  Of course I doubt there will ever be any actual movement on the show of that ship, I will begin to scour the fandom for fic.

The last two Saturday mornings I've put on the Nolan Batman movies and watched them again for the first time in a year or two.  AND THEY ARE STILL SO GOOD.  I think the most underrated parts of Batman Begins are the scenes with Thomas Wayne and I really like the evolution of that relationship that gets transferred to then Alfred & Bruce.  The Dark Knight gets you pumping a bit more and is nearly a perfect film but I do have some minor complaints. First the underrated part probably has to be the end scene between Dent, the Gordons & Batman. Dent's pain, then Batman's decision to take on the blame and then Gordon explaining to Jim Jr. why Batman's running.  Still gives me chills when Gordon says "the dark knight" and then it goes right to credits.  The negatives: feels slightly too fast paced and maybe a bit too focused on the Joker, that whole plot hole of Batman jumping out the window after Rachel and leaving a whole room of Gotham's elite alone with the Joker and his armed henchmen, and that Katie Holmes did not return to her role as Rachel Dawes.  I'm a big fan of continuity with sequels and having a different actor play the same role in a continued story just bugs me, although I've softened my stance against Maggie Gyllenhaal a bit since The Dark Knight first came out.  Still can't say the same for Don Cheadle in Iron Man 2.

I also watched Tangled again this week and I still love it. Think it ranks up there with Tarzan, Hercules, The Lion King and the other classic 90's Disney films, just missing catchy/memorable songs.  When Will My Life Begin, I Have a Dream, Mother Knows Best & I See the Light are great songs just not the easiest to remember the lines to unlike some of the 90s movies that you can at least say a line.  Although I think the opening number and Mother Knows Best are the closest to that point.   Also don't stream something you own on a big screen because about 30 minutes in to watching I stopped streaming on Netflix and just popped in the Blu-Ray to enjoy the visual beauty of the movie.  I can't wait for the animated short coming out next year.
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2011-08-13 10:40 pm

A Gleefully Arrested Kick-Ass Archer in a Hot Tub

So in the last week or so I've finally taken advantage of having Netflix instant streaming and the android app so I can watch it on my phone and have been catching up on some television series that I've been meaning to watch for awhile now.  I just wish HBO, CBS, CW and numerous other network shows were on it too.  Would make a great tool for summer catching up.

First up is Archer, the FX spy satire cartoon that is definitely in the mold of Adult Swim shows, with maybe just a touch more pushing the mature barrier that can't be done on Cartoon Network.  All of Season 1 (10 episodes) is on Netflix and I went through it in a couple of days.  I think it's a solid show, nothing amazing or incredibly funny but entertaining and with a great cast of characters much like a good AS show.  Sometimes the ridiculous arguments between Archer and either his mother or Lana can get a bit tedious.

Now the most enjoyable time I've had watching of these shows is when I see Arrested Development.  I'd been meaning to see it for years and now that I'm about 14 episodes in (the whole series is on Netflix) I can't get enough of this show.  It is such a great cast, and the way misunderstandings are so wisely used for humor really makes it unique in the sitcoms I watch.  It is also funny to see a young Michael Cera who looks much more normal than he does now.  Just recently watched the Marta Complex episode where Michael and Gob went after "hermano" which was hilarious.

I've also started watching Glee but am only three episodes in.  Not much to say so far except that I like Will as a leading character but the show seems to jump around a lot with him, he's the glee head and then all of a sudden he drops it to start a male acappella group and then goes back without much hassle.  Right now it does seem like he and Emma are stuck in going nowhere relationships.  Of the kids, I really don't like Rachel at all, she definitely so far has been more of a taker than a giver.

And before I forget 2 movies I also saw on Netflix instant were Hot Tub Time Machine, which while not that funny surprised me with how emotional I got at the end when it came to how sucky their lives have been and having to go back or not and all that.  Also, Crispin Glover rocked it as the bellhop who was destined to lose his arm - so many hilarious almost moments with that.  Kick-Ass was the other movie and it wasn't something I was looking forward to see (not a Mark Millar fan) and it was definitely to bloody/violent for my taste and a bit slow in pacing.  The scene stealer was Hit Girl, the way she took out all the guys in both the warehouse and then in the penthouse was just amazing.  It was remarkable how they were able to make the girl into a believable menace.