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I recently decided to finally jump on the Dr. Who bandwagon this Spring when after the first few episodes of the new season were getting some big buzz and I wanted to understand what the deal was since there is such a pretty big fandom.  Outside of a random episode I'd seen last year, I never had watched the series before so this is all a new experience for me.  Anyway, I'm three episodes in (the two part opener + the pirates episode) and it's been an interesting ride.  I like the eccentricity of the Doctor, but I don't know how I feel about Amy and her keeping secrets or whatever is happening to her with the visions and her baby; and still undecided about Rory.  There is a lot of WTF moments throughout the episodes but the Doctor and his clever solutions/revelations keep me coming back.  That solution to defeat the Silence was so damn brilliant my mind literally was blown away.  I'll try to watch more over the next few weeks and once I catch up I can now go back and watch all the DW episodes that are on Netflix Instant.

I don't think I've mentioned it on here, if I did my bad, but I saw Tron: Legacy recently and OMG! I loved that movie so damn much.  I was really surprised with how much I enjoyed it, I hadn't seen it in theaters and had held off on seeing it despite having a copy of it on hand.  But now after seeing the amazing visuals, I really wish I had seen it in theaters.  I mean Blu-Ray is a great second best but it's no big screen atmosphere.  I loved Olivia Wilde as Quorra, and the character's chemistry with Sam Flynn. I hope that if there is a sequel that it deals with the idea that the grid has been without a leader and it is up to Sam and Quorra to bring everything back together into the dream his father wanted originally.  I also saw the special features and really liked the shirt Sam wore in the next day featurette.  I've looked online and the only one I've found is this but I can't tell if it's an official shirt or not.

Lastly, I just saw Knight and Day this past weekend thanks to Netflix and I really don't understand how it didn't do better in theaters.  It was a lot of fun to watch.  Sure, it's very unbelievable and over the top when it comes to the action but you have zany Tom Cruise with quirky Cameron Diaz and there was plenty of laughs to be had with some of those crazy scenes.  Glad i finally got to see it.
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 The last few weeks have been filled with network upfronts and the like announcing the slate of shows for this fall, and even though I probably won't have the time to add so many shows to my already too large watching schedule I went ahead and checked out the previews of all of the new shows announced and some really seem interesting.

Terra Nova. FOX. Mondays.  The show is about people from a future that is broken down being sent back in time to try again for a better world. Oh yeah and there are DINOSAURS.  And the guy from Avatar is in it. Hoping this ends up as good as it looks.  TRAILER.

Hart of Dixie. CW. Mondays.  Josh Schwartz of 'Chuck' fame executive produces this CW drama starring Rachel Bilson that definitely has overtones to the classic WB drama shows of years past (Everwood, Dawson's Creek). The show is about a young doctor from the city adjusting to the small town life after inheriting a local medical practice.  I have high hopes for this one.  TRAILER.

The Playboy Club. NBC. Mondays.  This show is about the 60's Chicago club.  What has me checking out the show is actor Eddie Cibrian's role in it. I've always been a fan of his and felt he got wronged with CSI Miami deciding to kill off his new character after one season.  Has potential.  TRAILER.

Last Man Standing. ABC. Tuesdays.  The last thing I need is another comedy to try to watch but the fact that this is Tim Allen's return to sitcoms makes it a must watch.  The show is about a father outnumbered by the women (wife & daughters) in his life.  TRAILER.

New Girl. FOX. Tuesdays.  You start to feel old when the children of stars you grew up with start becoming mainstream.  That's the case here with Damon Wayans Jr. who stars in this new Zooey Deschanel sitcom.  She joins her sister on Fox with this show about an unlucky in love school teacher who moves in with three guys.  Zooey brought me in, the preview has me staying.  TRAILER.

Charlie's Angels. ABC. Thursdays.  I like the brand, watch the classic series every now and then and did see the movies a decade ago.  That said the preview really didn't do much for me, felt very bland. Interesting fact: Bosley is played by the actor that was Sam's college roommate in Transformers 2. TRAILER.

The Secret Circle. CW. Thursdays.  The premise is a young woman returns to the town her mother grew up in, only to discover that she is a witch and part of a secret coven.  It feels a bit too teen drama for me, but I like to support the CW and they're using the same high school that was Smallville High.  TRAILER.

Whitney. NBC. Thursdays.  Another sitcom that I probably won't have time to watch but the preview had me laughing so I felt it needed to be included.  Very basic premise, a young couple and their relationship + funny.  TRAILER.

Grimm. NBC. Fridays.  The reason this makes the list is the fantasy aspect.  Unfortunately the preview tried to hard to be dark and mysterious and I worry if the show will be anything more than a procedural with a dash of fantasy. The show is about a detective who discovers the existence of Grimm's Fairy Tale characters and he has to protect us from them.  TRAILER.


Alcatraz. FOX.  Mondays.  One of the shows I'm most excited about and can't believe it's being held off till midseason. JJ Abrams is executive producer, Sam Neill stars.  The premise of the show being the investigation around the sudden reappearance of prisoners decades after their mysterious disappearance from the island prison. TRAILER.

Awake. NBC.  At first I was mostly interested because the show stars Jason Isaacs (Lucius Malfoy in Harry Potter) and there is a unique premise.  Reason to be wary? Created by Kyle Killen, who last season brought Lone Star to Fox that was practically cancelled while the premiere aired.  The show is about an injured cop who wakes up from the accident to find himself living in two realities: one where his wife lived and one where his son lived instead. And after watching the preview, I am really excited for this and again bummed that it's being held off till midseason. So hard for midseason shows to hit. TRAILER.

I think it's interesting to notice that there are no new CBS Shows on my list, and that Fox/NBC dominate most of it.  Some of these shows run up against others that I'll probably be watching instead but there are a few in here that I will definitely make an effort to see either live or downloaded.
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So I finally saw Thor this morning and wow! I'll write a lengthy review later but I will say now that it was really fun and much better than I expected.

Does anyone use Sidereel? They seem to have a programmable calendar to follow your TV shows that makes me think of the pogdesign calendar that I use for this purpose but it also has a phone app (iphone only right now so I haven't jumped on and tried it yet) that seems like a handy thing to have on the go.

I thought this was a pretty neat site for those looking for a way to archive your tweets and have them displayed in a neat timeline. I give you Memolane (short for Memory lane I imagine) where besides twitter or facebook you can even connect photo sites, video sites, social check-in sites and rss feeds to have displayed for your visual needs. The only downside on the twitter part is that it seems to have the same problem all of these sites has is the limit twitter puts to the last 3,000 tweets you've done from the moment you first connect your account.

I don't know if I've asked this before on here but has anyone tried purchasing refurbished technology? I've always steered away from it and preferred to just go new but lately I've been having thoughts that anything that was wrong with the tech would be fixed before they sell it and most of the time they come with a warranty/guarantee of some kind.
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The last Smallville picspam post for the foreseeable future. It's been fun throwing together these images to capture scenes. Here's my favorite Smallville Kiss Moments.

My 10 Favorite Smallville Kisses )
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On a roll with these picspam posts. Here's my favorite Clark saves from Smallville.

My 10 Most Memorable Clark Saves in Smallville )
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Next Smallville picspam post. Here's 10 memorable superpower moments from the show.

My 10 Most Memorable Superpower Moments in Smallville )
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To celebrate the series finale I thought up a series of top 10 lists. Last week's Blogger downtime kept me from getting to this until now and my lack of making animated gifs turned this into a picspam that I had a lot more fun doing anyway (thanks for the idea [livejournal.com profile] indefiance!). Here's my top 10 best episodes of Smallville. Enjoy!

My 10 Favorite Episodes of Smallville )
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 So I saw the new Narnia film for the first time on Saturday when the Blu-Ray arrived from Amazon.  I never read the book series but I thought this was an okay story.  Nothing amazing or really dramatic (unlike Wardrobe's Edmund Stabbing and Caspian's Peter Duel to the Death), and honestly it's a bit misleading to have so much Aslan promotion for a bit part in the film. I did find it interesting that apparently the Director recast the mouse Reepicheep - now Simon Pegg - and from the special features had Liam Neeson "find" his Aslan voice even though he had already been the lion for two movies.

I was looking forward to the return of Law & Order Los Angeles, and what does NBC do? They put it on Monday night where my TV watching is already overflowing with Chuck, The Chicago Code & Hawaii Five-0.  I skipped Chicago Code to watch the "game changing" episode of LOLA, but stopped trying to switch between shows when Five-0 was on.  I don't think Skeet Ulrich was the problem with the lackluster start to LOLA this year but I can understand the show's reasoning behind killing off his character, it gives Molina & Howard - two credible film stars - more screen time. And I'm thrilled that they brought back the L&O character to be a regular on LOLA.  The fact that it's going against Five-0 kills me. It will probably end up making me watch LOLA the next day.

Starz has been showing the Fellowship of the Ring consistently for the last few months, resulting in me seeing it so many times that I decided to whip out the extended edition DVDs of The Lord of the Rings that I never watched and started going through them.  Right now i'm onto the special features of The Two Towers and considering the movie and features it's about 12 hours of content for each movie.  I never read the books (I tried the Two Towers but I got lost very quickly into the book) and I always held the series in contempt for the recognition it was getting from critics and award shows that any other fantasy/scifi franchise has and is ignored for so I never got into the films and really only saw each once or twice.  I've now seen Fellowship 10 to 15 times this year and I am not enough attached to the characters that Boromir's end "emotionally compromises" me now. lol. It will never be on the level of Star Wars or Harry Potter to me but it's a great series that I love finding out all this detail that went into its creation in the special features. AND FINDING OUT ACTORS I LIKE THAT ARE IN THE FILM: Craig Parker, Karl Urban - that I had not noticed before.

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