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So in the last week or so I've finally taken advantage of having Netflix instant streaming and the android app so I can watch it on my phone and have been catching up on some television series that I've been meaning to watch for awhile now.  I just wish HBO, CBS, CW and numerous other network shows were on it too.  Would make a great tool for summer catching up.

First up is Archer, the FX spy satire cartoon that is definitely in the mold of Adult Swim shows, with maybe just a touch more pushing the mature barrier that can't be done on Cartoon Network.  All of Season 1 (10 episodes) is on Netflix and I went through it in a couple of days.  I think it's a solid show, nothing amazing or incredibly funny but entertaining and with a great cast of characters much like a good AS show.  Sometimes the ridiculous arguments between Archer and either his mother or Lana can get a bit tedious.

Now the most enjoyable time I've had watching of these shows is when I see Arrested Development.  I'd been meaning to see it for years and now that I'm about 14 episodes in (the whole series is on Netflix) I can't get enough of this show.  It is such a great cast, and the way misunderstandings are so wisely used for humor really makes it unique in the sitcoms I watch.  It is also funny to see a young Michael Cera who looks much more normal than he does now.  Just recently watched the Marta Complex episode where Michael and Gob went after "hermano" which was hilarious.

I've also started watching Glee but am only three episodes in.  Not much to say so far except that I like Will as a leading character but the show seems to jump around a lot with him, he's the glee head and then all of a sudden he drops it to start a male acappella group and then goes back without much hassle.  Right now it does seem like he and Emma are stuck in going nowhere relationships.  Of the kids, I really don't like Rachel at all, she definitely so far has been more of a taker than a giver.

And before I forget 2 movies I also saw on Netflix instant were Hot Tub Time Machine, which while not that funny surprised me with how emotional I got at the end when it came to how sucky their lives have been and having to go back or not and all that.  Also, Crispin Glover rocked it as the bellhop who was destined to lose his arm - so many hilarious almost moments with that.  Kick-Ass was the other movie and it wasn't something I was looking forward to see (not a Mark Millar fan) and it was definitely to bloody/violent for my taste and a bit slow in pacing.  The scene stealer was Hit Girl, the way she took out all the guys in both the warehouse and then in the penthouse was just amazing.  It was remarkable how they were able to make the girl into a believable menace.

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