Apr. 25th, 2011

emeraldstag: Sailor Moon's Usagi & Luna (naruto)
Something I never realized you could do in a word document was a feature to track the changes you make to your writing and it will mark up the edits and even let you leave comments to explain your thoughts on the changes.  It was always a hassle when I would have to manually mark up edits for friends when I betaed a story or two.  I can't wait to use this feature when I next get around to editing a doc again.  I am excited and yes i realize I am probably the last person to figure this out.  That happens a lot to me.

Also I am apparently completely blind about the online alternatives to text editors/word doc writers. I was shown EtherPad, which is an online word processor that does all the markup features as well as allow collaboration between multiple authors with a timeline feature that can display how the document was written in real-time.  I haven't had a situation yet where I wrote when I didn't have access to Word or Pages but before I would think only to use Google Docs and this might be a better alternative, especially if it's a collaborative project.

I am beginning to tire about my home wireless network problems.  The things I do because I finally signed up for Netflix.  So i moved the wireless router/modem to the TV so that Netflix instant could be streamed over there.  Apparently a combination of age and i assume some spill damage over the years my macbook pro's interior wifi adapter is very weak with distance, leading to several days of trying to fix my laptop only to give up and just adjust the location of the router by about a foot and now it connects.  Sometimes it'll slow and I'll have to turn off the MBP's wifi and turn it back on but it's a minor annoyance that I've been dealing with for a year or two now anyway - has nothing to do with the distance. And in the end, the xbox 360 Netflix app is ten times better than the instant queue that is through my blu-ray player.

ETA: Fell asleep in the middle of this entry. -_-

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